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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Quick Reflection on 2009

It wasn't great but it also wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Writing-wise, I did manage to have three books out, although one is a self-pub. The self-pub, btw, has made more money than the ebook to Samhain so far, but that's probably because it's been out almost a year whereas Virtually Hers has just been out 2 months. Still, I'm very pleased with the self-publishing experiment. It does prove that, with some knowledge and a good story, an author with readers can sell her books beyond her usual 100 copies spread out among friends and family. Now, if I can write one book a month....that would be enough to pay the mortgage ;-)...maybe.

It's definitely an improvement from last year's frozen status. Talking about frozen, yeah, roofing has picked up some too, so I'm actually making an income instead of living off my savings, whew. I'm very, very relieved about that.

Like I said, the year hasn't given me everything I'd hoped for, but I had many blessings:

1) Virtually Hers finally out, Virtually One contracted and on the way
2) My health (yes, the roof incident!)
3) Print version of my books.
4) Good friends who are supportive and generous
5) More roofing jobs
6) My Two Grand Old Furbabies' health--this is actually my most fervent wish, as everyday with them happy, healthy and eating (and no emergency vet bills!) is a gift to me.

What are your reflections on your year?

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Kim said...

Damn! Wow. This is so dark. I see again why they didn't show epitaph one it would have scared me away. Echo doesn't like Caroline -- I guess that helps explain why echo seemed more echo than Caroline in epitaph one. Would have loved to see it go longer but joss is doin it justice shorter and I almost think it works better condenced.
Loved topher tellin adel off. Ooo and I love "man up" and topher helping the resistance soooooo cool. I remember how I hated adel again. I hope adel is faking with a plan else I want her to bite it fast. And alpha I forgot how funny he is "and six just find it funny". I'm gonna have to buy this series, never bought one before but I just like it too much.
Ooooooo we get to see the attic!! Ok enough fangurl what'd you think?

Gennita said...

It was awesome! Because it's a Whedon, I know he wasn't going to give any lovebirds a happy ending (I'm onto his game now, ha!) so I wasn't going to invest that kind of passion in his main characters any more. I fully expect a shocking unhappy or very gray ending, you know?

First, Ballard. I thought Echo looking for Ballard to help her in those missing months showed her inner feelings. Ballard, of course, was aware of how twisted his feelings for her was!

Adel is totally evil now because she misses the power. I don't know, Epitaph One she seemed to be with Topher, all shocked, remember? Maybe she's faking it now so she can be on the inside?

Topher saying he was "was absolete. Like Blockbuster," was absolutely the BEST LINE of the episode ;). He was funnier last episode but still managed to deliver some good funny lines.

Alpha--I don't know his endgame. I don't know what he wants, besides killing everyone Echo likess. I hope Whiskey comes back and kills him somehow. It's only good payback.

Next week, you know what Echo's going to do now, right? I bet you she's going to release her nemesis to help her. You know who it is up in the Attic right? Dominick!

Is it the finale next week? I'm so going to buy both seasons too, to keep with all my Buffy seasons ;).

Kim said...

Oh no no finale isn't til Jan we got two eps again next week, then one each week in Jan with the finale on the 22.
Yeah topher is uber funny. You're prolly right about Dominick. I don't know what to make of alpha either. I just hope adel is faking evil. And I know. Joss is evil to lovers but I still wanted my victor Sierra happy ending. Oh well. He totally could have given in, not like they have a spin off like what put the final nail in the Buffy and angel coffin


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