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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spy Trip Coming Up

It's another Friday, yippee, and it's the weekend before RT, double yippee-ki-yay! I'm really looking forward to seeing my writing friends and readers again. Been soooooo long and it'll be a nice break from the five hours of daily commuting. Also--I'll be wearing dresses! Wow. I don't even know whether I'll remember how to walk on heels again after all these months. If you're at RT and you see this little Asian woman face down on the floor, she is NOT drunk, 'kay? She probably toppled over from trying to walk on heels and couldn't get up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Quick update: No news on VIRTUALLY HERS from the editor yet, but I do appreciate all your encouraging emails and posts here. I'm afrid I won't have it on sale at RT, as originally planned, but will bring copies of Big Bad Wolf instead.

Speaking of Big Bad Wolf, since it came out in Jan, I've sold 440 copies! And I'm ordering a couple of dozen for myself for the signing at RT. I'm now looking forward to hitting 500 sales by May. Wouldn't that be something?!

The only thing I dread is explaining to Jiggle Low that mommy is going off for a few days. Last year I was met with the Woe-Is-Me look, followed by the You're Dead To Me treatment. That furball has me wrapped around his little paw, I tell you.

The next book on my reading list: Lydia Joyce's Wicked Intentions. I've heard that it's very hot and I'm the mood for that, baby!

What about your weekend? Reading something good? Or doing something fun?

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Lisa W. said...

Going to Steeplechase this weekend, which is a small version of the Kentucky Derby here in upstate South Carolina. Will be sitting there with about 20 other friends getting tipsy and gawking at the ladies in big hats! Some of them you have no choice but to laugh your a*** off over... I sometimes think it's more entertaining that watching the horses go around the track!

Sara said...

Teresa Medeiros is doing a book signing. I am going to it. The first romance book I ever read was by her. I'm meeting a author, so I hope I don't make a fool of myself.

MoMo said...

Congrats on the book sales! I know it isn't a huge number but for internet self-pubbed and not being bought by family members, that's a pretty nice show of saleability! I know you'll do even better with Virtually Hers and Virtually One!

This weekend, I'll be going fishing. Not exciting, I know, but it's the first trip of the year and the weather will be perfect and I'll get to relax and read a book with NO interruptions! Except when the fish bites, of course.

MaryC said...

Hope you have a wonderful time, Jenn!
I'm spending the next five days with my 14 yesr old nephew and two dogs as my brother, along with the wife and daughter, will be checking out the University of Arts and MICA.

Jenny said...

Congrats on book sales!I completed my 1st walk for ALS this morning then hosted a tye dying event.

Gennita said...

Lisa W.,
Hope you took some pics of the big hats.

How did your trip to Teresa Madeiro's signing go? Bet it was fun!

Ah, fishing and reading! Now I know why people go fishing ;-).

Thanks for the congrats and CONGRATS from here for the big walk achievement.

Sara said...

Meeting Teresa Medeiros was great. She is really sweet and nice. I forgot my name and how to speak when I first met her, but it work out well.

Lisa W. said...

I do have some pics of the big hats (I think). They will wind up on Facebook I'm sure. ;-D
I'll let you know when they are out there.


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