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Monday, December 28, 2009

Renewal Coming Up?

I took a few days off the blog to recharge. I have had a pretty stressful two weeks before Christmas, what with three jobs to finish up before the big day. Besides, I figure y'all are happily snuggled with your loved ones, eating cookies and drinking eggnog anyway ;).

It's the last week of 2009. Does the last week of any given year make you reminiscent and contemplative? This one, in particular, because it is the last of year of the decade and we start a whole new one soon.

Remember 1999 and it was headlined by Party Like It's 1999 and everyone was buzzing about Y2K and some people were stocking cans of tuna and water in anticipation of massive power outage, at the very least? Then, before, 1989 was dominated by Massive Crowd Disasters/Gatherings, starting with the Hillsborough Stadium stampede during a football game, followed by the Tian Ah Men protests, and, finally, topped at the end of the year with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

So I was enjoying my wine and trying to think about the big events that would give 2009 its flavor. All I could think about was the horrible economy and because of it, how slow everything seemed to have gotten. For most of us, personal and business lives suffered from stagnation. So, rather depressing.

Took another sip of wine. Change the direction of my thoughts. Let's move onwards, then. What was the beginning of a decade like?

I do measure my own life in decades. Why? Because I'm old enough, that's why, ha. I can actually get to see some kind of pattern in the way my own life progresses.

For example, 1970 marked the beginning of going to school and learning the wondrous new world of communicating in other languages. I excelled in it. And I found a secret world, one in which I was very comfortable and in which I found my own comfort--books.

1980 was the beginning of my adventure as an adult. I was by myself, in a brand new world, and had the whole future ahead of me.

1990 marked the start of my roofing business. Another different planet to explore.

2000 was the year I made the decision to go after the goal of being published. Big Bad Wolf's finaling in the RWA in 1999 had given me confidence and hope that I might be good enough. 2000 was the year I decided I should try writing Big Books, called single titles, so that I could submit to more publishers. 2000 was the year my agent took me on.

Interesting pattern, eh? Following this trend, I wonder what 2010 would start for me? Maybe a different path? Hopefully, a successful one!

Can you trace your own footprints? It doesn't have to be in decades because I know some of you aren't as ancient as moi :-P. How was your year and are you looking forward to 2010? Perhaps you can share a few of your hopes and dreams with me here.

P/S For those wanting a SEXY VEGE entry, I'm looking for some good material to end decade with! :D

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LadyZannah said...

This year was stressful, as a matter of fact it has been like that since 07, to which I said WTF?! I have enough of this Shtuff. 2009 was the year I got t'd off. Made some new friends, got rid of a few "friends" too, I like the new zip code, NYC is fuuuuuun, more so than it was in the 90's. So yeah 2010 is gonna be BIG, lotsa stuff getting tossed (some got tossed a couple of months back). In yoga speak, you could say I got back to center. Found that silly, crazy woman that walked around NYC subways at night with no fear and let her come out and play a bit. She got toned down some cuz she got kids now but she still likes her leather corsets you know? I forsee lots of yummilicious male torsos covered in chocolate for 2010 (maybe the same torso many times?), that plus some very wicked sexy muscle machine on my driveway, and no he can't drive it. BWAHAHAHAHA

Sarah said...

This past year has been a bit of a mare. I am hoping this new decade might mean some travel is on the horizon. Maybe New York. It is such a long way from NZ though and will cost much. Am saving my pennies!!

Monica Jackson said...

Ah, we are about the same age. I wish I could go back in time to 1980 knowing what I do now.

The next year, the next decade, has to be better.

Aging like fine wine, I hope.

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

Simply put, this year sucked. But I have recently made some decisions that will put me on track to live a more fulfilling life moving on. My 39th birthday is next week and I made a deep commitment to myself to live life large and to seek all that my heart desires. So, I will be working less, writing more, moving my body, zenning my mind and creating the necessary changes to live life to its fullest. I refuse to drag myself into my 40's like an old worn out pair of 1984 shoes. I will be dancing my way there.

Jen - I like your look back over time. Pretty impressive to easily see where you've been and how you've gotten where you are.

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,
Yoga, huh? There are some interesting positions in yoga :).

I hope you make that visit! I'd love to try to meet with you just to give a good old RBL hug and share some good food/chat!

Gennita said...


Ya, I WOULD INVEST IN GOLD, DAMMIT and would not be suffering now :). And here's to you and me for a great next decade! We are FINE. And fine wine too. Heh.

Gennita said...


You aren't alone with the "this year sucked" declaration. It's been bad for so many of my friends and acquaintances.

39 is a strange age. It dares one to try something new and hey, I think you will!

I'm glad you liked my "lookback." I think perspective is important because if we only think about the present all the time, we wouldn't where we've been and how far we've gone. I like to think that, even subconsciously, we have some kind of plan going somewhere ;-).

LadyZannah said...

yes Yoga has lots of cool positions, makes the body quite....limber?...yeah, limber.


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