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Thursday, March 30, 2006

That Uber-Look In His Eyes

I don't like my new printer. It's an Epson-Cheapo-88 and runs okay but its paperholder is rickety and I don't like its design as much as I did my Epson-Cheapo-but-really-good-82. I really should buy a more expensive toy for this job but I keep thinking that then I'd have to spend even more hours setting the thing up. I hate setting things up. ;-)

What kind of printer do you use and do you recommend it? The way the paper keeps jumping off its tray, I might replace this stupid thing sooner than later.

I see in the comment area, I'm getting requests for pics now, LOL. Too funny. Pierce Brosnan. I knew someone would mention that Bond fella sooner or later. I love him as James Bond, don't you? He puts in just enough debonair and uber-cool for me to forever forget Roger Moore's scratch-on-the-chalkboard cartoon sexuality.

I don't have any pics of him in a kilt. But I do have dozens of him in various states of undress, LOL. That man was gawgeous when he was young (remember Remington Steele?) and of course, just grew even more beautiful as he got older.

One of my best girlfriends signs her name as Mrs. Pierce Brosnan all the time. She runs an annual PB FILM FESTIVAL at her house and does a menu of movies shown that day. She sends it out to each of her family member and to close friends like me. She holds a big party and all the men in her household (she has NO DAUGHTERS! All boys....) are forced to celebrate the day with her whether they want to or not ;-). The teenage sons bring their friends home just to look at their faces after being introduced to Mrs. Piece Brosnan. I think she really loves him. Heh.

I was reading the blog of a very famous writer and he was very non-plussed, after critiquing a bunch of romance manuscripts at a workshop, at the NUMBER of ways a man's gaze can be interpreted. Can a woman really read so much into a gaze, he mused. Being a man, and writing manly books, the look in a man's eyes isn't always poetic; let's say that his female character wouldn't be looking into the eyes of his male character and see that he was trembling with desire inside those tortured mirrors of his soul. Can a gaze really be so flowery, this author mused.

Well, obviously this is a male/female thing going on here. When a guy is watching a James Bond movie, he sees all the action and female body parts splayed all over the screen. When I see a Bond (Pierce Brosnan) movie, I see the angst in the man. And the need. And the sexual promise. LOL.

I have two examples and Bond showed two sides of him through his gaze.

Do you remember the PB Bond movie (sorry, all the titles escape me) when he had to confront the Teri Hatcher character? She was married to the bad guy and had a history with Bond. In fact, he loved her. He sat in the chair, waiting for her to show up, knowing that she could betray him. The look in his eyes as he sat there looking at the door. I know, the male author would probably say it's suspicion and self-preservation showing through, but I'm the female viewer, and I saw love, angst, and a certain self-mockery that he was waiting for his executioner.

Second example: Do you remember that same Bond movie with Michelle Yeoh, in which the both handcuffed together and rode through streets on a motorcycle? At one point, they ended up cleaning the dust off under some water (conveniently) coming down from a gutter spout or something. I know, I know, the male viewer was probably distracted by Michelle washing herself and getting her clothes all see-through. But did YOU (the female viewer) see the look PB was giving her when he was under the water? He was just talking nonsensical Bond stuff about terrorists and government spies, but DAT LOOK spoke volumes. If I had been Michelle Yeoh, I would have been a puddle of water at his feet ;-). Heck, I would be the water all over his luscious body.

That look he gave is what romance writers are always trying to capture in words, sometimes in too flowery prose, sometimes in funny inappropriate description in the middle of a murder scene. It's easy to see PB doing it on the screen and sighing, but how do you convey it on paper?

And of course, when it's done wrong, it comes out as forced, or totally incomprehensible to a male reader. Can a gaze be described in paragraphs? That's the thing--will it hold your reader's attention, male AND female?

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Mirmie said...

Jenn - you've picked some really great examples of more *mature* heros the past few days. I know those of us in our "30-teens" still appreciate the young guys (as you and I well know) but it's also encouraging that we can envision our alpha-heros at a more *comfortable* age. And haven't you heard.....40 is the new 30. THANK GAWD!!!


Mary Stella said...

Ohhhh, thank you for the gorgeous pictures of Pierce. What a way to liven up my day!

Mary Stella said...

Ohhhh, thank you for the gorgeous pictures of Pierce. What a way to liven up my day!

Laurence said...

Still on yesterday's subject : I couldn't look so ignorant so I checked out Mr. Lalanne whose name was Fran├žois Henri (now how did it become Jack? beats me) and found out that his parents were french but he was born in Ca where he lived all his life... what can I say, when they find the new world, we are not attractive anymore...or maybe I was just too young (now THAT felt good lol)

Now PB is just perfect, maybe too perfect, does that make sense? I know what you mean about that scene with Teri hatcher, that's one rare scene when he looked very human, not like Bond. That's why Timothy Dalton was not a good Bond, way too human, too sensitive : talk about expressive eyes! He was fantastic in La putain du roi. But I'm disgressing...
Btw, my printer is a hp 7550 which is great if you want to print pictures too.

kathleen dante said...

