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Friday, October 24, 2008

Post #2: So I Have This Slightly Cynical Reaction

Let's say your name is Gennita, 'kay? And everyone calls you Jenn or Jenna.

Let's say you received this email from a new author and this person calls you Jennifer. And proceeds to praise your blog and how inspiring it is. Let's say this person is a new author and has a book about to come out and this is mentioned in this email to you.

Then this person suggests that you invite him/her to your blog for an "interview," which, if you don't even have time for, he/she would provide the questions AND answers by cutting and pasting, not a problem. I mean, wouldn't you, JENNIFER, find it exciting to share a sneak peak of this new book with your readers?

So, is it cynical of me to think this person has never been to my "inspiring" blog or even notice that my email is Jenn @ GENNITA ? That, perhaps, poor Jennifer Low is being spammed?

I'm just sensitive, aren't I? Sniff*

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Ferah said...

I don't think you're being sensitive; I think you are tired of dealing with morons. I wonder if said moron even spell-checked her "book". Hang in there, bud. Good luck with Grace's story, and, yes, I think MIRA totally owes you the cover of VHers. Those morons. ("Moron" word of the day.) :)

LadyZannah said...

poor Jennifer Low, she must be wondering "what the heck?! Who is this talking about Numbers all the time?"

Jordan Summers said...

Is this for real? Is the book and the author real? If so, YIKES!!! That takes some serious cojones. However did you reply? *g*

Kathleen Dante said...

Now you have me wondering who this author is. And, nope, I don't think you're sensitive.

Mo said...

I'm agreeing with Kathleen in wondering who the author is... and with you in wondering if they even looked at your email address or have ever been to your blog.

Gennita said...


Oh yeah, it's a real email from a first book author. And oh yeah, there be cajones *grin*



I've never heard of this author. You'll be sure I'll be cking out this website, LOL. You know what this person offered? Me as part of this person's "blog tour." Heh.

Gennita said...

So, um, did I tell you the email has a signature--a picture of the author? ;-)

Anyway, I went to the website. It has music, beautiful soft music....and I clicked on "Books" and this book is published by one of the bigger pubs. Here is what this author says about this first book:

... first novel, "..." became a critical media darling having received over 45 reviews on Amazon, over 30 reviews on and was given 5 stars by's #1 Book Reviewer Ms. Harriet Klausner.

Well, then, now you know. Harriet Klausner gave the book 5 stars. What can I say? Of course, I feel compell to point out that poor Harriet has unfortunately fallen from #1 to #2100.

Kathleen Dante said...

Now you really have me curious about this author. You're eeeevil, I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Heh. I know you're just dying to know what that cut and paste "interview" content consists of. The suspense. Let me cut it for you. They've done this on other author blogs. Identical "interview" content every time.

Gennita said...


Interesting ;-). I'm sure it's a good book or Warner wouldn't have picked it up but he really shouldn't spam authors by harvesting addresses from popular boards AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, he really should at least take the time to address the author by the right name.

One more thing...truly disagree with the "90 percent of the sale is the cover." I know a good cover helps but 90 PERCENT?! So, the quality of the writing is only 10 percent?!!

Oh, one last thing--is he promoting self-publishing or his book? I know nothing about his book after reading that interview. Duh.

mec said...

I think the author is an idiot.

As for book covers, if it looks interesting, I may pick it up and read the back. However, if it's an author I love, I don't really care about the cover. It's the writing that matters.

Kathleen Dante said...

With a title like that, I expected a historical. And you're right, it sounded more like he was promoting self-publishing, not his book.

Gennita said...

Oh it's NOT a historical? Like you, I assumed it was one. What is it? Contemporary...???

Kathleen Dante said...

From the description on Amazon, it sounds like a contemporary YA novel. Not sure about the romance element, but the PW review cited mentions a "soul mate" connection. Whether that meets the typical romance reader's definition of romance, who knows?

Anonymous said...

dEar Jenifur lowe,

I is a nu auther wid a booke cuming out and I thinks yu shuld interviews me fer yer blog becose i am de gratest auther in de world.

its' a booke on spellings

ps. i luv yer name, jenifur, so purty the name


signed AnonYmUs


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