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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Introducing Uber Spy Number Eight

Let me introduce you to my madness-in-writing, also known as Method Writing, in which characters assimilate with people I know and people I don't know and they start to become unique. They start showing up while I'm writing because they think they're important in that scene when really, it's not their turn yet. And then I have to give in because you cannot refuse Muse when he is offering you something, so in the end, I have to stop the writing and let the character play with ME (my synapses, my mind, my sanity, whateveryacallit).

I found a picture that resembles Heath and I'm pinning it next to my work area. Hell, I'm pinning another one on my side of the bed. Heath is younger than Jed, but as his back-up, there is no other capable of Jedness ;-).

It's funny how characters grow from nothing, like magic, appearing and disappearing at will. Heath was named after that Heathcliffe in literature, of course. Either his parents have an odd sense of humor or he himself chose that name, who knows? For now, I'm happy he's hovering in my sub-conscious and teasing me with little details like...the differences between seduction, interrogation, and power plays. So much few pages ;-).

Heath likes to wear black a lot, so I found another picture of this almost-like-him person. Now I'm going to look around for a weapon that Heath likes to use and put it in my Heath-file. There's a ring in there already, but I don't know what its significance is for my commando. Heath wears a necklace too, with a pendant that I can't actually see in my mind yet. He will have to COME CLOSER. Heh.

That's the problem with Heath. He doesn't ever come too close. And like the old Heathcliffe I love in Wuthering Heights, he has lots of stuff going on in his mind. But no, I probably won't let him dig up a dead body so he could hug it (that's from Wuthering Heights, sweeties), but I must admit, Heath has a ghost or two to exorcise.

So, happy now, Heath? I've given you your debut and moment. Can I go back to Hell and...ooops, almost spilled the beans to the readers...bad, bad Heath. You see now why he's so good at interrogating and getting information? ;-)

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Mary Stella said...

Just don't let him get blown up like his portrayer did in a recent Grey's Anatomy. *g*

kathleen dante said...

>>So, happy now, Heath? I've given you your debut and moment. Can I go back to Hell and...ooops, almost spilled the beans to the readers

Hah! Proof! PROOF, I say, that Hell's monitor isn't Heath, particularly since Heath is *back-up*. Hell's man has to be His Jedness! ;>

Reese Witherfork said...

Hey Gennita,

Sorry to blab on your blog and just talk about myself - I'm responding to a question you asked me on another entry - I've retired the interview blog, but of course I'm keeping it up there since most people linked the interviews. Now I have a new blog where I just blab about myself and, you know, nuclear physics n' stuff.

BTW, interviewing you was great! Thanks once again for that! I think our interview is awesome. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

kate said...

Heath may be one sexy he-man, but nothing can beat Jedness. I agree with Kathleen -you know Hell's going to get some yummy Jedness!

Elaine said...

- but as long as he's not Jed...
Do I need say more?

Gennita Low said...

Dear girlfriends,

Heath isn't a back-up in THAT sense, snicker. I'm really intrigued by him. So far, he's had a couple of interesting scenes with Hell and I LIKE THEM. Heh. His Jedness is a busy dude. He might be assigning his back-up to watching and teaching duties since he has a lot of traveling to do. Remember, Hell's program started during Lily's story. LOL.


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