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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spying Under Kilts II

When you are trying to finish an IMPORTANT ceremony, like getting to the end of a book that's overdue, you have to ignore ALL distractions.

That nice breeze

My last chapter will not end. There are too many things I have to bring up to set up for the next book. Like the picture above. That's like Hell (except she's much prettier and younger than the Queen--pardon me, Your Majesty) sitting with her men and she's trying to figure out which one of them is HIM. Can you tell? Heh.

Anyway, this last chapter. I had to insert a bad dude POV but I didn't want to end the story there! So, now I'm thinking of one last chapter so Hell can have a nice sexy ending.

It's so good to know that the book is almost done, yet I don't want to hurry it and botch up the ending. Inny, Minnie, Miney, Mo--hey, you, Mr. Commando, can I end with you smiling? In that sly way that only a reader would love to scream at?

When you have seven pairs of testicles to play with (this is an in-joke reference to Reese Witherfork's very interesting praise about moi in the comment area, LOL), an uber-author has a number of great ways to end the book, you know. I don't want to hear your screams! I told you I know nothing; I'm just spying under kilts! Testy, testy...

ah...and finally, don'tcha want to look under these lads' kilts, eh?

Of course, this dude is still my favorite kiltster. He was definitely spyworthy in this film. Nice legs, Mel!

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you stick to what you do that and just write? Your blog is nothing but shameless things that make romance readers cringe. Looking under men's kilts? Ads of men walking around naked? You write spy novels, but I don't see anything serious going on in your blog so does that mean your spy stories are all stupid and funny tales of bumbling spies in kilts?

When I visit other authors' spies, like PBW or Christine Feehan or Patti O'Shea's blogs, they tell me interesting writing news and about their writing process--they are promoting themselves, their art and their books. Why don't you take a page or two from their blogs? Write about how you write and not glorify naked men and stupid stuff?

You are really doing yourself a lot of harm. Readers click onto your site and they think you aren't serious about your writing. At least you do have a page on your characters, but again you put pictures of half-naked men on it. Patti O'Shea cuts off the bodies and just show the face. You ripped off her Deke picture, by the way, for your Steve McMillan. Totally unprofessional.

This is constructive criticism. Maybe you will delete this post but I'm just tired of seeing your glorifying sex and men. You're a writer breaking into the business. Write about your writing and publishing experiences. Go check out the blogs I mentioned: PBW is totally awesome and Patti O'Shea promotes her books all the time and tells about how she overcomes her writing problems. Interesting stuff like that. Not about under the kilts, like your entries. As if you have no writing problems?

Anonymous said...

OMG, Jenn, please do not listen to that. If I want a lesson on writing problems and on how you do what you do, I'll take a writing class. Ne change rien!! J'adore ton blog!
xox Laurence

Anonymous said...

I have never responded to a blog before but after reading that comment I have to say that it is rediculous!! I keep up with a number of my favorite authors and your site is by far the most interesting!! And if this person has these comments then she must not have read and LOVED your books!!! Cant wait for the next one.

SQ said...

What's up with blogger #1? If you don't like a site, don't read it. And come on! If you're gonna criticize, have the balls to sign the review!

$5 says blogger #1 is an unpublished English grad student who just got yet another rejection letter on their great american novel/manifesto. Hey, don't take it out on the successfully published. It's not their problem you can't sell a story.

Jenn, you just ignore Mr. Cranky Pants there. Love your blog. Keep on blogging. Though I do request more shots of hottie military guys, and less of naughty veggies. Can never eat a pepper again...sigh.

Carolyn said...

Wow, who didn't take her meds today? What's up with that first poster? Don't listen to her or him, Jenn! I'm a romance reader and I don't cringe at your site or your pictures. Your humor is what I like about your blog and this person obviously never read your blog everyday because you have a nice balance of everything.

Also, Cranky Pants, if you are still here, I'll have you know that Miss Low can show as many half naked men or vege photos as she wants because it's HER BLOG. And she had posted pictures of Steve McMillan two years ago on her Yahoosite so she DID NOT RIP OFF from any author. Jenn had always posted pictures of her characters years back.


Elaine said...

LOL Carolyn - that was exactly the thing that came to my mind when I read Bloggrer #1's rant! "Been neglecting your meds, hon?"

Who, btw, is PBW?

And Jen...your blog and FYEO are the two FIRST sites I visit when I wake up! Yeah, before i even read the online newspapers. My maid brings in my breakfast - today I had my usual freshly brewed coffee, buttered toast piled with sliced portobellos sauted in olive oil and garlic, pineapple juice with ginger ale and black seedless grapes. Then I started reading Bogger #1 and I told myself, Jenn's blog always has this lovely balance - I get my regular eye candy (coz I got NO ISSUEs with ogling naked men), I love reading about Jenn's roofing chores and feel really proud of her accomplishments (you should hear my sons' incredulous gasps when they find out she writes these fabulous books AND is a roofer); I love living with Jen through her blog as she writes Hell's trilogy and shares this precious piece
of Gennita Low with me.

I am privileged and honored.
I am thankful.
I still want Hell's Monitor to be Jed.
And I want a really hot dirty, no-holds barred sex scene between them!!!
I have no idea what brought on Blogger#1's rant - was it just coz of the naked eye candy? You mean she clicked on EVERY ONE of them and looked at EVERYONE of your eye candy links and pic EVERYTIME you posted one?

Elaine...I must be odd coz I click and look because I LURVE those hot bods.

Anonymous said...

