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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Uber Promotion or, The Blog That Shows You How I Write

Funny that one of you girls was asking for Adrian Paul in a kilt. I truly wanted to make everyone happy about my blog, even flamers....

And now, a moment to promote one of my books:

Yes, that's Adrian Paul and yes, I got him to sign his name on INTO DANGER. Yes, you heard me right. I got Adrian Paul to sign my book and then I gave him a copy of it with my autograph. Right in front of 200 eager fans waiting with Highlander products in their hands for him to sign. He was very amused.

And now, a moment to be entertained:

Here is your favorite Highlander in his kilt. Actually I think I like Mel in a kilt better although Adrian Paul was yummy in the TV series.

He's also an absolutely nice man, by the way, and I heart his accent. And melted into a puddle when he grinned at my audacity when I put my book in front of him.

I prefer Adrian in a hat:

But that mustache?

Has. To. Go. And that thing they call a soulpatch. We roofers call it roof-cement patch (got to tie in the roofing part of career to my blog, you know).

Writing update:

The spy has been de-kilted! Or at least, somewhat de-kilted. Or you can interpret this piece of art work as the manuscript is in a state of satiation and near completion. Or, it could also signify that one of the commandos is teasing Hell again.

So, let's have a pictorial on how I wrote Hell Book One.

First I introduce the mysterious commando:

He's tall, dark, and lethally sexy (to Hell anyway, maybe not to flamers), and he only shows a little of himself to her at a time:

Which really intrigues Hell because she's that kinda gal. And meanwhile there's a spy operation going on and Hell has to do superspy stuff and I had no problem writing that but I, the writer, was wonderfully distracted by:

because wow, like Hell, my heroine, I kept thinking, I have seven of these commandos and I can have them all stripping OR in various stages of undress in the book! Wow. Then I thought, oh I can't do that because I'm writing a SPY BOOK and what would Spy-Readers think of naked commandos? So I deleted all those pages....

But of course, Hell's got to have some hero-time and in the end she finally got a taste of:

And then that's the end of the book! And that's my writing process! So easy! Wow. I'm a genius. BUY THE BOOK! Won't you? ;-)

If you do, I'll send you a picture of Adrian totally nekkid. No veges. How's that for blatant promotion? ;-)

Do you think I've satisfied all requirements for a successful author blog and writing career now?

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Rhonda said...

Do you think I've satisfied all requirements for a successful author blog and writing career now?

YES, I so love your sense of humor, you made my day! YOU GO GIRL.

Denise said...

Thank you! Would you believe I have the poster of Adrian Paul in that kilt? It hangs in my dining room. Sure, I realize that isn't quite a dining room picture, but heck, it's my house and I can do what I want.

Thanks for sharing how you put your book together, I have to say that the illustrations did wonders for me today. Ah, can I have the nekkid picture now, please?

I'm so jealous that you met him and got him to sign your book! I love this guy and wish he'd been picked as the next 007.

Oh, and did I mention that I have the Highlander series?

Leiha said...

Wow girl, you know how many girls would kill to be in your place in that picture? I LOVE that you signed a copy of your book and gave it to him! He's lucky to have a personally autographed book by you.

As for the pics, I feel like the striptease guy teased me, I want him to take it all off but you appeased me with thong guy. He's always a fun pick me up!

Mel said...

Huh? Um...what were we talking about? Oh yeah...writing. Okay. Sure.

Send him over. I'll help him write!


Mary Stella said...

Gennita, we go way back, you and me, to the Prodigy days. For that alone, you should send me the totally nekkie Adrian, particularly because you know I adore him! Besides, I buy your books!

Elaine said...

Oh my...! That is one gorgeous blue towel!

Gennita Low said...

Rhonda, I only aim to please ;-).

Leiha, well, you do know striptease guy is Adrian as Cole, don't you? And yeah, I treasure that pic ;-).

Mel, writing should be a pleasure, like this!

Ah, Mary Stella, I will send you that picture and don't tell anyone, LOL.

Elaine, you noticed the color!? Wow, you have a good eye.

kate said...

Jenn, you're just the bestest ever! I think I have to go open a window now. Wow!

bookbeat said...

Very, very good, yes please send us the picture!

Gennita Low said...

Denise, a picture of Adrian while you eat is totally appropriate! Better than a picture of veges ;-). And yeah, he should have been 007 than this new dude. I would actually pay $$$ to go see the new Bond movie if AP was the new Bond.

Kate and Steff,
One of these days, I will blog on going commando ;-).


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