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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

So I Went Shopping In The Land of Giants

It's very rare that I take time to do much shopping of anything other than for food and roofing supplies.  I do like browsing around, but what with the bad economy (trying to conserve money), working all the time and being on my feet for most of the seven or nine hours, thus making me rather reluctant to walk up and down any more aisles, and rushing around getting paperwork and chores done, shopping is a luxury that I might sneak in once or twice a year.

Yesterday was one of those times.

I decided to check out several things.  First was the fashion department at several big stores.  Are women getting taller?  The last time I checked, I haven't been meeting any whose crotches are in my face while I'm standing. I mean, the length of the jeans, held up against my twee lil' bod, reached from my eye to my feet.  So, women have somehow become tall like the Navis and I just haven't met them yet.  I even checked the backside of these jeans to see if there were holes to accommodate the tails.

I then walked past the little girls' department. Is it the newest fashion among the kiddies to wear clashing colors and puffy sleeves? Dark purple shirts and green glitter and little hangy things on the side--WTH? Maybe it's a Halloween costume?

At the home improvement center, I went to check out washing machines and dryers.  Mine are very, very, VERY OLD, and although they still work, the dryer's timer doesn't, so I thought I'd just look at prices.  Wow. These super-duper models with the fancy buttons.  Do we need TWENTY different cycles to choose for a load? Seriously?! I've been washing my own clothes for a long while now, and I'm pretty sure either the Normal or Gentle cycle was all I've ever needed.

AND WHY THE HELL are these machines taller than me now?! Where are these damn Navi women washing their EIGHT CUBIC FEET of clothes that they need giant washers and dryers that look as big as a fridge?  If it's a top loader, do I need to bring my roofing ladder into the house now?

I ended up buying just necessities, but all these giganticism of goods started to haunt me.  For instance, do we really need toilet paper rolls that advertised themselves as FOUR TIMES BIGGER than normal? So, six rolls are now actually twenty-four. I remember when this trend started as twice the size, but now you can buy a big pack of twelve, which means you actually have FORTY-EIGHT ROLLS of toilet paper in your hands.

Why? Are Navi women and their families big somewhere else too that they need so much toilet paper? Why not just create one giant roll and be done with it?  I can see it now, sitting on the top shelf of the store, one spool of toilet paper the size of a tire, and the label on it saying it's actually ONE HUNDRED times bigger than the usual one roll. I'm sure it'd be a hit and housewives would be rolling them down the aisle and across the parking lot to their giant SUVs.

I'm sure it's not a coincidence that our TVs are now also Navi-sized, along with our Supersized Burgers and drinks.  The only thing that seemed to be getting smaller is my bank account. I demand someone to quadruple and supersize my savings, stat.

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Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

I thought it was just me. Designers seem to forget we're not all amazons walking the catwalk, nor do we all wear 6 inch heels all day. As for the washer/dryer, I hear ya. I was looking into them last year and thought I was losing my mind with the size and buttons, bells, whistles, blowhorns, etc. I just want clean, dry clothes. It's not that complicated.

kim said...

I am 5'6" which last I checked was a little above average for an American female. Now granted I have a longer torso but I used to wear average/regular jeans, now I have to get short and regularly purchase pants that fit in the petits section. If I have to shop in petites I don't know where actual 5'0 women can get clothes from. It's crazy. Hilarious avatar comments btw :)

Anonymous said...

Oh girl you made my morning! "-) The thing I've noticed the most is the sizing. Everytime I go to buy something according to the fashion world I'm shrinking but the reality is the carbs and red wine I adore are giving me a 6 pack but not in the sexy way! "-( If I'm wearing a 0 or 00 what size do the ladies & teen girls that are truly that tiny wear? Are they going to start labeling clothes with negative #'s? Why can't we just go back to an 8 is an 8 and a 12 is a 12 instead of playing mind & ego games by saying an 8 is a 2 and a 2 is a 00. It is becoming ridiculous!!

I hate clothes shopping as it is and this whole size game makes me hate it more!

Mich "-)

Gennita said...

Glad to know that I'm not the only one amazed at all the bells and whistles on the washing machines!

Gennita said...

Kim and Mich,

Exactly. The clothes sizes are all crazy and no one knows what "small" is any more. Six foot-lomg long jeans for a size 0, can you guys imagine???


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