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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spy Parallels

Okay, here's my short list of Best 2005 RS, not in any order:

1. Black Ice by Anne Stuart

2. Close to the Edge by Kylie Brant

3. On Thin Ice by Cherry Adair

4. To The Limit by Cindy Gerard

Keep in mind I haven't been able to read a lot, so this is just my pick from the few books I was able to enjoy last year.

Writing update: I have found that writing in pain (from my back injury) isn't conducive to writing sexy love scenes. I deleted five very precious pages yesterday. It was the key seduction scene between my protagonists and what did I do? Talk, talk, talk. Questions. Answers. Admittedly, it was in the context of sexy seduction too, but after rereading it, I decided that's just so not HIM. He calls himself Hades, by the way, since his girl's named Hell.

Anyway, after 300 pages of being the arrogant manipulator that he is, I don't think he'd take the time to explain his reasons for physical gratification when the woman's nekkid and needy, ya know? But I wrote that miserable discomfort (didn't want to take the relaxant coz I would fall asleep), and since I was unwilling to move around in my state, it appeared I projected them onto my characters, who were also unwilling to move! I'm beginning to find my writing process very odd these days. Sigh.

So...scrap that talk-talk BS. Alpha male wakes up needing Hell. Alpha male comes into room. Alpha male wants naked Hell. Alpha male attacks. No excuses. No talk-talk. For goodness sakes, he hadn't talk-talk throughout the book, why would he do it now? I want some coitus non-interruptus, you two!

Sometimes, it's really all about scolding and whipping these kids of mine.

Sad news: I got back Magic's ashes in a lovely little box. I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to scatter it anywhere yet, not just for sentimental reasons. A part of me is telling me that it cost me $150! Okay, so I'm macabrely stingy.

Even Sadder News: I cannot end without a Mourning Shout to the death of Tony Almeda in 24. He was Jack's uber-soulmate and the man, like Jack, could survive ANYTHING. Why he was burned badly in a bomb blast at the beginning of the day and by 7pm, appeared to just suffer from a bad case of contact dermatitis. And all for nothing! The writers could have written in a lovely tale of revenge and angst for my Tony before killing him off, but nooooooo, he spent much of the day in recuperation, then just before he was about to avenge his lover's death, the writers had the bad guy off him! I'm sure all 24 fans were screaming along with me last night. NOOOOOoooooooo! Not Tony!

Of course, I get the same reaction when I tell readers that Cam or Patti, or both, are dead. But at least I didn't off them suddenly. Not that they're dead. Just on the off-chance they are, I wouldn't kill them off with a...shit...hypodermic needle...oh damn...I did that, didn't I? ;-P

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Anonymous said...

Not sure I would know what to select for best 2005 RS.
First I usually don't really know what year the books I'm reading came out since I only get paperbacks, that I pack in my suitcase from Miami to Paris (can you imagine 30 hard covers in my suitcase? No more room for my shoes!)
Amazingly though, I read 3 of your selection. Black Ice is very good and so dark, it stuck to my mind. Cindy Gerard, very good, but loved To the Egde more. On thin Ice was pretty good( not a favorite though). I liked Nothing To Fear, Karen Rose. And Also Lisa Jackson's Final Scream. And my favorite, The Hunter. Oh, I forgot The Hunter...and did I mention The Hunter?

Now about Dear Tony, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! We don't have that season here yet but we usually buy the whole thing as soon as it gets out and Hubby and I spend a week of 24 non's a very intensive week..TONY DIED,, NNOOOOOOOOO


Mirmie said...

Jenn wrote: Of course, I get the same reaction when I tell readers that Cam or Patti, or both, are dead. But at least I didn't off them suddenly. Not that they're dead. Just on the off-chance they are, I wouldn't kill them off with a...shit...hypodermic needle...oh damn...I did that, didn't I? ;-P

You're not perpetuating THAT horrendous rumor still, are you, Jenn? Tsk, tsk...


kate said...

Can I just say that I cannot wait to read Hell's book? I mean, no talk and hot attack...fanning myself here.

I have this really really bad habit of reading the ending of books, just so I can be sure that everything is going to end okay. I know, shame shame. But I am going to promise myself (a solid, hard core promise) that I will not look at the end of Hell's book so that this Hades will be a total surprise. No other bok has received this promise so far. You're forcing me to change for the good, Jenn!

SQ said...

Gasp! They killed off Tony?! No! I loved Tony.

See what happens when you hit the gym instead of watching TV? Darn. I was hoping they killed off the daughter. Man, she bugs me.

Gennita Low said...

Laurence and SQ,
I'm so sorry I spoiled it for you! I totally forgot that overseas fans might not have seen the show! Oh dear. Truly sorry. But yeah, Tony is dead. And he was badly used for this season too. They could have given him a more heroic role because of what happened in the first hour of the show, but no, he was mostly comatosed. Grrrrr.

You live in a state of perpetual hope ;-). Not that there's anything wrong with that. I, OTOH, am always cynical about missing persons being found. In one piece. ;-P

Heehee, I do it too. Reading the last few pages, I mean. I'm such a spoiler-ho that I do this to everything, from Reality Shows to my books to TV shows.

The cut scene has now been trimmed of a lot the dialogue, so yes, there will be some talk-talk but more of the "we can talk but I'd rather do this. And this. And this" kind of lines.

AND YES, you should NOT read the end of Hell's book till you reach the end of Hell's book. Unless I tell you otherwise when I'm done writing, anyway!

Mary Stella said...

Black Ice definitely tops my list. That book has stayed with me for a year and I can't wait for the next Ice book.


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