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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday's Uber Questions

1) Would you like to do another live chat on Writerspace again soon?

2) What do you do when it's raining so hard outside even moles are coming out of the ground, sputtering water and drowning?

3) Are any of your little toes longer than your big toe?

4) If you can have a free book in a contest in the near future, which title would you ask for?

5) Would you bungee-dive off a bridge in Costa Rica? If so, I know a certain ranger who will meet you there....

6) Obamiden or Obiden? LOL. Were you hoping for Obillary?

7) Do you like or dislike those posts that are cut-off/hidden after the first paragraph? You have to click on the "to continue reading, click here" link. Does that irritate you? I have been wondering why it does me. Because, you know, it's just one click away.

8) My birth month haul so far: a couple of books (Nora's newest In Death and John Scalzi's newest, Zoe's Tale), gift certificate, a free meal, a bracelet, chocolate, and half a box of nails. I love birthday months because more gifts are coming ;-).

Come on, you have to answer these important questions, or at least, let me know about the chat and the book contest ;-).

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


nightshield2003 said...

Hi Jenn,

First off, I read the entire Danny Valentine series!! Do you remember recommending the first book? Well after reading it, I just had to continue. My first foray into Urban Fantasy - I like it.

Also enjoying BBW. Thank you!!

Now on to the questions ...

1 - YAY for chat!

2 - Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

3 - Nope

4 - T and Alex. Did you have to ask? *BEG*

5 - No freakin way. I'm afraid of heights.

6 - I vote for Obillary. :)

7 - Don't really care much but it does get irritating sometimes. Depends on my mood that day.

8 - Good haul, Jenn. My birthmonth? I was treated to lunch three times by my coworkers. Different restaurants, different days. Awesome. Then partied with the family in Sin City.


Fanciful Fern said...

1) Can't say for sure because I've never participated in a chat before.

2) Snuggle with a soft blankie in a chaise near the balcony to read or stare at the rain and wish I could paint watercolours.

4)Nothing comes to mind. I've read most of what I wanted to and have a few more that I've yet to read.

5) No way in hell! That said, if I were offered millions of ringgit, I'd consider it.

Monique said...

1) Chat? {perk} Always ready for a chat. ;) I can think of 3 men off the top of my head I'd *love* to chat with. ;)

2) Feel sorry for the moles.

3) Nope, darn it!

4) Does the book have to be yours? If so, SWTA. If not, I'm going with Lauren Dane's Ascension.

5) No bungee jumping... but meet the Ranger... hmmmm...

6) None of the above.

7) Hate 'em. I don't want to have to work at reading a blog post.

8) No birth month haul for me. Unless you include all my Christmas presents too. ;)

Gennita said...


Of course I remember. I told you Danny Valentine is my favorite books for last year. I loved the series, even though I didn't like the heroine's whining in the last book. Too much withheld information is one of my pet peeves--you know, where characters run around the heroine telling her they know stuff but not telling her what.

Fanciful Fern,

Chat is fun ;-), if you can type quickly. Love talking to the girls (and occasional boy). And then they all scream when Jed shows up! Rock star.

I'll take a million ringgit too.


No, doesn't have to be my book. Future contest stuff. Glad to see some of you find that feature irritating like me. Now tell me why because gosh,it's not really hard work, is it? But I find myself just reading the beginning of each post, then clicking away to another site. How lazy's that!?

LadyZannah said...

1- YES! pretty please with Heath-baby on top.
2- I laugh at the moles from my living room window
3- It is the little toe you know?
4- Heath baby's book, signed by your puppies
5- like HECK NO!
6- uh...yes?
7- yeah?
8- Happy Birthday month Jenn

yovana88 said...

1) Sure, since I missed the first one.

2) Ehm...I get together with my bf and we entertain ourselves one way or the other.

3) No, sorry to disappoint.

4) I really, don't know since I unfortunately haven't picked a book up since April.

5) I think I would!

6) Obamiden sounds better, but yes I was hoping for Obillary.

7) Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

PS> I <3 my new laptop. 8-)

kim said...

1) i didnt make the last one but sure

2) play video games

3) no

4) Virtually hers ;9

5) of course, did you know costa rica was the first country to get rid of their military? now they use the money for education, culture and a police force. not that i think we can or should follow suit but can you imagine what we could do with that budget.. maybe i wouldnt have such hefty student loans ;p

6) don't care as long as the shubbery leaves

7) ? many little things bother me but not this one

8) aw congrats

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,

LOL, you and your Heath. Maybe he's too shy to come out and play ((snort)).

I saw this really long toe that is longer than the big toe and that's why I asked--I can't forget the sight....

I love new laptops ;-)...except they mostly come in Vista and I hate Vista. And you have to read again soon, girl!

Aw, I'll give away Virtually Hers as a prize if I could. It's like a nightly prayer now. Please, God, let them publish it soon, pleasepleasepllllleeeaseeee. Ya think the Big Guy hears me? ;-P

Anonymous said...

1) No. I hate Writerspace and I find chats disorganzied and useless w/lots of silly squeeing. Sorry.

2) Read, preferably in front of the window, enjoying the view and being dry. Live in S. Cal. Rain is rare so dearly beloved.

3) Nope

4) Cant think of any.

5) NO!!!

6) Obiden. Good ticket.

7) I hate those cuts. I'm on dialup and any extra click is a PITA.

8) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is tomorrow. I'll go out for lunch at my fave, Claim Jumper and get ??


yovana88 said...

Again.. nothing wrong with Vista. People are just hatin'. 8-)

Gennita said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alexandra! Hope you get lots of good prezzies!

Yes, chat isn't for everyone. It's fun for those who enjoy yakking away, though ;-).

Oh Yovana, we got to hate Vista...then they'll give us back our XP, yay. Hey, the eee pc is small, cheap, and has XP! sooooo tempted. Sigh.


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