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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Side of Uber Ferret

Tell you what. I'll forgive Paul Tolme (sorry my puter doesn't do the accent over the e) calling what I write schlock and trashy this time. I don't care how HOT everyone is saying the pic on his website looks. Yeah, he'd probably look good in a loincloth on a Cassie Edwards cover.

Paul Tolme is the author of the infamous ferret that was the first thing ferreted from Cassie Edwards' books in the plagiarism scandal. Check out his essay about his discovery that his beloved ferrets were in the middle of a sex-ay scene:

His observations were humorous and his run-through of an Edwards' plot was accurately wry (and made him very attractive) as he referenced the ferret scene, poking fun at how "awkward and clunky" the dialogue was (meaning his written words that were plagiarized). But. He still made many dismissive remarks about romance readers, calling them "horny" at one point. Perhaps unintended, because the essay was funny and he was illustrating a point about the ludicrousness of a naked OMG romance moment with the appearance of a family of ferrets, but still give ammo to those who mock romance readers.

True, our kind of "wildlife" reading material may be worlds apart from Paul Tolme's love of wildlife. His last few paragraphs about the dying ferrets are poignant indeed. Perhaps he doesn't know that we are readers of ALL KINDS of books, even about wildlife and science, and that some of us crazy romance "bitches" may be supporters of his causes.

I mean, how would he feel, if people look at him and say, "You save ferrets? Aren't they all rats?" with the same disdainful demeanor that some people use when they comment, "You write romance? Aren't they trashy?"

Just a morning thought. GQ HOT he is ;-). I shall now dub him Sir Knight Ferretio.


Speaking about wild life, I'd like to announce that the incomparable Ranger Buddy started school yesterday. Sniff. I felt like a proud mamma.

Ranger Buddy, for the new visitors, is my roofing partner. Because of the slowdown in construction, he's taking the opportunity to go back to school to be a nurse. But first, he has to take all these classes -- math, English, Psychology.

He's already in trouble, folks. His English teacher is from Hong Kongwho claims he's an existentialist. He gave a short lecture to the kids plus one old dude (heh) about free will and predetermination and asked whether there were any questions. Sure enough, from the back of the class, the old dude said: "Free will and predetermination all goes down the drain on Friday when you run to the bank with the paycheck. That's when you show a lot of faith in that printed piece of paper, son."

Bwahaha. I've a feeling that English teacher is going to have his hands full of smart ferret shit.

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Leslie said...

He is, indeed, hot. And the Newsweek article was interesting, from his POV, seeing the romance plot through his eyes. As if it's a crime to make love in the woods or something! *g*

Hey, Ranger Buddy, you want to get A papers, don't you?

Sarah said...

LOL, I did not intially get much past the whole "this hot guy" and have spent several minutes now looking at his photos... te he.

Rb, he's a pip!

Lauren Dane said...

I think Paul Tolme is a tool and a jerk. It doesn't mean I don't think having his words stolen was less awful, but he's a bigot and an ass.

Hot or not, he's a sloppy scholar to call an entire genre schlocky and possessing low standards by a control group of one book.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my language, but how the hell would he know what a romance novel is like, and that this fits "standard romance novel shlock" when I'm pretty sure it's the first (and only) romance novel he's ever read. How nice of him to dismiss an entire genre based on the work of a woman who stole writing from him. Yeah, that's a fair comparison all right.

Deborah said...

Cute, yes. But I wish people would actually pick up a romance novel and read it before they decided to use the outdated descriptions such as trashy or bodice rippers.

People used to make fun of the fact that I love to read them, but I always told them I learned a lot of historical info, and developed my interest in history, from reading romances. I can answer some pretty obscure questions because I read romances. This was the genre that lead me to my ultimate loving of books and my desire to be a writer.


Gennita said...


As if he hadn't made love in the woods a time or two himself ;-). With or without loincloth and with some wildlife looking on, I'm sure. heh.

Ranger Buddy is going to need someone to TYPE his papers



You'll be surprised at how many romance readers are clicking to his website to look at his pic too.



Like I said, I'll overlook this once. I think much of what he said is out of ignorance of the genre and probably without much forethought that he was going to have a million romance readers hanging on to his every words. I hope one day he'll change his mind, that not all romance books are the same, and not all romance readers are horny and looking for "the next nipple." (Nipple???! I didn't know I was into nipples...)


Yeah, his remarks on the genre was very disparaging. But what does he know, he's a ferret lover. Heh...couldn't resist.


As I've always said to those who ask why I write romance, the romance genre is the most versatile of them all. We encompass historicals, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, suspense, and every sub-genre in between. We are the writers who dare to have a happy ending. We are the writers who say positive relationships is possible. Lastly, what's wrong with a few nipples? ;-)


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