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Friday, March 24, 2006

Spying Under Kilts III and Because Some Spies Hate That

Yesterday, there was a spylet **coughflamercough* among us who gave me "constructive criticism" about what NOT to put on MY BLOG. She/he had been looking at my photos of men and have come to the conclusion that I'm seriously going to hurt my career because I don't tell my readers something about my writing and books.

Of course, I'm a tad confused, since I'm always talking about my current writing progress, perhaps not in quite the serious way of other wonderful authors, but hey, I have my serious moments! I mean, wasn't my rant about Virgin Spies serious? Wasn't my whole week on erotica/romantica educational?

Oh, I forgot, that was about erotica, so maybe too sexy for spy-writers like me. I mean, we are all about death and killings and other SERIOUS stuff. I mean, what spies would actually spy under a kilt, right?

I suppose it's okay to make fun of vegetables? I mean, I don't want to get in trouble with some other visitors who might get offended by naked vegetables.

I tried very hard to be serious all the time. Not. Admittedly, my blog tells a reader very little about my style of writing. But that's what excerpts on my site are thank you for giving me an idea, Miss Flamer from yesterday. This weekend, I'll put up links on the right of the blog that will lead to the book page and excerpts so that interested visitors can try out a page or two of my books.

Writing is an intimate experience. Sometimes, you inadvertently bare more than you want to and then people point fingers at you. Tsk.

And never triple-dog-testicle dare an uber spy-dog-owner. You know I can't resist that.

I would like y'all to check out how BIG this dude is. You don't need to spy too much. Does he scare you, gals? Comments? Captions? Here's mine: "GlowGirls, meet The Creature. Creature, Glowgirls." Bwahhhhhh.

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Sweetheart said...

Now THAT's that I'm talking about! Show me some dick and not the flamer kind. Damn....he's not normal. I wonder what it looks like hard???

And I thought your rant on Virgin spies was very serious. heh heh.


Leiha said...

Oh My God, get that thing away from me! Can you imagine that coming at you in the dark of night? I know some girls would scream for joy but I would be screaming for the KY (was that TMI?). LOL, this guy needs a longer kilt!

Seriousely, I brought the laptop closer to my face to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I hope he's a show-er and not a grower because if he grows anymore, eak!

Thank you Jenna for sharing yourself with us and keep the nekkid men coming!

Anonymous said...

That's gotta be fake. I mean someone is REALLY good with photoshop? If it's real....can I have his number? *snort*

Mel said...

Hmm...where'd my name go? I (unlike some people in the previous blog) am unafraid to attach my name with my comment.

Anonymous said...

Of course you're going to call me a flamer. Of course your fangirls are going to come out vilifying me, just because I gave an opinion of your blog.

Your blog in no way show how you write. I have read a few of your books and you touch on subject matters that will turn off people and you don't even say that in your blog! That's false advertising because people might be buying your books because you show pictures and funny vegetables. Very clever but still, false advertising.

Besides, being a writer, shouldn't you be writing more about your books and how you got interested in your art, etc.? That is a fair question on my part and shouldn't be something you or your fangirls make fun of. Other author blogs do it--they talk about their writing, their problems, their art, and they show how they solve it. Do you? Examples, if you want to learn: Karen Templeton, Monica Jackson, Patti O'Shea--these are serious writers who know their craft and they talk about relevant matters.

You, on the other hand, just want to show off naked men videos. How does that help your career? And how is that connected with writing? Or roofing, for that matter?

Of course, you're just going to post more photos just to "show" me, like you did today. Childish. A writer's blog should reflect her work. Does your blog show how good your book is and the subject matter--spying? You will have to say no, right? So what is your blog? False advertising and objectifying of men. There are plenty of blogs doing that, so I'm actually giving you an honest opinion to help you. How are you going to be a serious published author when people click from your website, like I did, thinking to learn something, and they find THIS? Am I supposed to laugh with you about vegetables???

And yes, I'm interesting in the arts and writing. That's why I check out other writers' blogs. They have something to say. You don't. And you really need an editor, by the way. Maybe that's why you hide your writing behind pictures of half-naked men.

Romance readers are always trying to defend their reading genre. YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

Amber said...

Hmm...did I miss that article that had rules of what a writer's blog had to be? Does every writer in the universe have to drone on, and on, and on, and onnnn about writing?

Can't we all just get along? What's wrong with a little bit of fun, anon? Get over yourself. If you don't like the wallpaper, LEAVE!

Leiha said...

To me, you sound like someone who is embarrassed to be a romance reader. Why do we need to defend our reading? I stopped trying to hide the covers of what I was reading once I got out of high school. I am a proud romance reader.

