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Monday, October 06, 2008

Your Turn

Maybe you have a topic of interest you want me to talk about.

Maybe it isn't about me (AND WHY NOT?!).

Maybe it's a question about writing or roofing that you've been dying to ask.

Maybe it's how the banking system works (remember you're asking a roofer this question).

Maybe it's mundane, like oh, the bones and body parts in RB's anatomy class.
Maybe you have news you want to share.

So here's your chance. Your thread. You put out the topic. I'll try my best to enlighten, entertain, and encourage you. Why? Because last week was all about me. This week, or part of it, it's all about you.

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Anonymous said...

Have you finished your roof with the hundred cats yet?

LadyZannah said...

OK I am dying to know. When 2 sides of the roof meet there is this strip thingie on top of them. What is that and why is it there? Do I need to send a picture? because that is the best explanation I can give you.
And THAT is why I don't do the roofing thing, I am iliterate when it comes to roofing. That plus the whole acrophobia thing you know.

LadyZannah said...

What exactly is wangchunging?

LadyZannah said...

Is there really a city in Florida called Frostproof? and is it really true to its name???

LadyZannah said...

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound???

LadyZannah said...

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

LadyZannah said...

Why Jed? Why not BillyBob or Sheamus?

Mo said...

Well, Lady Z, Jedediah just sounded like too much of a mouthful. LOL ;)

Gennita said...

Anonymous, yes I finished that roof! Even took a pic of it to remind me of my aching back and feet of climbing that ladder everyday.

Gennita said...

Answers to Lady Zannah's questions:

1) That is called the RIDGE. you stand on it and do a double somersault, just like the gymnasts.

2) Wangchunging? It's that thing you do when you listen to that song. Have you heard it? It's a state of mind, the best song ever.

3) Yes, Frostproof is in Polk County. It's a small place and unfortunately, it isn't frostproof. It jinxed itself when it changed its name...a few years later, frost killed all its citrus trees.

4) what is the sound of a hand clapping?

5) A woodchuck would chuck all the wood that the woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

6) Seamus was Jed's enemy. BillyBoy was already taken.

Ferah said...

OK, I know this is about "us", but I still have a question about VHers (sorry): Walmart? Huh? I clearly wasn't paying attention when the issue of your books at Walmart popped up. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, by the way. I've yet to figure out how to walk in to a Walmart and walk out with only one item. :)

Gennita said...


You can ask any questions ;-). Have you read my Sept. newsletter? Even though I didn't go into detail, I tried to explain what's happening at my end. Basically, VHers has been postponed because my publisher is concerned over the retail numbers of VHis being low since Walmart didn't pick it up. And without Walmart, my numbers will be low again. So I guess I'm supposed to somehow be Super Saleswoman and try to get Walmart to buy Gennita Low.

Ferah said...

Hi! I didn't know you had a newsletter. Ummmm, how do I sign up for that?


Gennita said...

You can sign up by writing me an email, Ferah, but my newsletters, which started out as monthly, are now very rare emails. Email me and I'll forward you the last one.


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