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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book Buying Survey

Get This - Survey Results -

The third question's answers were cut off by the size of the widget. Here are the choices for you to click on:

1) mostly erotica because of the covers
2) only out-of- or unavailable in print
3) always, cos I prefer to read with e-reader
4) seldom, don't like reading screen for hours

Do write your thoughts in the comment section about:

a) whether you'd reread as often if you have all your books in a digital library (do you look at your digital photographs much?)

b) would you miss the covers?

c) would you love the ability to enlarge the font of your reading material?

d) How about the browsing part? You know, playing with books, reading the back blurbs, cking out a few it any different when you browse, let's say, Amazon? Or do you not browse Amazon at all?

e) anything you want to add

This is my first try at this widget so I don't know whether the results will be shown or not. Let's hope so!

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of font enlargement but I'm not a fan of reading stuff on screen, especially a book. I voted for print books because I know I'll never be able to find any of my damn files if I have them in some electronic gadget!

J. said...

I seldom reread my books (though I've read The Hunter a lot), instead I like to reread different scenes or sections that I really like. On my laptop, if I had all my books turned into ebooks, I think it would definitely be faster and easier for me to do (I can bookmark, highlight my favorite passages, etc).

Sometimes the ppl used in the covers aren't how I picture the characters so I don't think I'll miss the covers. Ebooks can still have 'covers' too I think?

I rarely go to the bookstore to just browse for books now. Most of the time I read the synopsis or blurb online via Amazon or the author's site and maybe look for a few reviews before buying the books at the store.

Honestly, my feelings on books and ebooks are kinda in between. It saves space on the bookcase (if you have a lot) and I can easily find the book I want by just a simple search. But sometimes I do miss the feel of having a book in my hands and actually flipping the pages.

If I had a choice on whether to buy an ebook or a book, for me the deciding factor comes down to what ever is released first and how badly I want the book. Like for VHers, (I want it!) I don't mind getting the ebook even though I know that I'll most likely get the actual book copy when that comes out. But if it was another book that I'm not really anticipating I'd probably wait for the book to come out even if the ebook version is released first.

LadyZannah said...

I like the print version better than the ebook. I do read ebooks every now and then but I like the freedom that comes with having a book in hand. I can read anywhere I want. I also love going to the bookstore and browsing, searching for a new author or something different.

Saly said...

It took me a while to warm up to ebooks. I was once in the I like the feel of the book in my hand & the smell of the paper, mindset. But gradually my threshold to read ebooks increased & now I can read 4-5 ebooks on my laptop per day. People usually complain about the strain on the eyes part but one should gradually try & accustom the eyes to the change like read for 5 mins the first day & then gradually increase the time.
Oops, sorry I totally diverged from the point.
I rarely buy books(print one's) thesedays unless they are the one's I adore or the one's not available digitally. I buy ebooks as they don't occupy space. I wish all the authors would make all their back-lists available digitally too(maybe in the next 20-25 years).
I don't read erotica so I buy mainstream romance & I love that VHers is coming out in e-form.

Anonymous said...

Reading text on screen is not as relaxing, for me, as reading a print book. I re-read my print books from cover to cover more than I re-read any of the ebooks I have.

I borrow books to read, but buy the ones I like to keep. I collect author's entire lists, which includes buying the various editions and cover versions, so, yes, I would miss the covers.

I do find ebooks are handy when travelling, but I am at home far more than I am away. The other difficulty I have with ebooks are that they are locked to a machine and an individual, no sharing with friends.

Although ebooks may be popular with online communities, the online communities are not the only book readers out there. The average reader will still go into a bookstore or library to buy or borrow their books. People acquiring their books to read in the physical world, look for a physical item.

Electronic readers (ereaders) may possibly be cheaper in price in the US, but they are expensive in other countries, if you're able to find them at all. Netbooks are the only alternative, or iPhone equivalents, both again at a cost. Kindle is not available outside of the US.

Should titles come out only in ebook format, they would discount so many people around the world from being able to purchase and therefore read an author's work. They may also be geographically blocked, as many audio book downloads are for those outside the US, again discounting so many people. At least print books, and audio books on MP3 disc, are able to be purchased and shipped worldwide usually without restriction.


HannaMich said...

