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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aww...Romance Authors Get No Respect Even For Charity Wrok

The post title is mostly tongue-in-cheek. SEAL of my Dreams, our charity anthology, has had great support from everyone, including military communities. We even had a write up on the SEALs blog supporting our book :-):


Anyway, I thought I would include this link, which is a not-so-great article poking fun at SEAL of my Dreams, making fun of cover as a "shirtless SEAL cavorting."


I do have to point out the author(s)'s lack of research, though:

1) The shirtless SEAL on the cover is a real SEAL, taken from this photo:

The photo is titled "FALLUJAH, IRAQ – JULY 27: A U.S. Navy SEAL prepares for a night mission to capture Iraqi insurgent leaders July 27, 2007 near Fallujah, Iraq. American Special Forces operate throughout Iraq, targeting “high-value targets” in commando raids, often at night to take advantage of their night vision superiority. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)" Mr. Moore had kindly donated the use of this photograph for the cover for the charity.

2) There have been many, many SEALs in romances way before this anthology :). If the writer of the article had even read the Foreword, she'd have been aware of this, along with the fact that many of the authors are/have been involved with the military in one way or another.

3) All the proceeds from the anthology go to the Veteran's Research Fund. I know it's a knee jerk reaction from the usual crowd ("I don't read romance!") but it'd have been nice to at least have that acknowledgment. Romance authors honor our heroes in our way, like, you know, take the time to write a short story and donate that time and money to a fund that helps veterans.

The romance genre is the biggest seller of all the genres. We don't get the respect we deserve, but our readers make everything worth it, including supporting our troops in various ways, be it buying this anthology or getting involved in Operation Shoebox.

Okay, class dismissed.

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vince said...

Good writing is good writing, regardless of genre. You may not care for a particular genre, but that doesn't mean there isn't quality writing in that genre.

I'll admit that I don't care for the so-called "classic" romance novels. But today's romance novels (at least the good ones) have great, complex characters and often include elements of action, suspense, science fiction, mystery, and other genres as well.

I think what you and the other writers have done/are doing is awesome.

The Imp said...

She pissed me off. As a military spouse, I'd think she'd be glad people were trying to help considering that the funding to help soldiers is so limited. I hope she's one of the fortunate ones whose husband comes home safe every time and doesn't suffer like so many of these men and women do...

alund said...

You would think that having a group of successful writers donating their time, talent and effort on behalf of a charity would provoke a little charity on everyone else's part. Unfortunately, we live in a world where it is more time worthy, and generates more publicity, to make fun of others and/or put them down. Very sad indeed.

I can say that the stories in SEAL of my Dreams were, for the most part, heartwarming. If, in addition, you factor in the totally rocking cover (worth the price of the book in and of itself) and the fact that it is for charity, you have a number one winner, regardless of what "others" might say.

MaryC said...

There's an article in Time Magazine(Dec 5) titled Veteran Affairs - For romance readers, a hard man is good to find. Seal of My Dreams is mentioned, along with other military romances - doesn't make fun of the romance genre either.

Gennita said...

Vince, I feel that way too but nonetheless, there are many whom you'd think would be much more tolerant (because they preach that so well...ahemOprahahem) who will straight out say really dismissive things about the entire genre without ever having read one recent book from it.

Gennita said...

Imp, Alund,
Yeah, it's what bugged me the most. Research first, then do the snarky stuff. The non-mention about the cause for which it was written made me comment. Otherwise, eh. They don't snark as good as I did in my heyday :).

Gennita said...

Mary, thanks for the info. SOMD has had some awesome support from many magazines, forums, and non-romance groups. Helping veterans medically is important. My partner has told me some horror stories from his visits to the vet centers.


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