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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. It's been great for me, catching up with friends and family, and getting some quiet time for gardening. You've been quiet, my friends, so I'm assuming that your Thanksgiving long weekend has been swell too.

Quickies to slowly get back into talking with Jenn ;-).

1) What I am reading now

I just finished Larissa Ione's Pleasure Unbound. Awesome start to an interesting paranormal series. Imagine Demon ER, with your handsome Dr. Ross as an incubus (sex) demon, heh heh. Throw in Buffy with a bit of a problem--she's injured and being sewn back together by beings that hate her but are bound by whatever the demon's version of the Hippocratic Oath is.

A terrific story--sexy, different (the demon doctor thing), with a few twists in the end. I like the way the book opens with both sides having a black and white concept of their worlds, but the more the hero and heroine interact, the more grey it becomes. I also like how the demons always act like demons, or other-worldly, anyway. Their reactions, their sense of justice, and their culture are just alien enough that I buy the hero's and his brothers' perspectives, even if they aren't always "good" the way we see good. The best part is the demon brothers' banter with each other--funny but not overly snarky, affectionate in a demonic sort of way, and can say their names without lisping. ;-)

Warning: The first few sex scenes aren't romantic. They were hawt. But some of you might find them a bit brutal. Hey, he's a demon!


2) Big Bad Wolf Update

Almost ready! Paid for the cover photo, redid the back, and tweaked. Once I submit, I get a couple of ARCs to make sure everything is as it should be. Then we can go live!

Question: It's trade size (approx. 5x8) and 100,000 words (regular length). The cheapest I could make it is $11. Yes, printing is, like, expen$$$ive. Would you pay $11or $12 for a trade-size book? I really want to know. The ones I buy, mostly erotic romances, are always between $14-$15. I'm thinking they're probably using the same POD service I am, LOL.

It's been an interesting learning process and certainly deserves a good long post one day. I know I've learned a lot.

Please click on the Yes or No poll about the price when I set it up, 'kay?


Other Things

Have you guys been watching The Lord of the Rings on TNT the last few nights? Tonight is third and final part. I've forgotten how much I enjoyed those movies, but now every time I see those poor Hobbits, I keep thinking of Rambo Rabbits. LOL.

And Aragorn. Sigh. There's a King and Warrior, eh?

One of these days, I'll buy the DVD set so I can see the extended versions. I want to catch all the extra scenes my friend told me about, like Legolas and Gimli's drinking game or the part where Aragorn healed Eowen and she fell in love with Faramir.


So, a nice vacay for me. Did any of you go shopping? Stand in line at Best Buy all Weds. and Thurs.? Gulp. Now those people are tenacious about their shopping.

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Sara said...


Have you thought about doing Vhers and Vone the same as Big Bad Wolf?

Gennita said...

Hi Sara,

My agent and I want to submit those to publishers first. The way I'm doing it is very limited because there's no distribution or marketing. But it is an option. Let's see how BBW works out first.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

I loved Larissa Ione's Pleasure Unbound. After reading it I pre-ordered the next one! It was very different (love the whole demon ER thing :D) which made it a bit a refreshing. i remember when i first bought the book though i couldn't recognize what was on the cover; i mustve been having a weird day that time

Kathleen Dante said...

Gack, I barely remember those scenes from the extended editions. Time to re-view...after I finish the WIP though. =)

Gennita said...

Yeah, very good book with a distinctive voice. It really stands out among the bunch of paranormal/demon slayer books that are out right now. I can't wait for the second book too.


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