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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Writer's World

Barbara Vey, Publishers Weekly blogger, wrote a lovely tribute to Beverly Barton, who suddenly passed away last week:
Beyond Her Book


In this crazy, frenzied world, we have many ways to entertain ourselves, but to me, none is more enriching and thought-provoking than a book. Many of us have stories to tell, but not all of us could sit down and write the book, from start to finish, much less, in Ms Barton's case, 75 completed novels that are published.

Writers share their world and bring imagination to life within a reader's mind--the characters, their action, the drama become real in our heads during the hours we're immersed in the reading. When a writer dies, the legacy of words remain, still holding power to involve more readers in the worlds inside each book.

Today I walked up and down the aisles of my friend's book store. She sells used and new books and in the years since I first walked in, I've found many new authors down these aisles. Many of them don't even write any more, some have passed on and some are doing other things now, but their books, with their worlds inside the pages, still beckon brightly from the shelves.

It also always amazes me that I can wander these aisles and now call many of those names on the book spines friends and acquaintances, that I've actually met these writers--story-spinners who wrote book after book after book. Their rich imagination and their tenacious ability to go through the writing process continue to inspire and awe me because I know how much work it is and how confusing it could be to juggle books and another job (or two!).

We writers all aspire to be a Beverly Barton. To be able to make a living from writing the books we love. To have passionate readers who always want more. And lastly, to get better at our craft every year.

Yes, this post is a bit melancholic, I know, but I've been feeling as if I've lost myself for a while now. When I'm at the conventions, it's always sell-sell-sell and what's selling and what's not, and when I'm home, it's always can't, must pay bills.... and then of course, the guilt settles back in because I'm not writing quickly any more, and you know how it is when you're late and you know that a whole crowd of people are waiting for feel horrible and hopelessly out-of-control, and your excuse sounds weak as hell (Oh, I have my other job to do, sorry!).

So. Not as glamorous as you thought, eh? :-)  Of course, the top 5 percent are* glamorous, I assure you. I've met them and they're hard-working too; only, they can afford to be late, nyah nyah.

When I'm feeling like this, I tend to read a lot. Because, heck, if I can't write my own world, I'll play in my friends', you know?

So, this is my very long-winded way to get you to tell me what you're reading right now :-).


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Tressa said...

re-reading all the magic books by Ilona Andrews


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