Is she supposed to be serious about the craft of writing on her blog because she's a writer? Is it because she's a romance writer and should fight harder to be taken seriousely as should all of us who read romances? Like you mentioned, there are plenty of people who already write about the craft of writing and guess what, nothing is wrong with the way either chooses to blog.

I think people forget that writers are people first. Why should Ms Low not be able to write about whatever she wants on her blog? It's her blog. Because she is not serious on her blog does that mean she's not a serious writer? Have you read her books? Her books are exceptionally smart as well as being funny and sexy. She is someone who takes her books seriousely but not herself. That is what I get from reading this blog.

When I am at places on the net that I don't like, I move on. I have that choice as do you. Why do you feel like because she's an author she doesn't have feelings? Remember, she's not forcing this blog on you, you choose to come here.

MO said...

My caption from man with the kilt: Ummm, who's the dick on Jenn's blog?


Keep blogging, Jenn!

Rhonda said...

Your blog, You do it YOUR way!

I have been on others and they don't always post about "writing".

I would suggest to anonymous to find another author or blog he/she likes and stick with it.

FANS VERY supportive here.

Diane said...

Quite frankly, I believe our anon writer is male and he loves the naked pictures of men. Why else would they keep coming back to Jenns' blog?

Keep up the great blog, Jenn.

kathleen dante said...

Man, talk about uncut! That's a good one, Jenn! Where do find all these?

And to that flaming anon., I suggest you get over youself. If you want to learn how to write, you should first learn that people are multifaceted. A writer isn't just a writer. She can also be a roofer, a furbaby mama, a woman who takes pleasure in pics of nekkid guys, someone with a sense of humor. If you insist on stock characters (Exhibit A: "serious writer"), you're not going to get anywhere.

Mary Stella said...

1) Gennita, I hardly ever blog about my books or my writing process. You visit my blog or website, you know I write books. You can read the excerpts and reviews on my website. I will occasionally blog about the process, but I figure that there are so many other people doing so, that I have nothing new to add. Besides, I think that among the 300-800 people who regularly read my blog, there are many who have no interest in how I write.

I personally think that you do a great mix of material and subject matter on your blog. I visit because reading your blog entertains me. That's pretty much what I want to accomplish in my own blog -- entertaining people.

Now to the truly important question of today -- that well-endowed guy in the picture. Does he scare me or captivate me? I'm definitely intrigued, but I believe that I must encounter him in a more intimiate, one-on-one setting before I can form a true opinion. ;-)

bookbeat said...

Did anon ever write in a diary growing up? To me a blog is very much like a diary & who ever told anyone what to write in a diary?!?!?

Anon, start your own blog & vent on that!


Anonymous said...

Aïe!!(that's ouch for you) Now THIS is definitely scary, but so intriguing...or not...LOL
Jenn, you make me laugh so much, don't change anything.
I love your books, I find lots of info on them and your work in progress. And sharing your moods is special. Thanks.

Mel said...

Anon...I think it's clear here that you've made quite an ass of yourself. Go away. And stay away!

Keep on keepin' on Jenn!

jaycee said...

For all those that dislike blogs and their contents, there are so many more that do ! One negative comment doesn't change a thing.
When I visit an author's web site that is wholly self centered book blind, I find my eyes glazing over with boredom. I never finish the page and surf on out.
Jenna is a fabulous auto buy author and earns our respect every book she writes. Most of us here don't need to be sold over and over again by an author. We do , however, need to be entertained...HA!
Love the Kilt Bods ....*drool*

SQ said...

Sorry Jenn. Using your blog to address Anon.

What's up, Anon? Is no one visiting your blog? Is that what's making you all cranky? Hey, leave a link and give us (lowly romance readers) an example of how a blog SHOULD be. That would be more constructive than just insulting Jenn and her fan base.

If you don't like what Jenn is posting, don't visit her site. It really is that simple for you. Don't try to push your beliefs onto others. That's not right. Especially as people who read this blog are obviously fans of Jenn and her writing.

Also, is Jenn's posting of interestingly shaped vegetables false advertisement? If you look at the COVER to her books, no vegetables. That debunks that argument.

And if you read the blogs of other romance novelists--Jill Shalvis, Jayne Anne Krentz, Elizabeth Lowell, Alison Kent, Toni Carrington--you'll note that they don't just write about their latest novels. They also write about what's going on in their daily lives and what's on their mind.

Also, Jenn is published by HarperCollins. I'd say she's got an editor. And her editor would say to you, Jenn knows what she's doing. Especially as she's got multiple titles that are selling and making a nice, tidy profit there for HarperCollins.

Once again, I say to you Anon, just because you cannot publish does not give you the right to rip on those who can. Take the rejection letters and criticism from editors to heart and re-write to fit the market and find an audience. And quit taking out your anger on those who have found an audience in the market. Wish them luck and hope you too will find success.