Print format for me. There is just comfort in holding a book, being able to read in bed, out on the deck in the sun, pick it up and go. I also am a cover person and glance at the cover from time to time while reading to better emerse myself in the story. I do buy e-books but typically only if they are unavailable in print format and they are from my favorite authors. I have not gone out and just searched for e-books.

Lisa W. said...

I personally like having a book in my hand. I like to re-read things that I didn't get the first time or just enjoyed the sceen. For me reading a computer is not quite the same as being able to get comfortable, sit and read a book or take it with you where ever you go. Nor do I like looking at a screen for long periods of time.
I have several books I have love to re-read from time to time. VHis is one of them.
Going to a bookstore is a religious experience for me. I could browse for hours.

alund said...

I bought the Kindle in May. Best investment I've ever made. I was on a 2 week Africa trip and was able to take my Kindle and read several books (16 hour trip each way!) without having to carry the weight around. I bought Gennita's books again from the Kindle store and re-read all of them. Kindle saves the books you buy not only on your Kindle, but on their web site (in case you lose or damage your Kindle). The book is saved in your Kindle by book name. Therefore, no problem in trying to find your file. The Kindle is very thin; very easy to tote around. I'm a Kindle convert.

J. said...

One thing that Brattly mentioned really stuck to me. "... they are locked to a machine and an individual, no sharing with friends"

Although I do like ebooks, I also share my books a lot. My cousins are always treating me like a library and borrow my books to read. I don't mind as long as they don't ruin them but I don't see how I would be able to share ebooks.

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

This was tricky for me. I love print books. . . BUT, for pure convenience sake, I really dig ebooks. I have several books on my blackberry which is extremely helpful when I'm waiting in between meetings and need some mind candy or when I can't sleep, but don't want to get out of bed. I don't have to turn on the lights and the hubby is not disturbed. Ebooks have also saved my shoulders when I travel. Before I would load myself down with books, now I might take the one paperback I'm currently reading, but make sure I have plenty of books on the blackberry.

I don't restrict myself on the types (genre) of books. I try to find the ones in print form, but if I can't find it in the bookstore, I'm happy to get the ebooks. I rarely re-read books, unless it's a series and a delay between publications and I need to catch up (i.e. Harry Potter & Karen Marie Moning). Otherwise, I feel there are too many begging to be read.

I love the feel and smell of print books so I don't think I would want to do away with one in favor of the other, but I think both ways are complementary to a persons lifestyle.

Jovana M. said...

a) I am not sure I'd re-read them often because it's not the same relaxing with a book in your hands as with a screen in front of you.

b) Wouldn't necessarily miss the covers though they're sometimes nice to look at.

c) The font size does not bother me.

d) I would probably miss checking out the blurbs because sometimes it's how I base my decision on which book to buy.

e) c'est tout! :P

Mo said...

Yeah, I'd miss the covers, the feel of books, but I have a lot of ebooks too. I see me going the combo route at times. And the third question, for the convenience is my true answer. So far, rate of re-reading is about the same. :)

qt said...

a) I do re-read e-books. It's better than trying to read online stories as bandwidth can cause annoying delays. Or if your connection goes out JUST as you get to the good part!

b) Mm...I DO enjoy a good six-pack but you can include cover art in e-books. The resolution won't be great if you try to enlarge, but I can deal with a 400 x 400 (75 dpi) image.

c) YES! My eyes get tired reading 10 point font.

d) I don't need to physically flip pages to get a sense of a book so long as publisher provides complete back blurb. It's even better if publisher provides the 1st chapter as an excerpt. By the end of 1st chapter, reader is captivated and will need to purchase book to see what happens next!

e) To sell books, I know publishers need to style and save book in a format that shows the fonts and macros blah blah blah. But I'd prefer getting a book as a straight text file. Don't have to worry about transferring book between PC and iPod, don't have to deal with blank pages, just read until no more words appear.

Gennita said...

All your comments and likes/dislikes are fascinating to me. I've had limited experience with ebooks but have read enough manuscripts on the computer screen to understand the experience.

I'll weigh in more on a blog post posting the results of this poll. Thanks for taking the time to vote and comment!

Joyce said...

Since I can't afford an e-reader and can only sit for a time at the computer.


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