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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Work, Eat, Sleep

Tomorrow, I'm posting an interview with the great Cindy Gerard, one of my favorite authors. So make sure you visit and post because she has a little present for one of you.

Today, I worked from 9-7pm on The House. The whole back is done, YAY. Boy, are my legs killing me, climbing up and down a really tall ladder every three feet as we worked our way across the mansett. By the time I get home and sit down, I have no patience at all with people calling me to whine about their boring day (yes, sister dearest, I'm looking at you with slitty eyes). ;-)

I did see something interesting today, though. Went to a pizza/deli place that sells authentic New York pizza. It was quite a nice diner and the portions were fantastically HUMONGOUS. The weird thing was, this place had a whole wall that was a shrine to John Gotti. There was a big portrait right in the middle of the Mafia Boss, autographed! Since I was facing the wall at my booth, it was hard not to keep looking up and staring at John Gotti glaring at me eating spaghetti instead of true authentic NY pizza. Strangest NY-related decor I've ever seen in a eatery!

What is the weirdest decor you've ever seen at a restaurant?

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LadyZannah said...

Oooooooooh Cindy Gerard.....the Garrett brothers are hawt, but I think I like Manny better. Them latin men, so very hawt. Well, some of them. I know a few that....well...I rather leave it there. Besides I am entitled to rant and rave about them, I'm a latin woman.
As for decor, it goes to a little restaurant in East Texas that was trying to go for that "Down at the farm" look but was creepy instead. Out on the roof was this life size long-horn statue. They had tools and things like cast iron pans on the walls. The walls themselves were wood paneling, plain tables and chairs, just not all that farmer john, you know?. This HUGE scythe was on the wall behind me and I just could not bring myself to enjoy te meal....still get indigestion thinking of the grimm reaper's toy falling off and decapitating me.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to this restaurant but I remember an article about it online. Apparently its somewhere in Asia where the theme is Bathroom? Toilets seats as chairs (table was a table, hooray) and various bathroom-like decor around the dining area. And they even have toilets as bowls? Can you imagine having wonton noodles from a toilet shaped bowl?

kim said...

Been to some strange "theme" restaurants in Disney and the like but the strangest decor in a normal restaurant is in a strip mall near where I work. A lot of the restaurants there keep closing, they don't understand that you have to keep lunch under an hour if you want the working customers. Anyway this pizza place keeps reopening under new management and in the latest incarnation the walls are painted with a sort of space theme. There is a star scape background, and a rocket ship which makes sense i guess, though not really pizza related, a planet still ok, and then there is this giant gorilla carrying a scantily clad busty woman in his arms. The gorilla woman combo run from chair rail height to the ceiling and are larger than either the rocket ship or the planet. Food wasn't real good either.

kim said...

ooo ladyzannah reminded me of the best decorated restaurant I discovered a few weeks ago, it's out on the beach. I don't have a clue what furnishings were in there because the "decor" I remember was an entire wait staff of HOT latin men. I finally understood a little bit of the hooters lure. Bartender is a bit of a nut though.

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah, that restaurant with the scythe sounds creepy. I'd be afraid of it falling on the table too!


Anonymous, I heard about the toilet bown theme, which I think is so JAPANESE. They think of weirdest stuff. Seriously, wanton soup in toilet bowl-shaped bowls???!


Kim, Gorilla (King Kong) and woman on a wall in pizzaria. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't know what that means either.

Gennita said...

Today I went back to that pizzaria for lunch. Of course I went to spend some time at the shrine of John Gotti again. There were a couple of pictures of Sinatra there, one in poster size of a very young Sinatra with a police plaque hanging around his neck, and there was old police report underneath, verifying name and height and age, and that the person (Sinatra) was arrested for SEDUCTION. I wonder what that was about ;-P.


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