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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still On The Leak From Limbo

Limbo because it's like I'm numb now from the owner's love of calling me on the cell phone to ask inane questions about his roof ;-/. Also, the rot that we'd thought were just limited to a few pieces of 2X4 is actually worse, so...more crapentry work. Me lurvs crapentry work in the 100 degree sun, yessssshhhhh.

So, no new chapter till tonight, I hope. So sorry.

But, let's catch up with what you've been reading. Any recommendations? I just finished Ilona Andrews' Magic Bites and Magic Burns. So gooood! It's urban fantasy with vampires and weres, and our heroine is a "troubleshooter," for some kind of magical Order. Of course, she's more than she seems and as the story progresses, shows these extra powers, but we're kept in the dark, with only hints here and there. I thought the author did a great job of keeping this "reveal," much, much better than the "can't tell you because this is the device to get you into lots of trouble" and "won't tell you because we just can't communicate" methods in a couple of my favorite UF series. Can't wait for Book 3!

So, what book is in your hot little hands? Hear that cell phone in the background? Give you one guess as to who dat is.

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Monique said...

Argh!! But at least you get paid more for the additional work, right? God, that just sucks having a client like that.

As for what's I'm reading, Selene and BBW are the only books I am reading right now. I haven't gotten the Dante Valentine series yet. Hoping to read at least the first one this long weekend 'cause come Tuesday I will be reading Dark Curse.

Amie Stuart said...

Truth and Consequences by Linda Winfree and Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs. Both are good so far! Stay safe my friend!

LadyZannah said...

Just finished Christina Skye's latest Foxfire SEALs book- To Catch A Thief. It crosses over into the Draycott Abbey story. Pretty neat, I love the way she describes scenery. Makes me want to grab my sweetie and head off to England.
Going to B&N today to find a new book.

Kathleen Dante said...

Recently read Nalini Singh's Hostage to Pleasure, Lisa Shearin's Armed and Magical, Ilona Andrews' Magic Burns, and Rob Thurman's Nightlife. They were all great and I'm looking forward to reading the sequels to all those. I already have Moonshine and Madhouse (the sequels to Nightlife) on the way.

I'm currently reading Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre. It's the sequel to Grimspace and Jax is as mouthy as ever. =)

Monique said...

So Wanderlust is out. Guess I need to go find it and add it to me TBR pile then.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for Janet Evanovich's new book "foul play". I love janet Evanovich, She is sooooo fanny. I love you too Gennita, but when it comes to simple, "non-danger" and fanny book, Janet is on the top of my lost.

Anonymous said...

I am reading Jennifer Crusie's "Crazy for you" a really good book.

Gennita said...

Hey great recs!

Got it done, FINALLY! Boy, was he the naggiest customer ever. I'm going to read Selene soon. Got to save money to buy Wanderlust...argh, why can't I have enough money so I can buy all the books I want?!


thanks, Amie. The storm's heading this way for sure and we're all praying for Louisiana and Texas.

Blood Bound is awesome! I think I reread that book five times.


Lady Zannah,

More SEAL books, eh? ;-) Do you read historicals? Like historical with spies, maybe?


OMG, Kath, Ilona's series rocked my world. I really really want Book Three, like, NOW!


Love Evanovich. Cupcake or babe? ME BABE, can't you guess? And Crusie is wonderful. I have all her books on my Keeper Shelf.

Kathleen Dante said...

Curran is sometimes an ass (calling Kate a gloryhound or words to that effect, and suspecting Crest was the villain), but in hindsight that was probably just him fighting the attraction. =)

Yeah, I so want to read Magic Strikes now, Now, NOW!

Wanderlust was fabulous. I'm now reading Moonshine, the sequel to Nightlife.

LadyZannah said...

SEALs rock! Ain't that right Cumber baby?


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