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Friday, July 03, 2009

Stretching The Muscle

Ahem. It's Friday GLowiki time, heh heh. The acronyms in these articles caught my attention. And the content made me think, "Hmm...this is just the sort of thing my readers want to know on Friday."

I have no words for this, but I thought it might interest y'all, especially my few male readers ;-).

This ain't TIARA or NOPAIN. It's NORM, NOHARMM, BUFF, and NOCIRC. Yes, it's a lot of TMI about the PNI 4SKN (read that out loud).

From another site, one way to achieve "growth" is stimulated growth by tension. If you click on this second link, MAKE SURE YOU AREN'T AT WORK. NSFW because of adult PNI pics. But surely you want to take peek at the different instruments used to stretch that magic piece of skin.

Alas, dudes, the writers of that article warned against using DUCT TAPE. You see? They understand what goes on in your minds.

So what have we learned, my dears? Yes, it's sad. Duct tape can't be used on everything, dammit.

Your thoughts in this matter is also greatly appreciated. Please share. ;-)

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LadyZannah said...

Pull the skin forward and hold it there for 10 to 15 minutes?
As for that TLC Tugger, it looks like an Elizabethan can see it now...rofl, sorry but the mental picture is way too funny.
As for the clamps and such....OUCH, is it worth that torture?

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's just so GROSS! Ewwww! Where did you get this article anyways?


kim said...

yea @ cara, i was wondering that myself... which of the glow operatives has warranted this research? poor dude! evil evil author lol, and you totally didnt prepare us for the older gentlemen and the straw crown wearing guy pictured on the sites... not the penises i needed to have invade my thoughts in glancing at these strange processes lol [shudder]

Heather said...

What? Nooooo! To suggest that duct tape doesn't work on everything?? Sacrilege! I say we find a willing (or unwilling) victim to try this on with a roll of heavy duty double stick duct tape. After all, it works on other odd growths... (ie: warts) *evil grin*

Gennita said...

Ha, I have very good research friends ;-). But it's pretty amazing what men and women would go through to get the physical changes they want, don't you agree?

Heather said...

Agreed. It is amazing what men and women will do.

As entertaining as the whole foreskin thing is, it's not the most strange I've encountered. Have you seen the female equivalent yet? "Vaginal Reconditioning" they're calling it. They'll trim things up so it's symetrical, remove excess skin in the inner folds, and bleach out any dark discoloration. There's even a procedure to tighten up the passage. Wonder if duct tape would work on that? Heh!

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

I thought I was anticipating the day my husband tried on skinny jeans for my sole amusement, but I can’t wait for the day he tells me he wants to purchase a tugger. That ladies and gents will be the pinnacle moment of my life. Being the loving wife I am, I will support his need to tug and will happily applaud his efforts every inch of the way.


I’ve heard about this before but haven’t given it much thought – thinking there would be a small number of men interested in this, but apparently it’s a bigger movement than I imagined. J

OMG, on the 4restore website. The two guys. . . “Brotha Man. . . I know how you feel.” “Woo-hoo, you feelin’ it dawg.” Umm-hmm, the ladies dig the loveskin.”

Man, I wish I could just let loose with everything popping into my head, unfortunately, it’s waaaayyyy too X-rated.

Can you imagine the impact on dating this can have? I think the first question on a first date should be “have you been cut?” and if the answer is not to your liking, you can leave with no hard feelings or you can work together to get him re-fitted with a new tool for both your pleasure.

Hmm, I think my dh and I will have an interesting talk on our hike today.

Heather - I've heard of the female version of this. Quite a few of the porn stars have invested in this, especially the bleaching. I do wonder what kind of chemicals they use though. Hopefully, not Clorox.

Jenn – You’ve done it again. Yet another interesting piece of information that will have me chuckling for days.

P.S. All innuendos meant.


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