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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Are You Da Uber Rat?

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year. Happy CNY to all of you who celebrate ;-). It's the Year of the Rat. Is it your year?

The video above has some cute kids singing one of my favorite Chinese New Year song, except that the chorus was to the tune of Jingle Bells! Very, very weird, LOL.

I'll probably be working tomorrow, sad wabbit that I am. What "animal" are you and will you be celebrating with your family and close ones?

I wish I was in Chinatown right now. It'd be so much fun walking around, enjoying the lion dances, eating Chinese food like there's no calories tomorrow, and then ahhhh...getting that foot massage.... And scooping up Ichiban left and right.... Sigh. A girl can dream, right?

Tomorrow, if I dare, I will scan and post a pic of me when I was in my twenties wearing a New Year Cheongsam. That was during waistline days, LOL.

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LadyZannah said...

I am a rabbit and the alpha male is a horse *waggles eyebrows*
Since there is like 0% Chinese blood in either side of this crazy family (and we do have quite a cocktail going on) we usually don't do anything. Now Fat Tuesday was another thing all together, but that is another story.

mec said...

I am a dragon, but my sister and brother-in law are both rats. Will probably try to get together with the sibs and their families, but it will be the first time celebrating it without my Dad, so mixed feelings.

vanessa jaye said...

I'm a horse. The boy is a dragon.

The ex was a dog....

Jordan Summers said...

I'm a snake. It'll be a while before my year comes back around.

Fanciful Fern said...

Xan Nin Fai Lok (Happy New Year) everyone! I'm a rabbit too!

For some reason this year of the rat feels rather quiet in Malaysia. There just isn't the usual new year buzz or ambience. Maybe things will look up once I pop over to my Mum's this afternoon.

May the new year bring all of you peace, good health and happiness.

Firecat said...

For years I thought I was a Boar, but that's because I only had access to the Westernized version of the Chinese calendar. A couple of years ago I found out that I am in truth a Dog.

The daugher, however, is Rat through and through.

Gennita said...

Lady Zannah,
Rabbits are mischievous and protected, so add that to your cocktail somehow! ;-)

I'm so sorry about your dad. (((hugs)))

I think family get-togethers are important for bonding (even though I don't follow my own advice, LOL) and here's wishing you a Happy New Year to you and yours.

You cracked me up with "the ex was a dog." Poor man, heh. Actually, horse and dog are supposed to get along pretty well, I heard.

Hey, snakes are very deep and very wise people. Are you? :::grin:::

Fanciful Fern,
My sister is a snake.

Why do you think it's so quiet in Malaysia? I remember celebrations as very noisy affairs when I was growing in KL. I would wake up, put on my new clothes, draw a dragon on the whiteboard for my mom and dad, then enjoy a day of visiting friends and getting angpows (money packets) from relatives and friends.

LadyZannah said...

mischievous, moi???? Never

Fanciful Fern said...

Chinese New Year just isn't as fun anymore - probably because less people feel festive. You hear people (even the young ones) talking about how it doesn't "feel" like CNY anymore. I have no idea why. I remember it being a lot more fun about 20 years ago too.

We'd get up early to sounds of CNY songs on the radio, have a sweet breakfast of red dates, ginko nuts and white fungus in clear soup. Receive ang pows before getting dressed in new clothes and visiting rellies for more ang pows.

At night, we'd feast like emperors and get our yearly treat of Shandy before running out to light up firecrackers.

Sigh... those were the days...

Gennita said...

Fanciful Fern,
That is so sad to me! I remember the festivities too...lots and lots of relatives and going to the temple. I'd crawl under the table of the gods so I'll grow up tall and strong, or some strange belief like that ;-). And we'd hire dueling lions to dance at our house.

Huh, all these memories make me want to blog about my Chinese New Year days.


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