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Friday, March 10, 2006

To Catch A Spy

How I Hurt My Back:

Writing update: Writing through pain and discomfort, but still writing. Not sure whether that mantra about finishing by the end of this week (and I'm counting Sat and Sun!) is going to come true.

Here's an interesting name my doctor has called my couple of weeks of skin/pain/back/sciatica condition: environmental auto-immune disease resulting in extreme eczema dermatitis lesions and nerve stress. I kid you not. I went, blink, blink...ooookay. I'm going to use it, with some word changes, for Hell's condition, LOL.

I didn't get a chemical "burn" from being poisoned by my detergent--it's now an environmental auto-immune disease. Gah.

I can't bend over and pull up my panties because I have nerve stress. Bwahaha. "Sorry, dahlink, not tonight, nerve stress..."

Anyway, more uber-powerful Prednisone dosage and muscle relaxant. Ahhhhh. Drugggggggs.... I'm beginning to think I'm a hypochondriac ;-). In a good way. Because after taking those painkillers, everything is goooood.

But you're interested in my writing update, yes? Well. It's getting close to Hell finding out about which one of her commandos is the hero. Meaning, maybe I will too. Because I'm on drugs and that means I'm blabbering, here's a rundown, for those who are interested:

Is it Alex Diamond? Nooooooo, screameth thou in mah earrrrs. "Art thou nutttts? Alex is T.'s and T. is Alex's. Forevah and evah, you fool. If you give Alex away I will kill you, kill you, Gennita...." Okay, I'm hallucinating your horror here, let's move on....

Is it Armando Chang? He's a bit crazy in this book, though. But he comes close to understanding Hell's condition since he's been trying out the serum too. AND it would be cool to have an Asian hero who's angsty and cryptic. Knows much, tells little.

Is it Flyboy? The most beautiful creature who loves to fly. Women go to him like bees to honey. Very charming and easy going, on the outside. Can handle any flying machine. Basically likes to flirt with Hell and Hell likes him.

Is it Heath Cliffe? Oh, can of worms, can of worms. He's Jed's backup, totally unpredictable. He's the one who trapped Hell in the Jacuzzi. Naked. Bad Heath. He's the interrogator in the V-Group, a man who knows how to give pain and pleasure with his hands. Hell doesn't know what to make of him.

Is it Jed McNeil? I hear your screams and panting, yes I do, yes I do. Jed is always interested. Hell has already bumped into him and experienced Jedness. ;-) She calls him god-in-jeans. ;-) Lalalalalalala, lalalalalalala, can't hear you....

There are two other commandos Hell hasn't talked to (although may have brushed against) and I won't bring them in too much in this book. They are Shahrukh and Sullivan. The joke is in their nicknames; they're called the twins.

It doesn't mean that one of these last two men can't be Hell's monitor, of course. Something about a plot device called red herring. Throughout this, of course, Hell's interaction with her monitor in virtual reality gets more and more interesting. That previous sentence is also an example of a red herring. ;-)

Which is, after all, what uber-spies do best. Create a trail that leads nowhere while setting it as bait for the ultimate trap. Who is the trapper and who is the trappee, hmmm? Let's hear your guesses.

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Anonymous said...

Heath Cliff!!!

kate said...

I am now experiencing muscle spasms from holding in my screaming excitement, so no one in my room starts to look at me funny. I cannot, I repeat, cannot wait to see Hell's book! And all these sexy sexy guys, yes, yes!

My vote is for Jed...or Heath Cliffe...mmmm...

kate said...

PS: you just gotta tell us who you pick -or at least narrow it down to three, please!

Elaine said...

When are we going to get our dirty little paws on this book? It's the first installment of a trilogy, am I right?

It's got to be Jed...please...!please...! but I don't want to build up my hopes and be disappointed if it turns out otherwise.

Anonymous said...

It has to be Heath! I am very tempted to say jed, but no, Jedness has to be shared a little longer (pleaaase), and I don't think Hell would share.

Now, on a personnal matter..Jenn, I've just discovered you have some scary powers because, now, my back is KILLING me! I can't move, can hardly walk, and my 4-year-old baby-girl has to help me put my panties what did you do to me??? This is just too weird...

Gennita Low said...

Anonymous 1,
Heath Cliffe has a few good scenes with Hell so far ;-). Even I am suspicious.

Narrow it down to three? Eeek. I like Heath. A lot. But Jed was so superb in his one scene so far. I don't know. Even Alex Diamond walked around without a shirt. What am I going to do? ;-D

Let me warn you that this book has very techy science stuff that might sound "futuristic" to some readers. I've done a lot of research on what virtual reality can do right now and have added a couple of elements for ComCen's version. Also, Hell has...ummm...talents ;-). Will reveal later.

You should feel good soon then because I just wrote a scene between Hell and her monitor where he felt pretty darn good! Teehee. As for Jedness. Yes, I see what you mean. Jedness is so special. It's going to be a tough choice for me and Hell....

kathleen dante said...

JED! Three books is barely enough to do Him Justice!

Heath Cliffe needs seasoning.

kathleen dante said...

P.S. Shouldn't Shahrukh and Sullivan be The Twins, not just the twins? They're COS commandos, after all.

Anonymous said...

Gennita, that picture is so funny! I laughed myself silly this morning till my roommate had to come look too.



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