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Thursday, February 26, 2009

All These Characters In My Head

Here's some cool news--I sold #300 of Big Bad Wolf today. Woohoo! I'm going to keep saying it: thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

Bike Week is coming up and I'll be doing a signing then too, so hopefully I'll have some more good sales news to share with you by next weekend. This is really giving me the incentive to put out the anthology I told you about, of short stories of familiar characters from past books. I've already decided on two of the novellas:

1) The STAR SEALs ragging on Reed (Joker) about his wealth the night before Jazz's and Vivi's wedding. I've started writing the story, actually, but being a pantser, it's sort of veered off into bachelor party territory with some off-colored jokes. I'm trying to tone that down, heh. You can imagine how rowdy it could get for this particular group of males the night before one of their own's wedding. Poor Jazz. He really doesn't want THAT kind of wild night. Really, it's the evil roofers influencing the very bad things these SEALs are saying in my draft. So, I'm going to have to try to direct things back to my original story idea--Reed talking to his team about his background.

2) Rick and Nikki. The happy couple. Nikki is glowing because you know, she's pregnant. The timeline is during Sleeping With The Agent, when she's guiding Reed. Remember she went to Skopje to assist Reed? Well, this novella is set just before, when she's telling Rick her decision to go. Can you imagine Rick's reaction? I have a good outline started too. Let's hope I don't go too off-course.

I need two more story ideas and am looking at all the suggestions y'all have given me in the past. Some of Lady Z.'s were very good! I know you're wanting more Jed, but if I do, it'll have to be set way in the past before Hell because, as you know, anything showing Jed in action means there'd probably be a woman around. He could be in "Stefan" mode, you know. But are you, the reader, ready to read about Jed being with another woman? One thing cool about this anthology is that it's possible to do something like this, catching a glimpse of scenes in the GlowWorld "past" that you could read alone, if you aren't familiar with it, and yet, if you have read the other books, you'd know where to insert these incidences.

I think it'll be another fun project (something different to learn to craft) while struggling through Viking Dude and patiently waiting for news about my proposals on editors' desks. You do remember that I have T's and Alex's story as one of my proposals, right? Think positive thoughts for a sale when you have a few minutes to spare, 'kay? To be honest, I'd much, much prefer to work on their story ;-).

The current plan is to get this anthology out in three or four months, depending on how the writing goes and whether I'll have good news from my agent about the proposals. Yes, I wish I could write super-fast too. This is one skill I'm still learning to master.

Anyway, I hope you're as excited about my newest project/plan as I am. I think I'll post a few of pages of the SEALs get-together as soon as I wrestle back some control of the story and let these alpha dudes know who's in charge of the story. ***giving them the Clint Eastwood squint***

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LadyZannah said...

I'll send my muse to massage your neck o something, just keep them creative juices flowing. Of course if my muse helps you it will be all about Cumber.
You can always have Heath baby in a BDSM club meeting the Domme of his dreams. She is tall, dressed in chocolate leather and an island goddess.......sigh, I need chocolate.

kim said...

well you were planning on giving jeds kid her own story, so that is probably going to be something longer? how about one of these short stories being one of their adventures just before or after big bad wolf?

Britbonsai said...

Roofers' off-color jokes, yes please! I can always use new ammunition.

T + Alex - even better...

Lisa W. said...

I would love to see Jed "in action" anytime! You know that. ;-)I take Jed anyway I can get him. How about showing Amber and Hawk's wedding? We haven't heard much on them since Eight Ball's update. I'm also diggin Cleo's idea of Heath and a Domm. Now that would be sweet!

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,
What makes you think Heath is a submissive???? ;-P


Grace's story has already been written and is one of the manuscripts my agent is trying to sell. Wish me luck! Your suggestion is a great idea, so I'll think about it. The only problem is, so far I have three short stories with none of them a "real" romance, since the SEALs are just having a night out, Rick and Nikki are already a couple, and Jed and Grace are dad and smartass teen. I wonder whether the readers will like that?

LadyZannah said...

He isn't, that is why it would be that much sweeter. Who wouldn't love a challenge like that?

JJadziaDax said...

hm i see your point, worried about having a "romance" genre anthology without any romance. To me the little back stories about the main characters are better as little. For a romance it almost doesn't do it justice without a larger work. But if you are concerned, how about sending one of the couples on a vacation, but have them run into some trouble, like a condensed version of one of your novels, that way they can still have some romance but it isn't just a boring oh we love each other what else is there to say type story. and i'm fresh out of ideas but eager to see the result :) and i wish you luck!

Gennita said...


Yes, I'm doing that with Rick and Nikki's story, so hopefully you'll enjoy that.

Gennita said...

Lisa W.,

But I'm already writing about Jazz's wedding (around SWTA timeline)! Rick's and Nikki's story will be during that timeline too. I can do a little Jed as Stefan from earlier times, I suppose *g*.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. what ever happened to Cam and Patty? Are they still MIA? I understand neither of them are SEALs, GEMs or Commandos but I would love to see some closure there.

Gennita said...

Cam and Patty's fates were partly addressed in Virtually Hers. Sigh. I wish it's out for you to read.


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