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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Open Thread Friday

1) Revising Virtually Hers. I'm done with one problem, now I'm onto a more difficult one. Hint...emotional Jed? Hmm.

2) Getting ready for my workshop in Kissimmee this Saturday: the romance and the suspense in hero-centric vs. heroine-centric romantic suspense. Or something like that, since I keep changing my mind ;-).

So, your homework tonight and tomorrow is to help me out here. What authors' stories represent the quintessential hero-centric romance? Heroine-centric? Would be nice to hear your thoughts.

If that's JUST TOO DAMN DEEP for a Friday, okay, how about entertaining me instead?

PIRATES or NINJAS? Why? Let the discussion begin....

For myself, I think I'm a Ninja girl. I think super spies are somewhat ninja-like, don't you? On the other hand, (romance) pirates get to have so much fun!

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Ferah said...

For heroine-centric authors, I suggest Joanna Bourne. Kresley Cole (and I love her, but I wish she would not follow the same formula in her storyline...but her books are fun reads anyway), Stephanie Laurens, Angela Knight.

Hero-centric authors: Stephanie Laurens (hey, I have my favorites, what can I say?), some Nora Roberts, and now I'm blanking out.

For the most part, don't you think that the romance genre almost demands heroine-centric writing? Or is that more of a traditional perspective? I really enjoy reading books that give insight into how the hero feels/thinks. (So, if you are going to write about Jed's feelings, I would love it!)

Gennita said...


I feel, in romantic suspense, it really depends on the story itself. VHis is heroine-centric, for example. What about Facing Fear? ;-)

Meg said...

It's too early to answer questions 1 and 2. But I'm going to have to go with Ninjas. Pirates are limited to water, and boats. Ninja's know no limits.

Mo said...

Ninjas, of course. :) As for hero vs heroine, I think some of Feehan is hero-centric and so is FF. :) So, is Lara Adrian, imo. Any time I feel the book is more about the emotional journey of the hero, it's hero-centric to me. I include Kresley Cole as hero-centric.

Ferah said...

Gennita, I completely concur with you that the perspective depends on the story itself. That is why, for example, I am very eager to read "Virtually Hers" as I anticipate that it will be heavily hero-centric (yes, I'm fishing for details). I think Mo is on target to also identify Kresley Cole's books as hero-centric. Actually, I think those books, as well as many more on the market these days, tend to balance both. I always like to read a man's perspective. Of course, my husband scoffs and says that it is still women authors to which my response it that it is fiction romance and has a happy ending and that floats my boats...and he's really not complaining, is he? Then, the discussion ends.

But, wait, y'all didn't ask me for that much info...

Gennita said...


I like your answer ;-) -- ninja knows no bounds!



Do you find, in most (not all) hero-centric books (ahem, Brothahs, ahem), the heroines are a bit on the weak side? :P



Can you ask your hubby whether he could think of an authentic heroine-centric book by a male author? ;-) It would make good discussion.

As for fishing for details about Virtually HERS, yes, it is hero-centric. VERY hero-centric, heh heh heh. You get three flashbacks (actually, they aren't reall flashbacks but really just back story scenes that I called Intermundia) of Jed's youth, one of which is the prologue that's given here on the sidelink (Conor), as well as his thoughts and understanding of the TIVRRV program (in VHis, we see that through Hell's eyes, yes?). Is this TMI for you too? :D

kim said...

memoirs of a geisha, wasnt a romance but is the only male-authored / about females book I can think of.

I know you didn't ask for help with the problem of Jed but sometimes if a guy isn't into emotions another guy or a close female friend explains what they are feeling when they cant.. not romantic but maybe it'll help and then we can get the book sooner!! :-D (oh yea ulterior motive :)

Gennita said...


I think that was a good idea ;-). Thanks!


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