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Thursday, March 09, 2006

To Be Or Not To Be

And today's big news...

McCauley Culkin's DEBUT novel! Here is a part of Kirkus Reviews:

Kirkus Reviews With Junior, an audaciously empty mishmash of poems, letters, comics, etc., former child star Culkin (of Home Alone fame) has managed to lower the already low bar set for celebrity fiction.

Culkin’s debut novel, to be published on March 15 by Miramax Books, kicks off with a five-question pop quiz meant to weed out any readers not quite up to snuff. Those who fail the quiz, Culkin writes, will not be allowed to go on. Reader, if you know what’s good for you, you will fail the quiz.

Heeheehee. Well, someone FINISHED a book. Pfffffffft.

Not that I want a Kirkus review that began that way. McCauley Culkin quizzing, what if I fail that test? That would just kill me ;-).

I bought a magazine a while back that was all about "what happened to..." some of the actors. It was interesting bathroom reading material, LOL, catching up with familiar faces like Mindy from Mork and Mindy, the main dude on those Airplane! movies, the little girl in Lost In Space, even Debra Winger. Some of these actors have really gone on to very different lives.

It does make me think about myself ten years ago, today, and perhaps, ten years from now. Ten years ago, I was a roofer gal, totally into my work, absolutely sure that my academic and creative life was over. I was working very, very hard to get materially secured. Never had a thought of being published on my mind.

Today, writing and roofing, with five books under my belt. Who would have thunk it? I wouldn't have thought it possible.

Ten years from now....argghHhhhhgh. Let's see. Definitely going to have to get rid of some wrinkles. DEFINITELY. LOL. I mean, as Mrs. George Clooney, I have to compete with all those young beauties he'll be working with. LMAO.

So, where were you ten years ago? Are you happy with Here today? And ten years from now, what do you see for yourself?

Here's me at McCauley Culkin's most famous age:

My, my, my. I was too cute once too.

Who would have thunk she was going to grow up to be a roofing writer ;-).

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Mary Stella said...

Ten years, I was struggling to learn the craft... writing and finishing a manuscript, sending it out, getting rejected.

I was also hanging out on the Prodigy Romance Novels bulletin boards talking to people like Terri Brisbin and someone named Jenny Low. *g* That Jenny. She went on to Golden Heart triumphs and is now an uber spy author.

Today I live in a great place. I've had two books published and, although the current struggle with book three isn't fun, I know I'll get it done.

Yep. I like where I am today.

SQ said...

Aw...10 years ago I was hanging out in the halls of my high school cramming, stressing, and having fun. I miss high school. Had stuff to look forward to then. Now, nothing but bills. I miss not paying taxes and getting an allowance!

Reese Witherfork said...

Gennita - that picture is ADORABLE!

10 years ago - I won't even write about my life then because it was so awful. Probably the worst year of my life, now that I think of it. But, hey, huge improvements since then - so that's something to be happy about.

Gennita Low said...

Mary Stella,
Ah, the good old Prodigy days! I miss those boards still! I got to talk to all the goddesses, Anne Stuart etc. Sigh. And you've done so well to reach HERE. ;-) Good luck for the next ten years!

Oh yeah, the reality of taxes. I hear ya about the time in life when everything was "free." ;-P Wait, there's more STUFF to come....

Hi Reese,
It's good to be able to say it's better now than then. (((hugs))) And did you change your blog name???

Gennita Low said...

Oh Reese, btw, I'm still adorable. Really. Heh.


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