Elaine said...

Dear Anonymous-Romance-Writer-Wannabe, you remind me of the time some years ago when I visited a messageboard for disabled people. All the posters were lovely and supportive of each other - the reason why they (and I) participated in the posting. One day, a new member posted some truly vile comments about disabled and ill people. Naturally everyone was angry and upset - which was the intention of the flamer, or so it seemed. Until it struck me that this flamer was IN PAIN HERSELF/HIMSELF!So I private-msgd some other members and we decided to take this flamer seriously.

We were right, dear Romamce-Writer-Wannabe. That flamer turned out to be a young male, only 19 years old but had been suffering several illnesses since childhood that destroyed his own dreams and hopes. His multiple illnesses did not kill him but might as well coz he was unable to join other kids playing ball, couldn't attend college classes but needed to study from his bedroom etc. He might as well be dead. So he projected all his anger at us, telling us disabled poeople ought to be put down like old sick dogs. That young man was in pain and we were glad the truth came out and he ended up giving HIMSELF a chance to be an OVERCOMER rather than a victim and a victimzer.

Much as I don't want to use Jenn's blog as a therapy session, I know that she, being the loving generous lady she is, will give me - a diehard fan - this space to tell you that it can get better for you - if you let it.

To Jenn and everyone else - my apologies for this serious post. I'll try not to do it again.

Elaine said...

Hey everybody!
That dude with the ahh, too-short kilt - of course it's a Photoshop'd pic!!!

Jenn took JED's lethal weapon and photoshop'd it onto that anonymous fella. Go on, Jenn. Confess. It IS Jed's, right?

Denise said...

First I have to answer the blog's question. That guy scares me! My husband has this hangup that he's not as big as the ugly studs in porn flicks (yeah, he watches them and I don't mind), but he totally satisfies me. We've been married for 27 years, you'd think he'd get the idea that I love him and his size (which is very pleasing). Okay, okay, TMI I know and I do it all the time, nothing is off limits in my conversations.

I look at your blog this way--you are showing us a piece of you, what you are like outside of your books and I love it.

I wish some of my long time favorite authors would do it, but they don't and they are the ones that got me hooked on romance.

So, don't you dare change a thing on your blog because us fangirls (hey I was never a groupie before) would miss you if you changed what you are doing here.

Anonymous said...

Listen up, you nasty little troll, NO AUTHOR HAS ANY OBLIGATION TO WRITE ABOUT HER BOOKS. Just as a plumber doesn't have to write about unclogging toilets. Just like smarmy pieces of shit like yourself don't have to write about the trials and travails of being smarmy pieces of shit. You just ARE.

And you say fangirl like it's a bad thing. See, people who can write and who have interesting blogs get to have fangirls. Yes, we are all GL's minions. And we eat poncy little asshats like you for midnight snacks.

Minion #279

nightshield2003 said...

If there's something that can lure me out of hibernation, it's idiotic comments like these.

I remember when Jenn asked if it's a good idea for her to publish a blog; said it's gonna be more like a behind the scene at ComCen. So the fans said yeah, baby! And so FYEO was born. Through it we are given an inside look at what goes on in Jenn's spy world. We are given clues and spoilers, which make us scream (in frustration? excitement?) and make us want for more. Then she started another blog, this blog, which gives us a glimpse of JENN -- the person, the author, the roofer. This is a place where she can talk about anything and everything, including posting pictures of naked -- or nearly naked -- men. Hey, if she can't do it in her own blog, then where the hell can she??? AND JENN DOES TALK ABOUT HER WRITING!!! Did you even bother to read ALL her posts? Word for word? Obviously you didn't.

Bottom line, Jenn's blogs have been, and continues to be, a source of entertainment to her fans. So keep blogging, Jenn, the way YOU want to.


Sam said...

Wow! I bet the queen wished he'd been sitting next to her instead of the other guy.
Uh, sorry; Got carried away there. whew.
Now Where did I put my glasses???

Gennita Low said...

I can't respond to each post or you will kill me ;-). Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here AND voicing your views. I'm so glad to have you here and am happy to share a little bit of myself with you, even boring days ;-).

Love you all,

Gennita Low said...

To the anon who doesn't like my blog (wish I have a name),

I don't have to defend my blog to anyone. I don't charge you or anyone to come here. It's something I do out of my own free will and love of my life and my world, and it just so happens, my world has a lot of funny pictures of men and veges in it. Take it or leave it, dear blogger. It's just my little piece of the blogworld; there are a million others. But thank you for dropping by anyway.

Mel said...

Well said, Jenn!

And Minion #279 - - I love you! You are one funny chick/dude! Love the 'nasty little troll' comment.
Smarmy = brilliant
poncy asshats = LOL

You should write too! I'd visit your wacky blog anytime!


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