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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Older Can Be Uber-Sexykewl Too!

Today is a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE and a new moon in Aries. Ya bet it's going to be a Big Astrological Day, if you're into that kinda thing.

For example, the sixty disappeared crapenters had been replaced by thirty new 12 year-old looking crapenters. Welcome to my Solar Eclipse of the day.

Also, remember I was trying to sell my house a few months back? After a bit of a delay with the buyer's paperwork, etc., I will be signing papers finalizing this deal late this afternoon! Now, that is the true sign of a new moon in my favor! No more renters asking me why I can't let them live free because, "like, I don't need the money, right, since I already have two jobs?" So, life is finally looking up.

And, with a new one on the way to my editor...I smell a One Day vacation reading and eating chocolates! Hoorah! Even the crapenters cannot destroy my good mood today (of course, I'm not at work yet).

To answer Laur from France on who Jack LaLanne is (got the spelling right today), he was the first bodybuilder/fitness guru of his day (1940s and 50s) who became a household name. He had a TV show called the Jack Lalanne Show and it was a very popular show in Malaysia when I was growing up (our TV stations bought a lot of old shows to fill in programming in those days and that's why I get along with Ranger Buddy so well because culturally, I lived the childhood of a 50s kid and can sing 50s music and talk 50s TV icons with the guy without going "Who's Jack LaLanne?" Heh.) He also started the first health spa.

Anyway, Jack LaLanne was fun to watch because he made exercise Kewl back then we all would sing along with him at the end of the show. Here is his pic when he was young. He is the dude on the RIGHT:

Mr. LaLanne, MY UBER-HERO, is now in his 90s and he is still going strong. He swam across the English Channel every year till he was about 80. I don't think he does it any more but he's been known to do finger push-ups still. At 91, he was quoted: "I can't die. It'd ruin my image." I love him ;-).

This is a pic of Jack Lalanne taken in 2005! Not bad for a guy in his 90s, eh?!

So there you go, uber is uber!

On the other hand, some people grow into uberness. For example, this is Brad Pitt several solar eclipses ago:

The color is just SO WRONG on him ;-). Brad was just an aspiring uber-skirt wearer back then.

Here is Brad AFTER one powerful solar eclipse and new moon:

You see? Solar Eclipses can change your image ;-). And perhaps that's how nerds suddenly get in touch with their Inner Alpha, LOL.

Okay, I must amend this week's terms. There is a difference, it seems, between nerd and geek. Uber-Nerd, Ugh. Uber-Geek, Potentially Yum, or PY. Agree?

Here are two men I don't mind looking under their kilts. One is geeky and the other is NOT. Heh. I opine, you decide:

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Denise said...

Okay, someone suggested I ask you for some pictures of Pierce Brosnon in a kilt. So, I'm asking because I wouldn't mind seeing it either! lol Pretty uber please.

I vote for DD to be the geek. Liam looks so uber cool in his, like he should be wearing one all the time. Hmmm, sounds good to me anyway.

Mel said...

Well, the fact that Mercury is no longer retrograde is probably helping your house-selling and all that paper know, pesky things like finishing a manu.

BUT - (and not to discount a great eclipse) you KNOW these lunar thing are gonna make YOU happy - - it's in YOUR house (not that house, silly - your astro house) (I know these things). For me, however, this eclipse is trouble. I'm just gonna hide until the effects are over!

Oh...and if I were gay, oh, and male, I'd totally go for Brad in drag! Great legs!

Anonymous said...

wow, thank you for all these infos. This guy makes you think, man I really have to work out! I've never seen or heard of Jack Lalanne here, but he made me think of Tarzan, Johnny Weismuller was a nice specimen from my childhood.

I'm not too fond of Mulder in a kilt (dukovny?), sorry, but Liam, yum... if you add a kilt to that voice, aahhhhh
Are we in Kilt week #2 yet? :-)

Gennita Low said...

Pierce Brosnan in a kilt?! Wow. That's a tough one. I don't think he'd ever had a public photo of himself in a skirt...he did wear a sarong in that wonderful movie whose title is teasing the edges of my brain, though.

You know my astrological stuff? Wow. You da spy. Are you sure I'm an Aries? Bwahhhh.

Mercury retrograde is good to finish up projects, actually, so I was actually writing better during that period. But the printer was waiting to wake me up from the stupor ;-).

Yeah, Jack L. is Da Man. I'm surprised you haven't heard of him, actually, because of his swimming across the Channel over there. Thought he'd be in the papers more. AND he's really French ;-).


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