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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Desperate Spies Do Desperate Things

I was thinking--would you prefer to be bored to death over my analysis of the seven basic plots known to the universe (as ordained by those who know plots) or be mildly horrified by my stream-of-consciousness malarky about my current writing problem? Hmm....

Today's mood:

Yes, I am uberly desperate these days, and getting there.


Because this year is obviously the year of Sick As A Dog for Gennita Low. Not coughing, sneezing, sick, but mysterious ailments sick.

First, it was the chemical burn-allergy/poisoning that had my entire body looking like I have a sunburn and my neck like five vampires feasted on me. Along with the loss of body fluids. Now, a mysterious cramp on the right side of my back near the sciatica that is causing me major pain.

I know, I sound like a walking talking malady of the week happening. But I'm truly flummoxed. I'm healthier than a horse usually (although why horses are considered healthy, I don't know) but since Magic's passing, I'm, like, so damn helpless.

And the scary, scary thing is, I was just writing about the sciatica nerve and major pain you-know-who in my Uber-POS WIP (work in progress) and the next day, here I be damn, hardly able to climb up the roof with my right leg (can't lift it without going arrrrghHhhhhahhh!). I think my desperation to get my manuscript done has either 1)made me uber-identify with my character 2)made me crazy or 3)made me very sick. LOL.

Life has never been weirder in THAT sense.

Another weird rant/letter emailed to me last night by a reader asking me (pretty) please to make my heroine a virgin because it would set a precedent and besides, virgins are so much more challenging to write. I was, like, dude. I was like, mannnn. I was, like, speechless. If I didn't have a backache, I would have cackled.

I think that reader was pulling my sciatica nerve. It has to be one of my writing friends who know about my pet peeve, right? If you don't know my pet peeve by now, go to the right side of this blog and click on June 15 and July 3, 2005, in which I blogged about why Virgins Ought To Get Penetrated First Before They Kill. 'nuff said. That was my answer to this email too, just in case the reader was really serious.

I don't know about other authors, but I get requests from readers to add/write things about their favorite GLow characters all the time. Usually, I don't mind these requests because it's always flattering that one's readers are so into one's world and that they care about the characters so much.

Certainly, this latest request is one of the memorable ones ;-). There was one reader who wanted me to write in a love scene between Jed and Nikki. She thinks it would be hot. Well, yeah...but...Nikki is, like, married??? And we're reading a romance, ya know? Ah, the pain of being faithful and all that ;-P.

But anyway, the topic is about being desperate. You know what uber-spywriters do when they get desperate? They start killing off people, LOL. Okay, characters in their works. They ended 24 this week by killing off EDGAR, one of the mainstays (BIG mainstay, LOL) in that show. Of course, no one, except for Jack Bauer, is safe in that show, but still Edgar's death was a kicker. Because of his size and his "thing" for Chloe, he was the butt of many jokey comments and now who are we going to snark over?

So, here I be, all desperate to finish the book that is overdue. It's a strange thing, desperation (waxed the desperate author poetically). The more desperate you are, the more the creative juices refuse to flow. Writing, for me, is a process of momentum...for myself, my story, especially my focus. When there are constant RL interruptions that I can't ignore, like pain raining on the emotional plain (heehee, that should be edited but hell, it's 8.30am, leave my writing alone!) and pain cramping the physical being, then the momentum is lost and I have to begin all over again. I've exhausted myself with this book because I kept "beginning" again.

Maybe I should make Hell a virgin. Maybe that email was from Muse, trying to help me out. Snicker if you will. Desperate authors do disparate things. I mean, if that's not KILLING a character by ending Book One with a virgin pronouncement, I don't know what is.

"Hell, what's your status?"
"Umm, virgin. Desperate. Wanna rectify status?"

The end.

Ya know, I can mirror Hell's sciatica pain. Right now, I'm even limping around like Hell in the story. But that last twist...ha. If that happens, I'll write the next blockbuster bestseller--Da GLow Code: A Phenomena of Disparate Desperations.
But could I top supernatural sperm (ref: yesterday's blog)?! Damn. You know you're desperate when even that idea makes you envious!

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SQ said...

Someone needs a day at the spa. When your body starts turning on itself, it's time to grab yourself some vacay time.

And virginal spy? Do we not recall the mother of all spies, Mata Hari?

"Harlot, yes. But traitor, never!"

Anonymous said...

Please, please please, not a virgin! I already have a hard time believing a 26 year old virgin in any simple romance, so a spy-virgin???? HA! You can't be That desperate.

Now I'm thinking (not good huh)... if you start feeling Hell's pain, then maybe your answer is to make her feel really really really gooooood...


kate said...

Poor, poor Gennita! I haven't been messing with my sciatica nerve, but as a newbie to pilates I, too, have been stumbling around in pain (but, thankfully, nothing nearly as bad as yours).

And don't worry! You can finish this book and write its super-uber ending! Cause remember, you're awesome!

Anonymous said...

I read once in an art book that if you are stuck trying to draw, that you should try to draw the object upside down. So, in a variation of that, why not try writing the last page of your book, then see how you would logically get from where you are to there.

Mei said...

Find some music that will evoke the feelings u need. Helps me when I have simething elusive I need to grasp.

Gennita Low said...

SQ, I plan to have vacay when I'm done with this book. Can't do it now! ;-P But it's strange how everything is raining on me all at once. Good quote by Matahari!

Aha! LOL. Excellent suggestion. LMAO.

Kate, anonymous, and Mei,
Thank you for the suggestions. You gals are da bomb for thinking about me. The last page scenario is actually in my head and I'm heading toward it. Slowwwwwwly. Too slowly.


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