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Sunday, February 08, 2009

General Writing Ketchup

YAY I FINISHED VIKING DUDE'S PROPOSAL. //doing Calvin and Hobbes Happy Dance. You guys don't know how hard I've been wrestling this particular project. Now that it is done, I can concentrate on writing while waiting for word from editors:

1) continuing Viking Dude
2) starting the novellas for Rick/Nikki, or the SEAL team haranguing their buddy Reed's wealth, or one of the many excellent suggestions in past posts for another print project (poll coming)

Update on the sales of Big Bad Wolf Project:

30 orders the first week of Feb., so in six weeks, 220 books have been sold. Race fans are in town this week and I'm going to be doing a signing, so hopefully, I'll have good sales numbers next weekend!

I'm still keeping the poll up because reader emails are still coming asking about Virtually Hers, so I just direct them to this blog. It says that 500 people have voted (plus/minus 5 percent of repeat voters) and I'm still amaze that the percentage is staying the same--93 percent voting "yes" over 6 percent voting "no." I'm thinking, generally, readers who want to read the story don't care who publishes it, only that it gets published. The only issue for most readers is that they get a good quality book, both inside and outside (meaning, comparable to the books they buy at Amazon or any bookstore). Am I right?

I think I did a pretty good job with Big Bad Wolf. I haven't heard any complaints from readers yet (fingers crossed) about the story or the print quality. Anyway, it was a good test and I enjoyed the experiment. It gave me confidence that I can keep my promise of getting Virtually Hers and Virtually One out, one way or another ;-).

So, starting the coming week in good spirits. What about you--any positive news/plans to share? Maybe we can make a good vibes bubble around us and be such teh bouncy shiny happy peeps all week that others would grab us by the shoulders and ask, "What's got into you? You're just grinning all damn week. Are you pregnant or something?!"

That's the plan, anyway. So...tell me your positive plans, no matter how small--writing plans, silly ideas, crazy work load--and we'll put the GLow Mojo on them tonight!

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Joy said...

Good GLOW mojo for the week! I plan to finish my computer project on time. Been working 24/7 on this for weeks now. If I do, it'll be a good paycheck!

Anonymous said...

Love the "Literature Map" but why do the author names keep moving??? AND how can you get your name added to there website??? That would be soooo cool to see your name there. Carrie

Kathleen Dante said...

Yay on your BBW sales!

Me, did I say I turned in my proposal, too? Well, I did. Now I'm writing the book and words are flowing much faster since I'm no longer stuck on the first three chapters. =)

Good luck on your signing!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sales! The full moon mojo on all your manuscripts going out as well as BBW sales!


Lisa W. said...

Congrats on the books sales Jenn! Doing the happy dance for you!

We went to Retro Fest this past weekend for a Valentines treat. It's a 60's 70's & 80's throw back party and fund raiser for the American Red Cross. It was a blast and had fun dressing up to go out with the hubby.

Good luck with the signing Jenn. I know you will do well! Sending happy vibes your way!

vanessa jaye said...

Congrats on the sales, Genn!!

Gennita said...

Thanks, everyone, for the congrats!

Vanessa J,
I know the sales numbers aren't anything to boast about, but honestly, I didn't even think this little side project was going to go beyond 100 copies sold. I'm really encouraged about this, that maybe, if the Virtually series don't find a publisher, I can at least still have this option, yes?


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