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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Uber Alpha Says: It Goes Vroom Vroom

Okay, I have the nice shiny new toy in my garage. Sigh. Why do I get the feeling I'll be learning to ride that thing too?

Here's how you can tell the man doesn't know a thing about motorcycles. When news got out that he now owns one, and when he was asked, "What kind of bike did you buy?", the Alpha man replied, in steely seriousness, "Black."


Book I've just started: Toni Andrews' BEG FOR MERCY, a new paranormal series. Very fun read so far, but written in first POV like an urban fantasy. It's not an urban fantasy, though, as far as I can tell. It's also not violent at all, at least not yet, so it's a nice change from the intense action of, let's say, the Danny Valentine series. Will tell more when I'm done.

What book is in your hot little hands right now? Tell me!

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Monique said...

Oh God! I must remember to not drink while reading your blog, to not read it where there are other people around, and to expect to be laughing my ass off! As for what I am reading, that would be Presents for this month. Also finished both Lord of the Fading Lands and Lady of Light and Shadows and understand that a year from now we will get the next 2 books, which is good. There are a couple of characters I am very curious about.

sq said...

Know what we call motorcycles here in NYC? Target practice. Seriously, why?!

I'm reading cookbooks this month b/c I have to make dinner this year. I'm thinking...KFC extra crispy bucket.

Brenda said...

That's too damn funny! "Black", he says. Hehehe
Books: I'm re-re-re-reading the Highlander series because I evidently missed clues that play an important role in the Fever series. And, I have Holy Smokes in my TBR spot. Notice I didn't say "pile". I rarely ever have a "pile" sitting around unread. Monique's books sound interesting. I'll have to check those out, too!

Casee said...

I just finished On the Loose by Tara Janze. I liked it.

Motorcycle, huh? You're ca-razy.

Now I'm reading Demon's Kiss by Eve Silver. Have you read her?

Anonymous said...

I just finished Bangkok 8 and Bangkok Tattoo, by John Burdett. Amazing writer, unique style. As for the bike, anyone having a mid-life crisis? Still, something about a guy in leathers... Have fun!

LadyZannah said...

I can see you decked in leather riding that thing around too.
Reading Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh, book 4 in the Tempting SEALs series- yeah I know, I know, Navy SEALs are my weakness. Cucumber still my GI#1 tho, LOL.

Anonymous said...

cherry adair series, new blaze from rhonda nelson and books from amy fetzer

Kathleen Dante said...

"Black"?!? BWAHAHAHA! That's *such* a girly answer! Now the bike is stashed in your garage? Too priceless. =) =) =)

Lauren Dane said...

I'm reading a Blaze just now - Samantha Hunter's Pick Me Up - very sexy. I'm diggin it.

Leilani said...

I'm currently reading "30 Nights With a Highland Husband" by Melissa Mayhue. Big, handsome highlander + Time travel---one of my topics. Up next is a book I spotted in a newsletter somewere, "Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy" by Stephanie Rowe.

Too many books, so little time! ;)

Elaine said...

"Black."??? I almost peed myself laughing. Have you guys bought all the requisite bikers' gear including getting tats and piercings?

Current books - Daytime: Paul Coelho's The Zahir which, to my delight, had on its first page a poem which has a special significance for me - Nobel Prize winner, Konstantin Cavafy's Ithaka. Nighttime: a vampire menage Mercy of these Bones by Vivien Dean. New author to me but I like her writing style and yeah, I am a sucker for these m/m/f romances. 'Bones' has the best sexual tension/chemistry between the two male leads that I've read and their love/attraction for the same woman is believable.

Gennita said...

I'll be reading Ford of the Fading Lands sometime soon too.

And hey, glad to know I got you guys laughing ;-).

Umm...take them out to dinner, why cook? Cooking is for...cooks.

Brenda, I haven't read KMM's latest new series yet. So many good books! But Lord of the Fading Lands is highly recommended everywhere.

No, I haven't heard of her. Tell me more when you're done.

I read the Janzen as an ARC, as you know. Enjoyed it, but wondered whether the final copy has as many GEEZUS in it as the ARc. Nice male POV in that book!

Definitely too many men having crises around here lately.

Lady Zannah,
Lora Leigh's SEALs are hot! ;-)

I'm trying not to get all leathered out in my old age, so don't give him any ideas.

Thanks for the suggestions. I love Cherry's books!


It's beautiful in my garage, whatchatalking about ;-)?

I haven't picked up a Blaze in a while. I'll look for your recommendation!

Those sound like good books too. Sigh. My TBR pile is going to grow again, I can tell.

Elaine, tattoos, please. No earrings, don't give him any ideas! Just leather jackets.

Monique said...

And a *good* helmet - not some half-assed one.

Gennita said...

We don't need to wear helmets in Florida. That doesn't mean I won't wear one while he's riding, heh.

Monique said...

IMO, you always need to wear helmets when riding a motorcycle, law or no. Oh, and I have read another couple of awesome books - Scent of Darkness and Touch of Darkness, the first 2 in Christina Dodd's new series. Mmmmm.... I preferred Jasha to Rurik, but the idea of the overarching story is really cool.

Elaine said...

No need for helmets in Florida? Aw...I LURVE guys with big helmets. :(

Gennita said...

Oh yeah, Christina's newest books have gotten some great recs! I have them in my TBR. I think I'll like them.

Ah, well, sometimes, bareheaded is the best....


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