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Saturday, February 02, 2008

What An Uber Waist

Meljean and Vanessa are obviously evil, evil influences to my writing time. They mention one thing and I'm off to "research," spending precious time staring boggle-eyed at crazy stuff like, this time, corsetted waists.

I now know why there weren't too many turn-of-the-century Victorian misses running off with rakes in our romances. I mean, imagine wearing this:

and jumping on horses to rush off to Lord So and So's mansion next "door." Why did we let them bind our feet and waists? I'm mystified.

Yet, some of us do it willingly. Here's a short vid on the world's smallest waist and yes, the lady has a fifteen-inch waist at SEVENTY years old. She loves it:

Dude. Ouch.

Notice she speaks very, very slowly, as if she's afraid if she gets too fast or excited, she might faint from the exertion.

Fifteen inches, man. Have you checked that out using a tape measure?! How could one eat three meals a day with that small a waist!

At the height of MY slimness in my late teens and early twenties, ahem, ahem, I measured at 21 inches. I'm now A LOT more wide. Cathie Jung, the woman in the video, started her corset-wearing when she was in her forties, after having her babies. So, uh, if ever I get bored and want to move my kidneys and liver around, you know what I'll be trying out. There's hope for all of you here to achieve 15-inch waist perfection yet ;-P.

Do you remember your slimmest waist measurement once you hit adulthood?

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vanessa jaye said...

In my early 20s before I had my son, my waist was 20-21 inches. After him, my waist went up to 25-28.

Now? waaaahhhh! ::miserable, wacking, sobbing::

That woman just looks odd. I do understand the appeal of an hour glass figure. But to me old skool Rachel Welch or Sophia Lorenz, etc is more what I'd have in mind in terms of attractiveness (even Halle Berry has a fantastic hour-glass shape, now that I think about it). When she says she goes sports fishing, does she mean she goes with her husband and sits in the cabin (on a high enough chair since she says really low chairs are uncomfortable)?

LadyZannah said...

Heck my son's HEAD is bigger than her waist. I am glad I live in today's world, as messed up as it might be. Corsets were just plain evil and I love my figure just as it is thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

All I can think of when I see her is, where did all her internal organs go? I don't ever want to wear anything that makes people wonder about the state of my spleen or the location of my diaphragm.

Chez said...

Urgh ... just urgh. Imagine how many times she must pee pee a day with all that squishing going on

Gennita said...


Isn't it horrible how the middle spreads out like that?! Maybe we should wear a corset...loosely ;-).

Lady Zannah,

You'll look great in a corset! Tall, willowy, and a waistline the size of a coke bottle....

Booklady and Chez,
I know. Every time I look at that video I keep holding my breath. And then heading off to the kitchen for some chocolate.

LadyZannah said...

I wear a leather corset every now and then with my fishnets and high heels, the alpha male loves it but they are evil I tell you.

meljean brook said...

I couldn't watch it. I just kept expecting her to snap, and suddenly forming a right angle.

Gennita said...

Hahahahahaha, Meljean, thanks for the image. A good chuckle!

At least I didn't post the pic of the woman with the LONGEST fingernails. You don't want to google that either. ;-)


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