My printer is a Canon MP800 and I love it! Duplex printing. Fast Printing option. It does pictures, copies and scans, too. I recently printed 400 pages in a 2-in-1, duplex, which reduced it to 100 sheets. No problems. :>

Speaking of which, I don't get your dislike for Roger Moore. I have to confess my first Bond movie was Moonraker, so that might have something to do with it. Re PB, I remember him in Reminton Steele. Yup, that guy is one hottie who gets better with age.

SQ said...

Ugh. I used to be an Epson fan. But after the 3rd one broke on me, I chucked it all. Discovered the (technical and FISCAL) joys of Canon printers.

Currently own a Canon BJC i400. It's tiny, prints documents pretty quickly, and black ink only costs $10. Yippee! My older sister has the Canon i470D, and pics from this printer are professional quality.

I heart Pierce! I introduced my little sister to the joys of Pierce. And, INJUSTICE, guess who gets to meet the man? Hmph! That's fine. I saw Hugh Grant in front of Bloomingdale's yesterday. That makes up for it...a little. Sort of. Who am I kidding?

Denise said...

Man, do I ever remember PB in Remington Steele--totally hot. And yep, I get those scenes in the Bond movies and several others like The Thomas Crown Affair with Rene Russo. He can look at me that way any damn day.

Oh, and Timothy Dalton as Bond! I loved him. He's just one of those actors that seem to touch my heart, no matter what part he's playing.

I'm on a Mummy movie thing right now. The ones with Brendan Fraser. In, the first one "The Mummy" I love the scene after the boat burns and they are trying to buy camels. Rick (Brendan) turns to Jonathan and says "we could have gotten them for free if we'd given them your sister" or something like that. Jonathan replies, "awfully tempting, wasn't it?" As he's speaking Evie (Rachel Weis) is walking up dressed in black with a sheer veil over her face and Rick replies, "awfully" but it's the look on his face and hers in response that reaches out and touches you. And yes, I know that this is not a romanctic movie, but I think there are several romantic elements in it (no matter what my husband says).

Thanks for the PB pictures, they are great.

Gennita Low said...

Yes, nice to see some of our men looking good! And yes, 40 is better.

Good to see that I captured your interest about Jack Lalanne ;-). PB IS PERFECTISSIMO, at least, according to my friend Mrs. PB. I enjoy him too but like my men a little bit more muscular, body-wise. But those eyes, and THAT LOOK. He kills me every time with that look ;-).

No Dalton magic for me, but nice dimple.

Like I said, to me, Roger Moore is cartoon sexuality. He delivers those one-liners without the uberkewlness of Connery and PB, but hey, you can have him ;-).

What's duplex printing?

Okay, before I forget--HUGH GRANT is BETA HERO material to me ;-).

As for Epson, I didn't have any problems with the first Epson at all so I thought I'd buy the upgraded one as replacement. I'm a simple user, anyway--don't use any other features but print document. But this new one, supposedly a bit better than the old one, just doesn't have the little simple things that I appreciate (like a tray holder that pulls out into three sections so long documents STAY in the tray and not catapult into the air as the printing continues, bah).

I loved The Crown Affair movie! Really, really sexy and Renee Russo can play Marlena Maxwell ANY DAY ;-).

BTW, I have a picture of Brendan Fraser that would make you wet your panties. Heeheehee. In a good way. Oh dear. Badjenn, teasing you this way.

Elaine said...

Pierce Brosnan. If he were looking at me the way he did Michelle Yeoh in that scene, I wouldn't need water to be wet.

I think he was the first man I ever thought was truly Handsome when I set eyes on him in Remington Steele. I still think he looked better in the Bond movies than in RM, though. He was too skinny for my tastes there.

Where are the pics of him in 'various states of undress'? I scrolled down looking for them but nada! The only 'complaint' I have about PB is that he's always SO suave and well-groomed because of the roles we know him best for but I like my men a little more rugged, rough and tousled. I don't want him looking like he's just stepped out of a GQ page all the time and for that reason, PB doesn't come to mind when I think of err, how to put it in ladylike, when I'm in the mood to rough it out a bit?

But I have a pic of him in his younger days that's closer to what I like. If you have pics of him in various states of undress then you probably have this one - it's the one of him standing on a beach wearing jeans; his shirt is unbuttoned completely, showing off his chest from neck to where his chest hair narrows down and disappears into his waistband...his hair is longish, curling around his neck and he's got his thumb hooked in his jeans pocket. He looks rugged there. If you don't know which one I mean, I'll send it to you via the yahoogroup.

What is he like in The Matador? It hasn't been released here yet but I've read good reviews for it in the US. Apart from PB being so good-looking is the fact that he's truly the stuff of romance heroes. He postponed his career to take care of his first wife until the day she died. Sigh.

Oh yes, you wanted to know which printer I use. I'm using an Epson Stylus CX3100 but I'm considering changing it to a PB Triple X multi-function one. :P

kathleen dante said...

Duplex printing is printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. With my Canon printer, I can print two pages per side without fiddling around with the page layout in Word. That plus duplex printing equals four pages per sheet of paper. Soooo economical and the ink is cheap, too, compared to other brands. Oh, yeah! The paper out tray opens automatically. Yup, I'm a geek that way and I LUBS my printer!


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