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Monday, March 10, 2008

POST #2: You Like? You Want? You Care?

Question: Should I take the chat area at the bottom of the page out? It IS rather small for a big chatting crowd, but three or four people can have a good time without the board going off-screen too fast. This way, if you have a quick question for me I can leave a longer answer in the chat area. What do you think?


The time change always messes me up. I wake up thinking I have an extra hour and I don't. Like, it's almost 9am now and I feel behind already. It's 8am, feeding time! Grrr.

I spent the weekend writing, which make me very happy. I need to do more of this writing thing.

One email came in last week telling me that I don't talk about my books and characters enough on my blog. She said that the COMCEN Blog, Kirkland Files, and Intermundia posts are great, but I don't answer any reader's questions. She meant Gennita Low the author. She's fine with all the fun information with, and interaction between, COMCEN and readers, but she'd like more dissection from my point of view.

See, that's a tough call. I think readers would find it tedious if I "dissect" my books non-stop. I can talk about the characters when there is a chat going on, but for a daily blog post? That would be dull, wouldn't it? To be honest, I'm not even sure how exactly to resolve this problem because there's an inherent part of me that loves to accommodate my readers. What they want, I try to provide, within reason.

Do you feel a need for me to have a weekly GIMME A QUESTION about my books session? Like, perhaps, I ask for a question to be posted in the Shoutbox and I'll use that as a springboard for a longer post for the day. Is that something you'd like as a reader?

Just groping around here. In a non-sexual way, I mean, heh.

You may grope HIM if you like --> --> -->

Oh yeah. Angels. That reminds me. I have a snarling limping demon to deal with today.

Bear with me while I learn. The first button likes the POST. The second button likes the BLOG site. Please help me by "liking" me. Thanks!


LadyZannah said...

you know, angels in catholic school never looked that good...evil nuns.
I like the fact that you give tidbits of info and discuss your writing but also have all the posts that are not related to your books at all. It's like having a place to vent everyday.
I feel we are lucky for you post more info than most writers out there.
Hey if you talked about His Jedness all the time I would lose it and go postal. Dang I went and said his name, are you going to punish me Heath baby?

Anonymous said...


I feel you give us enough, and more. If we do have questions you answer them, so I don't see what the 'she' was complaining about. Unlike LZ, I wouldn't mind you talking about His Jedness...if he didn't mind of course. ;)

Mary C. said...

I like your post the way it is, and as Hazel stated, you answer questions when asked. Posts are always interesting and I think it's great that you are willing to share your life and happenings with us. I don't always respond, but I do visit daily.

Hope RB is doing ok.

Monique said...

I have to agree with those who have already spoken. I love your blog as is wit all the little tidbits about you and what's going on in FL. Besides, the commandos and GEM ladies need some mystique and I love re-reading books just to catch some small detail or nuance I'd missed before. And we can all talk about our theories in the Yahoo group and about His Jedness, and yes, Lady Z, about Heath too.

Gennita said...

Thanks for the feedback. I try to balance the blog, I think, talking a bit about books, my roofing thing, and just general pieces of news that attract my attention. I think many other blogs provide the kinds of things readers look for: review, on the writing process, author giveaways, group blogs. I'm just trying to be a little different ;-).


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