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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cumber At Chat Last Night

This is just a partial transcript of the very mini chat I held at Writerspace last night. It was supposed to be about The Protector. Guess who showed up? ;-)

Gennita Low: Yes, I'm here, eating icecream

CUMBER joined the room.

CUMBER: Well, where's everyone?

Gennita Low: They didn't show up, I guess.

CUMBER: Why not? I'm here. Where the babes?

Gennita Low: Cumber, it's just you and me tonight. How are you?

CUMBER: Would be better if there were babes in here.

Gennita Low: Excuse me, chop suey here or what?

CUMBER: Pardon me, ma'am. You're the Queen Babe.

Gennita Low: Much better.

Gennita Low I'm sorry it's not much of a chat, but can you tell me what's coming in terms of scenes for me? Many readers are missing your presence, Cumber.

CUMBER: Hey, I don't blame them. I'm a memorable guy, what can I say. I think you'll see me--I mean several of us--in what's coming up. You know, the next book.

Gennita Low: Really? Virtually One? No kidding? That would make the thing too damn crowded, what with the commandos and all.

CUMBER: Well, writing isn't my job, ma'am. That's yours. You figure it out.

Gennita Low: Hey, you're supposed to help me out here...not get all cumbersome.

CUMBER: Cumbersome. Ha. I like you.

Gennita Low: You better cooperate or I'm putting you in another opera scene.

CUMBER: ---, no. I mean, freaken no. Am I allowed to say freaken on this board?

Md joined the room.

Gennita Low: Obviously not. Well, they censored that first word. :D Amusing.

CUMBER: What a stupid place. They censored me? Cumber?

Md: Hi Genn. How are things going for you? I have to tell you, I am a Florida fan.

Gennita Low: Well, you think about it...Do you want to be an opera scene or be cooperative?

Gennita Low: Hi MD!

Gennita Low: Umm, sorry about the small turnout here.

Md: Having 'puter problems or net problems?

CUMBER: I'll cooperate. Will you get me a girl soon, boss?

Gennita Low: No...I think everyone is busy tonight, MD ;-). So I'm here talking to Cumber all by myself. Weird, I know, but what I can I say? A chat is a chat.

Md: I am really happy that you have found another publisher.

Gennita Low: Cumber, the way you talk so big, no girl's gonna want you.

Md: How's the old boy doin'? Don't imagine he is getting much action these days. Has he got any news to share?

Gennita Low: Md, Samhain is great. The second book has been written for so long I'm just happy to get back into it.

CUMBER: Hey, who're you calling an old boy? Me??

Md: Will Samhain also do the third book in the series?

CUMBER: And for your information, big is very popular among romance readers, I hear.

Md: Yeah, you Cumber, you old son of a gun.

Gennita Low: Md, yes, Virtually One is contracted too!

Md: It's not what you got, Cumber ole boy, it's how you use it.

CUMBER: Md, sweetheart, I'm never too old for ladies.

Md: What are you thinking of doing after V One?

CUMBER: And I use mine well.

Md: Cumber, I hate to disillusion you, but lady I ain't. Broad is probaby a better description.

Gennita Low: MD, I've several ongoing projects that I'm doing at the same time, even though my first focus is on VHers right now and then VOne.

CUMBER: Md baby, I loooooove broads. //puts on sunglasses.

Gennita Low: Right now, I've been writing an urban fantasy tentatively titled Viking Dude And His Big Sword.

Md: How about doing something paranormal. The V books are a start, but why not pull out all the stops. Cumber, I do believe you are flirting with me.

CUMBER: Viking Dude? That's a good role for me in Hollywood. I've got a big sword.

Gennita Low: Viking Dude is paranormal/urban fantasy.

Md: I'm old enough to be your mother -- maybe even grandmother.

CUMBER: Md, I'm not married and over 18.

Gennita Low sigh. Cumber, behave. He's a flirt, Md, ignore him.

Md: I am married and well beyond 18.

CUMBER: dammit, why are they always married? Md, you're a lovely married lady.

Gennita Low: charmer, isn't he. Anyway that's my work in progress.

Fortunately, a few other chatters joined in and we had a pretty good time after that, although we didn't really discuss about The Protector, like we usually do with our book chats. Next session, I promise. All your questions about Jazz and Vivi and the SEAL gang.

Just wanted to see whether you got that hint about VOne that Cumber told us....*grin*

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Anonymous said...

Atgh, I missed Cumber! Is he really going to be back in VOne? Tooooo cooooool

LadyZannah said...

I think I'll get offline for a few months and flog myself or something. I was online till who knows when and couldn't get 2 you Cumber baby. WHY oh WHY, my computer is fired, my Internet provider is fired, Bill Gates is fired, Michael Dell is fired! OFF with their heads!
AAAAAAARGH......I am cussing like a flipping SEAL over here.


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