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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Rooferauthor Is Wielding Nailgun & Pen At Same Time

This is the first time I am asked to bring my own table and chair to a book signing. That's because it's hosted by a small and newly-opened book store and there's no way the owner can find 15 tables and chairs to accommodate all the authors.

Anyway, I don't own a small/card table, so I started asking around to see if I could borrow one. The first people I approached were, of course, people I work with--construction workers. My partner didn't have one. The contractor neither. The electrician said he did but he lived too far away to make it an easy drive to his house to pick up a table (I mean, I'm not driving 120 miles round trip to borrow and return a card table, okay?). The stucco man's idea of a small table was an office desk the size of dining room table, LOL.

Finally, during break and kidding around, I told them that this was starting to be an emergency, so they all suggested for me to build myself one, since we were at a construction site, with available thrown-away materials scattered around us. Hey, they were right. I could pick up the used electrical spools and fasten two with a nail gun, one on top of the other. Hmm, 2 is too short for a chair, so maybe 3, but then I'd need a bar stool.

For the table top, I could use one of the odd-shaped plywood leftovers in the trash pile. I could make sure the books won't topple it from the connected-spools by drilling a big bolt right in the middle, through the spools. There you go, a GLow Original! A nice table cloth to pretty it up, of course.

The trouble was, I pointed out, the whole contraption was going to be quite awkward to lift up by myself. Besides, it wouldn't fit into the car, so I'd have to use the work truck. I was going to need help to carry it out of the truck bed, across the parking lot, to the book store front.

So the men came up with the brilliant idea of just loading the parts into the truck and going to book store and unloading them all in front of the place. Then I could just nail everything together and build the table right there and then, so I won't have to awkwardly drag this thing all by myself across the parking lot. Brilliant!

But, but, wait! I'm going to need the tools now! The compressor! The nail guns! The 100 foot hose! So I'm going to have to load these items up before balancing the spools and plywood in the truck bed, the bar stool, my tool belt, along with...yes, let's not forget, my books and gift basket. Heck, why not throw in the ladder? Just in case, you know?

So if you see this woman, with a tool belt and hat on, busy hammering and putting together what look like empty electrical spools and plywood in front of 14 bemused looking women sitting at their very Pretty Normal Looking Tables, it's just me, rooferauthor, Gennita Low, doing her part to make the book signing more interesting.


What, that's not a good enough incentive to get you to drive to the signing?!!

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1 comment:

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

I wish, wish, wish I could be there but the +1200 mile drive is just not doable right now. Oh well. Good luck and have fun with the ladies and the tool belt.


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