Anon#1 is such a loser. First of all, you pathetic little weasel, if you don't like it here, why do you come? Where does it say that a published author has a responsibility to teach her readers or random idiots like yourself how to write? If GL has writing problems, why does she have to talk about it? Why should entertaining you and enlightening your teeny tiny illogical little brain be anywhere on her to-do list?

If you don't find it "interesting," then don't come. Your gall is fucking unbelievable. If you're going to insult people on their own blogs, at least leave a name and address.

Sadista said...

I've known Jenn for years and consider her to be a great friend and an awesome writer. What blogger #1 fails to mention is that Jenn has had Hawk's pic for years. That pic on Patti O'Shea's site is NOT hers so why don't you kiss ass???? Better yet, grow some balls and post your name. You're nothing but a wannabe writer any way, aren't you??? I bet I can even guess who you are without you signing your mis-informed post. Doesn't matter. Go find some other blog to patronize. You're not welcome here.

Joannaimp said...

wow, Jenn, see what happens when you show TESTICLES and BUTTS on your blog? :P I bet it'll be hellfire here if you post a PENIS. Triple dog's testicle dare ya (and I don't mean showing a dog's penis either).


P/S Don't change your blog! I love it. You DO write about writing too and I come here and catch up with your writing adventures and stuff about the commandos (what's she talking about anyway?) AND I LOVE THE EYE CANDY AND I BUY ROMANCE BOOKS. LOTS.

Rhonda said...


Don't change because of the anonymous #1, who couldn't even sign a name but can criticize.
I love your sense of humor and can't wait each day to see what's going on in your life and your writing. I enjoy the variety of subjects you have posted about!

Gennita Low said...

Laurence, SQ, Elaine, Carolyn, Joannaimp, Rhonda, Sadista, and the few who posted anonymously AFTER the first anonymous poster, thank you very much for coming to my defense. I must admit I was a bit taken aback at the "constructive criticism" of my blog. I think that's a first yet.

I can understand some readers not liking my books--not for everybody, different tastes, etc--but telling me what's wrong with my blog. I'm torn between saying "A flamer! Awesome!" and "Wow, maybe I'm really a horrible blogger."

Next, I'm going to be flamed by vege-lovers who think I'm doing veges a disfavor by posting obscene photos of them.

Mel said...

Wow! Well-said Anon #2 - - and just to be clear here who(m) I'm cheering for...Anon #1 does need some meds. And a life. No one asked for your opinion on this blog so sit down and shut up. If you can't appreciate a fine, well developed male form, sans-clothing go blog on another site. No one comes into YOUR home and criticizes the decor and if they do you would tell them to leave.

Go home, your not welcome here.

Leiha said...

Wow, I was here yesterday but didn't check out the comments. I can't believe the nerve of the first post! First off, this is a blog, where you are free to write about whatever you want! You have a website talking all about your books (which is great, BTW). This is a site so we get to know more abour you and your personality and the incredibly funny person you are. If said person above had read your books they would also know what an incredibly smart person you are. Thank you for not rubbing that into our faces everyday.

I love you kilt pics so much I had to post this blog onto another board yesterday (you know which one, LOL). Thanks for keeping us entertained which for me is what a blog is supposed to do.

Mel said...

Oh, and thank you for the "nice legs" comment. I get that a lot (blush)


Oh meant MEL GIBSON. Now I really am blushing!

kathleen dante said...

Here's another vote for "Don't change," Jenn. Your blog is one of the few I visit religiously. I love the humor and the sexy guys. Of course, nekkid would be better. ;>

Denise said...

Okay, I agree, Mel has great legs, but you forgot a few other kilt wearers! You better get your butt out there and find some pics of them. Like Adrian Paul as the Highlander! Or Sean Connery--YUM!

Who the heck is PBW? I'm glad to see I'm not the only who doesn't know.

I don't get to check my favorite blogs as often as I should since I'm the one trying to break into the writing business. I consider you to already be there, so I don't have a clue what the first anony even means with her comments and I have a very high reading comprehension level (I know because I've always scored 98-100% on every reading comprehension test I've ever taken).

Keep going the way you are, I love your pics. You rock!

Mary Stella said...

PBW is Paperback Writer -- who is also Lynn Viehl, SL Viehl and several other names. She writes a very informative blog about writing and the industry. I enjoy reading it very much.

However, I maintain that it isn't necessary for every single author to blog about writing or her books or what it's like to be a working, selling romance author. Just like I wouldn't demand that all the authors who do writing blogs should break away from that and tell us all about their daily lives.

To each their own in blogging. It's a big blogosphere but it would get boring if we all wrote about the same things, IMHO.

As authors, I think our main intent should be to entertain. Whether we blog information about writing, if that's our strong suit, or post funny vegetable and kilt pictures or stories of adventures in roofing, or whether we post about odd events or observations or whatever strikes our fancy on any given day -- let's entertain!

Genn -- love you books. Love your blog. Love you, my friend.

Kel said...

Hey Gennita, I confess this is my first time visiting your blog, and quite frankly I'm enjoying it very much. I agree that someone apparently did forget their meds, or maybe they're just jealous. Where do they get off saying YOU have writing problems?? YOU are the published author, THEY are not... IF they want to learn how to write, they can go take a class... Anyone who posts pics of Adrian Paul is a true friend of mine.... *G*

RU coming to RT this year?

Gennita Low said...

Hi Kel,
Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you're enjoying my WRITING CLASS ;-). I don't know who this person is, and maybe she/he is pubbed but...oh well, I still don't know why she/he is mad at me. Anyway, YES I WILL BE AT RT! Are you coming too? It's going to be grand!


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