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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ten Uber Things I've Done

One of my favorite writers, John Scalzi, posted "ten things he'd done you probably haven't" then asked for ours.

I thought it'd be fun to post mine on my blog too and ask for yours. Since I have never done one, this will be my first official meme:

Ten things I’ve done You Probably Haven’t:

1. Shingled John Travolta’s roof. A few months later, saw his bedroom through the skylight when we returned to check on something. (I have lots of roofing stories so it wouldn’t be fair to use them all in the top ten!)

2. Rolled in ice naked with a bunch of Finnish men, also naked.

3. Clean bird’s spit, an essential ingredient of bird’s nest soup.

4. Taught college sophomore English Composition in a bikini.

5. Climbed the Alps and hiked to see a glacier.

6. Crossed Roman traffic and survived.

7. Chased by a cow and a dancing bear in India.

8. Made a $2000 bid on a paperback book for charity.

9. Spent three nights scrubbing hardened grout footprints on a brand new 15X20 foot tile floor with a wire scrubber (I still have nightmares).

10. Partied with drunken Swedes and helped them saw the top of their car off because we wanted a convertible.

Your turn!

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LadyZannah said...

You are so not fair, how are we to compete with that??
Most of my stuff is military related so I'll opt out. The only thing I've done that I shouldn't be proud of but does bring fond memories was taking that motorcycle for a joy ride with my cousing when I was about 12 or so.
I haven't been chased by a cow but I almost ran into one while riding my bicycle when I was a teen. That happened in the Caribbean.

Leiha said...

1. Snuck backstage at a BB King/Ray Charles concert and met BB King.

2. Hopped onstage to dance with Rick Springfield.

3. Sang with the band on a cruise ship. (BTW, I'm not a singer, I'm a karaokier).

4. Was a paid extra in a porn.

5. Threatened someone with a pipe in Somalia.

6. Haggled over the price of some knick knacks in Kenya.

7. Got kicked out of Rum Jungle in Vegas for being too drunk to stand.

8. Got a belly button piercing in Amsterdam.

9. Attended the Emmys.

10. Had jello shots eaten off of my body at my 30th birthday party.

Brenda said...

Jeez, y'all have me beat, hands down.
1. I got chased by a bull while riding a motorcycle.
2. I did my version of 'The Male Jerk' onstage at the Punchline and won first place.
3. Went bungee-jumping.
4. Flown an airplane.
5. I'm PETA's favorite hunter; I go in the woods with a loaded gun and come back the same way.
Ho-hum. That's it for me.

UNC Girl said...

1. Rode the steepest train in the world.
2. Had a near confrontation with a grizzly bear
3. Snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef
4. Climbed the Sydney Bridge
5. Hiked the Continental Divide

There are others that don't bear repeating but those are some of the highlights.

What book Jenn?

Deborah said...

1. I bought a car I did not know how to drive. It was manual.

2. I was chased by two evil Turkeys.

3. Rode in a car with hitchhikers. I was in Switzerland, so it was okay.

4. All but one of the times I have ridden in a limo was accidental, unexpected and free.

5. Went Trampeze flying last week for my 37th birthday.

6. Walked down the red carpet at the Essence Awards ceremony and stood next to Briant Gumbel, Bill Cosby and saw – heaven help me this man is monster gorgeous – LL Cool J.

7. Three times I have quit jobs and moved across the country – twice to places where I knew no one - without a job to go to. Luckily, I found jobs in my field fairly quickly.

8. I was “accidentally” in a run way show. And no, I was no where near Paris, NY or Milan.

9. I have a good job, making good money (not a boast) and did not finish my degree. Most of the people who have my job have Masters.

Whew, I really had to think about this list. I also had to delete some of my entries as the activities may be illegal to read about in some states. (hahahaha!)

Umm, Leiha . . . what was the title of the movie?


Angryromancegrrl said...

1. Decided to move to Mexico on a Thursday. Left Tues

2. Caught in a Mexico

3. Lived without running water for four years (in Alaska)

4. Was an archaeologist

5. Roadtripped across the US 3 times now--always by myself

6. Stood on top of a pyramid at sunrise (also by myself)

7. Two tattoos (and looking for that third...)

8. Punched a guy at a bar who kept grabbing me (he got tossed. I got to stay)

9. Raced sailboats (crew)

10. Created angryromancegrrl (I love her!)

Fanciful Fern said...

Looking back at my life, I feel like such an underachiever. I can only come up with one thing: Interview Victoria Beckham for a story a couple of years ago.

Jenn, I've never cleaned bird spit but I eat it all the time. I'm lucky to have a mum who loves me... ;)

Elaine said...

1) Ate glass; had lime juice squeezed into both eyeballs; had a 3-inch needle stuck through the flesh of my thigh and had to pull it out the other end because the witch-doctor said it would cure my mother.

2)Snore through a Broadway show - in front row seat, no less. My excuse? Jet leg and was on medication which made me drowsy.

3) Signed letter ordering our World Trade Center office to close and move out - one month before Sept 11. I came across a photo of me at the press conference they organized for us when we opened that subsidiary and I should frame it, shouldn't I?

