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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Virtually Hers Update/Your Opinion

Last week, out of the blue and because I wanted to be in the top ten of a March Madness version of Best Romance Books Tournament at Dear Author, I announced a contest that whoever who go to the site to vote for Patricia Briggs' Iron Kissed would be entered into a contest. The winner would get a copy of VIRTUALLY HERS, whom I've planned to come out via Amazon POD services in time for the Romantic Times Convention.

During the game, an editor from Samhain had seen my announcement on Twitter and had come to my site to check out news about VIRTUALLY HERS but of course, found nothing. I told her about my plans and added a quick query whether she might be interested to read the manuscript anyway. She was! She said that if accepted, VHERS could possibly be out in E-BOOK format in fall and in print format ten months after that.

So anyway, that was something new to mull about all week, whether I should just go ahead and put VHERS out on Amazon while waiting for Samhain's decision. If Samhain makes an offer, I could always just take it down from Amazon, right? Or. I could just do a limited printout so I can just take the books to the RT convention signing and also give one to the contest winner.

What do you think?

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J. said...

I'm glad that Samhain is interested and if it's accepted that'll be super great news for you!

But let's say you were to put it out on Amazon, does that mean it'll be available to us before Fall? Like possibly....end of the monthish? :D

Honestly I've been waiting for VHers since forever and knowing that it'll be out soon has already got me all excited. I don't know if I can survive knowing that it'll be another year before VHers comes out in print format. I would really rather you have it out on Amazon if that means I can get it sooner but that's just me being selfish. I have to think about your profits as well. You've been through so much and good things are coming your way!

Oh and if you bring limited printouts for the RT convention I'll be so envious since I won't be able to make it. :( Those who will be there are going to be so lucky!!

Gennita said...

Hi J, it's not just about profit for me. Getting Virtually Hers out through a publisher lets many more readers to find it because Samhain is a good publisher. Also, booksellers can order it because it's in a publisher's catalogue.

Right now, for example, many readers who have no access to the internet has no idea BBW is out there because most bookstores don't like ordering from Amazon or self-pubbed book. It's been selling steadily--already 440 books--but that's really not many readers ;-).

Like I said, I have no idea whether I can/should put VHers out by end of month. No, actually, I can, but whether I should is another matter.

The limited print out is tempting ;-). Also, like I said, another option is I can make the book available on Amazon while waiting for Samhain's decision. Some readers might like ebook format and would wait for the ebook if Samhaim picks it up.

These are just thoughts. Nothing set in stone. I know how many of you are waiting for VHers. I have emails to prove it ;-).

vanessa jaye said...

Hey, Gen, I think it's super VHers is coming out, either way. But have you discussed the possibility of you putting it out as a POD with the Samhain editor, prior to Samhain issuing the ebook? I couldn't get from this post whether that was the case or not.

But either way.... squeeee!! It will be sweet getting my hands on it! And congrats on the Samhain offer! I know it's a no-brainer offering you a contract, but stranger things have happened. :-P

Gennita said...

No, haven't discussed that since I didn't even know that's an option ;-). But then, I really haven't have an offer yet. Hopefully they like VHers! It's VERY hot ;-). Anyway, I really, really want this book out because I'm just worried all the readers who have written me emails the past few months would get tired of waiting.

kim said...

lwhile i would love to finally read it, you have to think about you. you've been w/o a publisher for awhile. might want to wait, just a little bit, and see if she's interested. if she isn't then go ahead and publish on amazon and post so i can pick one up promptly :). but if she is she might not like you taking a slice off the profits while she is reviewing it for purchase/publish. might want to stay on her good side just in case so that we may not have to wait two years for virtually 3... just my 2 cents. anyway congrats on having interest in the book again, that's always nice :) and i look forward to reading it as always, hopefully sooner rather than later, but if i have to wait a little bit so that you can get in good with a publishing house again, i will.... especially in todays economy. we need our fav author to not have to slave as much on roofs and be too tired to write so we don't have to wait as long for books! :)

kim said...

oh and about bbw.... if samhain does by the book might want to see if they will allow you to put a little ad in the back about bbw online... or alternately buy it from you and publish it and you take it off amazon. just a thought.

MaryC said...

While I have been waiting to read VHers for ages, I think you should go with whatever option is the best for your future as an author.

Deborah Blake Dempsey said...

While I'm a greedy little reader, I want what is best for you in this situation. I agree with Kim, I think she makes really good points on waiting for further discussions.

Either way, good luck.

Mrs Giggles said...

In Absolute Write, they always talk about how there is some kind of right (first rights, IIRC) that will be lost if you self-pub. Most publishers want first rights to a book. You better check with Samhain.

Sadista said...

Wait for Samhain. It sounds like this is a great opportunity! We can wait a little longer.

Gennita said...

Thank you for weighing in your thoughts. I just wanted to share with you all the whole weary journey of Jed's trilogy ;-/.

Anyway, I'm on hold because you're right, a few weeks wouldn't make any difference and Samhaim is a wonderful publisher. I'll let you know when I hear anything!

Gennita said...

Also, it's not just you waiting. I'm frustrated too, not being able to give you the story. A storyteller WANTS and NEEDS to share his/her stories and it's always a temptation for me to just go ahead and share.

Lisa W. said...

I'll be the first to say that I am dying a slow death waiting for VHer. And you KNOW I would love to have my hands on Jed again and the quicker the better for me ;-) But, I would rule out all your options before putting VHers out there. You want the best possible deal for yourself as a writer. I'll buy both e-book (because I can't wait for the story) and softback (just because I want to hold a real book.)
Either way, I wish the best for you.

Gennita said...

It's a week and a half till RT. Maybe I'll have an answer by then. And wouldn't that be perfect so I can celebrate at the convention with those of you going?


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