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Monday, March 13, 2006

Spies Running In Circles

It's one of those days where I play catch-up. It all started with me trying to print the entry form to an annual contest by the Kiss of Death, a mystery-romantic suspense RWA chapter. The deadline is March 15 ;-), so of course I just suddenly remember it.

Anyway, we would say in Malay...rosak. Fiddled with it and fiddled with it and got it to finally print two pages in red because the black wasn't working. So my precious morning minutes were gone, just like that. I hope they don't disqualify entries for coming in signed in blood red ;-).

I don't have much luck entering my published books in contests, anyway, so I'm not holding my breath about finaling with The Hunter, which I'm entering. I do love the KOD contest, though. It's the prestigious Daphne du Maurier award and quite coveted among us romantic suspense writers. Unfortunately, my entries, including Facing Fear, always get horribly low scores and comments from judges, LOL. Since it costs $$$ to enter contests, I've mostly just indulged in two main contests--this KOD one and the RITA.

I keep asking myself why I enter them, though. I suppose getting nominated would mean some kind of publicity for the book among those who are RWA members and there are 9000 of us out there. But since I never get nominated...heeheehee...I'm stuck on this illogical loop. Anyway, I do have high hopes for The Hunter because I love the story so much. Perhaps this year I'll be one of the fortunate ones ;-). Judging from my disastrous February, I'm still not holding my breath!

The best kind is getting nominated by readers and reviewers without me filling out contest forms, like the Romantic Times Best of the Year award. I've been nominated several times and won once, for Facing Fear, and each time, I'm in awe that they picked my book over so many other great books that come out during the course of the year. So, getting nominated, for me anyway, is almost like a validation of sorts from readers and reviewers. Hey, us writers are neurotic about validation.

The Hunter has been nominated for an RT award this year too and I'll be at the Romantic Times convention this May (wow, it's two months away!). I always look forward to it because I get to see so many fellow-writers and romance readers at the same time. It's always a pleasure to meet the people who have taken the time to email me or post on my two blogs, like seeing old friends!

As for the possibility of The Hunter winning this year...nahhhh, have you seen the other books that were nominated?! My bet is on La Cherry Adair. Her alpha males are to die for.

If you were the reviewer picking four or five titles for the Best Romantic Suspense/Intrigue category for 2005, which ones will be on your list? I'll have to peruse the shelves tonight and come up with my nominations, but it's not really fair since I have two of my books in that category ;-). I know for sure Anne Stuart's Black Ice will definitely be on my list. Love, love, LURV that book.

Here's hoping the rest of my day will go well....

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SQ said...

Gasp. Girlie, something your publisher should TOTALLY be doing for you AND paying the fee. Because the more awards you win, the better the acquisition editor looks. DUH!

Good luck in the competitions. My money's on you. I wasn't too happy with the last 2 Adair novels. But LOVED Hunter and Sleeping with the Agent!

Reese Witherfork said...

I loved "Black Ice," too. (did you know Anne Stuart now has a blog?)

I laughed when I read on your website that you called yourself a "RWA contest slut." Too funny.

Take care, doll!


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