4) Obeyed my husband and did not move as I stood in the bayou in Louisiana even though the alligator was right behind me within snapping distance. Why? Cos dang husband thought it would make a great SNAPshot.

5) Swam nekkid with 9 equally nekkid guys in my swimming pool.

6) Got chased by a bull up in the Scottish highlands and started a deer stampede. I ran into a enclosure to escape bull but enclosure turned out to be a deer farm. I didn't have much of choice - it was either the deer or the deep gorge on the other side.

7) Made love with in a meadow high up on a hill overlooking Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire, UK, one of Europe's largest conservation parks.

8) Got hit on by a Methodist pastor.

9) Learnt to read Greek in one afternoon.

10) Had cybersex with some guy in Alaska, became cyber-friends and 9 years later, still corresponded until he got thrown in jail for kicking his drunk wife. I learnt a lot about life in Alaska...!

Deborah said...

Ladies . . . you are fascinating!


Leiha said...

LOL, the title would be Immortal: Love is Forever. I even made the credits! It stars one Mr Julian Rios!!!

Chez said...

How the $#%@ do you clean bird spit?
1. Kissed the Blarney Stone on St Patricks Day so much be worth triple I reckon.
2. Vomited on the Octopus ride at the fair and it hit someone in another carriage (I know gross huh)
3. Threw a snowball as a kid and was such a bad shot it went high and through one of those tiny bus windows and landed on someone's sausage.
4. Walked a red carpet with people pointing and saying "who the #$%#...."
5. Went to Paris with someone who said they spoke French, but didn't and only ate Ham and Cheese sandwiches for two days as that was the only thing I knew how to order.
6. Made plaster "flying queens" instead of flying ducks for a friends wall.
7. Stood outside ASIO (sort of Aussie CIA) and screamed that they really should let me join as I was completely covert.
8. Flashed my boobies to win a game of Trivial Pursuit.
9. Worked for the army and refused to call people "sir", called them all "dearie" instead.
10. Every year I make my husband buy me a "naked man" calendar to hang in the toilet for my birthday.

Gennita said...

Well done, ladies, lots of interesting stuff you did!

Lady Zannah,

Come on, you can bring it on! We know about you and The Whip!


No fair, you know EVERYONE! But we know you are the Real Party Queen. ;-)


How cool that you've flown an airplane! I wouldn't know how to read any of the dang instruments.

UNC girl,

It was the Brockmann book that was, at that time, out-of-print. It was being auctioned off to save an Australian couple's baby girl (she was still pregnant with her at the time). I'm afraid I was the one who started the madness with how expensive that book became on Ebay. E-Bay was new then and I had no idea that my offer would set the pricing for it, thus making that particular book the most expensive romance paperback in the world.

Happy belated bird-day! How was the trapeze flying? And how did you get to do that?

Living without running water...yikes. Now that's horrible to me. Toilets???? I mean, it'd be cold going to an outhouse at night in Alaska, wouldn't it?!

Fanciful Fern,
Mom and Dad bought those $800 an ounce stuff, and it was dirty and gooey!

That needle through the thigh experience wins. You brave woman.

So are you still COVERT? ;-)

The birds use their spit to build their nest and that's why you have to clean the twigs and...stuff...out. Some of the higher grade ones are damn expensive, like in the hundreds of dollars. You can eat that in fancy Chinese restaurants as birds' nest soup.

You girls rock!

Deborah said...


Thanks!!! The trapeze flying was wonderful. Alot of fun, but . . . since last Monday (the 7th) have have not been able to raise my arms. Today was the first day I was been able to reach over my head but still not all the way. A 14 year old girl actually told me what I had to do to recover. Of course, she said it would take about 2-3 days before I was better. I tell ya, 37 is rough.

There is a Trapeze school just outside of Boston. I had to go alone because everyone thought I was nuts. However, I met some great and support people there.

I love this list and the fabu adventures everyone has had.

Leiha - you rock! I would love to have that as one of my "ten". The closest I can get is I have probably been to more strip clubs than most of the men I know as one of my best friends used to be a stripper. It's an interesting world we live in.


Anonymous said...

Well, I crossed Paris traffic and survived...but other than that, there's no way I can rival your list.


Chumplet said...

Okay, I'm up for the challenge:
1. Rode a runaway Arabian horse in Algeria
2. Rapelled down a cliff in Palma de Mallorca
3. A Mediterranean sea urchin left its calling card in my heel
4. I was on the first basketball cheerleading squad in Spain
5. Sold Super 8 film to Andy Summers and Sting of The Police
6. Got hit on by an Iranian businessman in Geneva when I was 16
7. Chased a black bear to take its picture
8. Chased a rattlesnake to take its picture
9. Stood among thousands of nesting gannets on Bonaventure Island
10. Made love in a canoe (yes, it was in the middle of a lake)

Extra note: It's amazing how many people almost ran into/got chased by cows. I almost collided with a big yellow cow with my scooter while in Dominican Republic.


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