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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vampires and Werewolves Are Like Thanksgiving Turkeys Right Now

I finished Lara Adrian's Midnight Awakening yesterday. I now understand why everyone compares this series to JR. Ward's BDB series--the "brotherhood," the brotherhood-together "compound," the isolation from the rest of their more gentile kind, with the odd Old World culture, the weaker "female." There is one difference, though -- no Virgin Scribe, heh heh.

I enjoyed it, although this is going to be the last vampire book I'm going to read for a while, I think. I love them but I'm getting that feeling one gets when I have had too much turkey during Thanksgiving and I'm just lying there on the couch with the TV (book) on and nothing much registering. Zoning. Vampires. How can anyone zone out when there are vampires and blood and capes and teeth and sex and aliens/vampire makers? Yup. I've partaken too much.

Midnight Awakening can be read stand-alone, although it's the third book in the Midnight Breed series. The hero and heroine are different because they both have had their 'mates' killed years ago and are essentially loners. They both have their agendas and they came together partly because of them.

Exchange of blood is essentially the bonding element here. During the sexy scene, I kept thinking, man, vampires must buy a lot of new mattresses. I mean, all that extreme bloodletting and sexxing up got to leave a mess and who wants to clean up after that?! LOL. It's not like they are gentle lovers, you know. From the description, there's some wild action going on--mouths attached to veins, bodies all lunging here and plunging there, sometimes they have claws, even, and definitely fangs ripping flesh. What a mess. Yup. I definitely ODed on vampires.

And let's not get into werewolves, 'kay? Then I start hallucinating about gobs and tufts of hair in the bed too. And this from a woman with mutant poms jumping in and out of hers. The other day, I was rereading my favorite Keri Arthur (whom I glommed last year) and a thought startled me. You know why they like to do it doggie-style? Well, obviously, since they're werewolves...but I mean, I was thinking, who would want to look up in the throes of passion and see her partner's eyes start to glow red and hair sprouting all over? Sigh. Guess I ODed on werewolves too.

So, are you going through my phase about certain types of books? And what odd thoughts go through your heads when you're reading them these days ;-)?

Yes, I really want to know whether all those tats will scare the bejeezus out of you or make you want to heal him, heh heh.

I know you're just going to start recommending more vampire books to me because you know I'm a sucker for hot paranormals.

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Anonymous said...

I have that exact same problem. Too many of any one kind of book burns me out on the whole genre (or subgenre, as the case may be) for a long time. Right now for me, too, it's vampires. Knowing my propensity for burnout, I strive to read a wide variety of books, but it doesn't always work because, well, I gravitate. It really feels nice to sink into a different type of book, though, when you've been reading another for a long time. Kind of like when you've been sitting in one position for too long. It was comfortable at first, but now you need something new, and that new position feels so nice.

JP said...

I do go through phases. Right now it seems to be contemporary fantasy, not necessarily with romance. But I'll OD soon and move on to another subgenre.

As for the Breeds vs. BDBs, you forgot: no weird made-up lhanghuaghes! ;-)

LadyZannah said...

Yeah I got bit by the vampire/shapeshifter bug recently. Although I like the Anita Blake series, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Mad, Bad and Immortal hotties, I must say I like Kathy Love's vampires best, since they show vampires able to fall in love and have a great sense of humor- I mean when would you think of a vampire singing karaoke?.
I also like the genetically engineered breeds of Lora Leigh. I like sci-fi (yes Jenn add Sci-Fi to lizards, chains, football, leather, and Number Eight) and them books read like sci-fi even if they are under the romance section at the store. I am tired of aliens, jedi, wizards and warriors...blah,blah...stories of good vs evil. And although I like romance with hero SEALs-Hi Cumber baby-I like to mix it up a bit without giving up on the romance. It is funny when I try to visualize what a certain character would look like, in particular when they keep discussing how well endowed said character is. Do they have to tease us so??? If I am not mistaken Mr. Number Nine is guilty of teasing as well. So when will we see Heath baby in action (hint, hint)???

Amie Stuart said...

RIght now I'm on a big Urban Fantasy glom...I never really got into vamps other than Lynn Viehl's but like everyone else when I get tired of something I move on. I think right now I'm tired of suspense and I'm ready for some good women's fiction. I have one sitting in my TBR pile but I got my RITA books.

vanessa jaye said...

You're too funny. lol. I think I check out of certain types of books before my mind starts wondering and I start asking all types of akward questions, or start getting too skeptical about certain situations. :-P Because once that happens, I'm spoilt for good. I can never go back.

Oooo. Verification Word: sinfixojt

KatK said...

ROFL Heck yeah I want a fellow like that to clean for me! (The video on your sidebar.) Love your retelling of the plagerism incident too. I'll have to look up your books now. *smile*

Marisa said...

Hey, Jenn,


Gennita said...


I love my vampires and werewolves because that's where all my super-alphas have disappeared too in the romance genre. It's usually the hero that makes or breaks a book for me. But lately, I've been mixing up my series, so that tells me I have to stop for a while. ;-P

You're right, no strange spellings! Although, that's part of the Ward books' charm.

Lady Zannah,
You just started? Well. You have MANY GREAT books to look forward to!

As for Heath baby, he's so politically incorrect, I don't think he's publishable. LOL.

Straight suspense is hard for me to read, although I enjoy one or two occasionally. For whatever reason, I don't like reading in my genre while I'm writing my books.

Yes, once I start thinking about the fantasy aspects, then the enjoyment of the plot is thwarted ;-). This happens rarely, though, unless the heroine does something stupid or the language gets phearsomely wheird. Mostly, I float happily in my make-believe world. Which was why the "messy mattress" thought told me something is wrong with me!

Thanks, KatK!
Welcome to my crazy abode, where silly videos and funny anecdotes rule. I hope you'll enjoy my books ;-). Lots of SEALs and spies, no vampires, I'm afraid.

Arggh. I knew it. I knew someone will make me pick up another werewolf/vampire book.

KatK said...

On the topic of supernatural types in books, I recently read Lady of Poison by Bruce R. Cordell. ( has the book, and the series it is part of.) It was ok, but the geeky part of me was bothered immensely by the idea of a male offspring of a medusa having medusa abilities. In AD&D, that isn't how it works, males of the race can turn stone to flesh, not flesh to stone, and they are called Meadar, not Medusa. *sigh*

I might pick up Lady of Pain and Mistress of the Night which are the two other books in the Forgotten Realms "The Priests" series.

KatK said...

Make the Forgotten Realms The Priests series book titles: Lady of Poison, Maiden of Pain, and Mistress of the Night. They are about Talona, Loviatar, and Shar.

KatK said...

Gah, and apparently there is another book in the series, Queen of the Depths. Bet that'd be Umberlee. (The B* Queen, sailors hate her, but give her praise so as not to anger her.) Yep, I would play AD&D again (second edition rules, please) in a heartbeat if there was an active group playing.

talpianna said...

It's all about black-footed ferrets for me these days. But I wonder why the ferret people let my adopted daughter, Clover the Cutest Ferret, marry and have kits with some guy named Rogaine? He's probably a biker ferret with lots of piercings.

Of course, if he's just a balding rich ferret who can afford to send the kits to Harvard and then to medical school, I'll withdraw my objections.

Some terrific fantasy without any weres (oh, there's a dragon or two, but no sex):

Michelle Sagara's CAST IN series

I also recommend:

Maria V. Snyder's STUDY series

How do you feel about hot, sexy weremoles?


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