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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Free Books

The signing at Altamonte Springs was lovely and even the drive back and forth on the scary I-4 onto 436 wasn't the nightmare it usually is.  The mall was full of shoppers and many stopped by to browse among the big circle of authors surrounding the fountain.

Usually, a signing by one's lonesome self is an excruciating experience, especially if no one knows you're an author and the only people stopping at your table wants to know where the rest room is.  But with a group of friends, it's easier, and we get to walk around and browse at their tables too.  It was great fun chatting up with Roxanne St. Clair (who had wonderful news about a movie option!) and C.L. Lewis and her lovely daughter.

At the end of the day, the coordinator gave us a bag of books as a parting gift.  Yay, books ;-).  And I bought myself some CINNABONS, which is what malls are all about to me.  No Cinnabons? Ha, you ain't no mall.

Anyway, many of the books in the bag are new-to-me authors.  I'm picking a couple for myself and then would like to share the bag with two of my blog readers.

So, if you would like some FREE BOOKS, write in the comment area your favorite NEW-TO-YOU author find this year.  My new find this year is Jax Cassidy.

Next week sometime, I'll pick two names from the comments and announce the "winners."

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The Imp said...

My favorite new-to-me author this year is Jeaniene Frost. So good!

Debbie H said...

My new favorite author this year is Hannah Howell!

Tressa said...

My new-to-me author this year is Gail Carriger. And Kristin Cashore. And now I have to try Jax.

Sara said...

My favorite new-to-me author this year is Angie Fox, who wrote "The Accidental Demon Slayer". The book was fast-paced and great fun. :)

Thanks for the giveaway! :)

mary e. romero said...

New author to me this year is Julie Garwood.

LouisianaSusan said...

My favorite new to me author for 2010 is Nalini Singh. I can't believe I waited so long to read her stuff!

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

Glad you had a good signing - and Cinnabons. My new author is Lisa Valdez. She taught me about patience and passion.

Vanessa said...

my 'new to me' author is Maya Banks. At first I loved her Sweet Series :) but i have just read her two books on the colter family and i love them too. I've started looking into some of her other books. I think shes a great author, and her books have strong sexy men and women :) which i love!!!!! almost as much as i love Hell and Jed and T and Alex!!

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of new to me authosr this year, Lauren Dane & Lucy Monroe. Thanks for wanting to share.


tinlizzy said...

My fav new-to-me author is Dakota Cassidy-Loved the Accidental Series, and Nalini Singh-just finished her series, can't wait for more!

Alexx Momcat said...

A new Favorite is Marianne Morea Her first Book is "HUNTER'S Blood" love the story!

Alexx Momcat said...

A new author I truly Like is Marianne Morea! Her debut novella "Hunter's Blood" Rocked!

Anonymous said...

Favorite new-to-me author this year is Stacia Kane. And I met her at RWA to (right before I met you LOL)! Such an awesome person.

MaryC said...

Shelley Laurenston - just read her Pride series.

Jane said...

My favorite new to me author is Dianna Love after I picked up a book she co-wrote with Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Anonymous said...

My new-to-me author for this year is Stacia Kane - loved books 1 and 3 of her trilogy and hated book 2.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I'm totally with LoisianaSusan! I just picked up Nalini Singh and totally love her Archangel Series!


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