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Thursday, October 18, 2007

One-Two-Three, Dancing With The Uber-Roofers

Bad Puppy was lucky he didn't actually eat my (now found) Saintcrow book. I wouldn't have been a happy mommy because I don't like the new Saintcrow covers. I have the original one, with the girl's back and a sword against it. That cover was the reason I bought the book and tried her. Her new covers, with the weird Brit-inspired Bond girl art, aren't bad, but I wouldn't have picked the book up that first time.

So that's proof that I'm a cover girl when it comes to impulse book-buying! The pretty covers always get my attention, and then I pick them up...and then, who knows, I might buy them.

So you want to hear more about Ranger Buddy. Well, after skydiving, he's now taking ballroom dancing lessons, as you know.

After work, while taking off the toolbelt and generally walking off my perpetual limp, I got to watch the man go one-two-three, one-two-three, step-back, run-run-run, and one-two-three, step-back. See, I even have the damn steps in my head now. He made me practice with him once, which was very, very funny, because he wouldn't let me look at him and insist that I'm dancing too close. His instructor told him that we have to look dead ahead and not to mug each other. I get it--I have taken dance before--but heck, I'm just helping him practice, not taking the lessons too, LOL. The run-run-run part almost did me in, since I felt like a kindergartener doing squaredancing for the first time.

But the man, he's fifty-seven, and seems to be growing as a person.

Last week, he went to a local community college to take his Aptitude tests. He's thinking of taking night classes next year to become a nurse. The housing business is going downhill and probably won't be good for the next few years, so I suppose he's thinking that he'll be a nurse.

Which sounded very cool to me. A man his age usually don't have that kind of energy to start over, you know? But what cracked me up was...he went to take the test and it was given on the computer and he didn't know how to use it. LOL. He told me he was the last one out of there because he daren't shut the thing off.

I'm very proud to boast that his scores were spectacular. He was especially proud of his language skills scores ;-). The instructor was shocked at his age and of course, went on to ask him about how to get "muscles like his." I tell you, everyone brings up the same topic with Ranger Buddy--young and old, they eventually ask, "What do you eat/do to look like you do? I want washboard abs like yours too!"

They should just ask me ;-). Don't take any gravy ever. Have fries once a year. Don't eat anything but meat for dinner, which must be before 7pm. Wear a Kevlar-like suit with small removable weights in the pockets AND DO a million sit-ups with it. Do pull-ups using the beams in the construction sites every evening. Ride the bicycle at Level 12 for half an hour. And, oh, work on the roof from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week for 35 years.

Sigh. It's not easy being Ranger Buddy. ;-P.

I watched Bionic Woman for the first time last night. Is that DR. BURKE hiding out there from his Christina and Mommy Burke?!!! And I really need some of those bionic parts for my body, I really do. It'd save me from climbing up and down those damn ladders.

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Brenda said...

When you were describing your dancing with RB, I pictured you taking three running steps to his every one. hehehe. I'm surprised he didn't just pick you up and move you to where he wanted you to be, but then I guess that defeats the purpose of dancing.
Bad Puppy cracks me up. I hope he didn't have any ill effects from eating your prunes. (I've heard what prunes do to a body).
I had a cat that used to destroy my books. I think she liked the feeling of her teeth punching through the paper. Swear to Goodness, I had to lock my books up to keep that feline from decimating my beloved books.
I was glad to hear that Bad Puppy didn't eat 'Working for the Devil'. That would probably have upset his little tummy, not to mention make mommy mad for the lost book and the mess that came after. ;o)

Sarah said...

Dancing, that man is just fab. My mum is a nurse by trade, now working in complimentary health. It is tough work but rewarding, I am sure he'll be a groovy nurse.

Frey ate loads of my books. She had a fondness for hardcover library books, particularly la Nora. Good to read and eat, the woman is multitalented.

Gennita said...

Hi Brenda,
RB is short so he and I would make an awesome dancing partnership ;-) if he would just stop being bossy and let me move the way I* want. heh. It's just basic ballroom dancing steps, beginners' stuff, and he's instructs me like they are the most complicated moves evah. He doesn't know I do most of these steps dancing at RT, except that I wriggle more, LOL.

Bad Puppy didn't have any ill effects, as far as I can tell, but he has*** been pooping more. Oooh. Never thought of the prunes!

Yeah, he likes to drag paper stuff back to his "nest." I don't know how he gets into the study or wherever, but he'll find a piece a bill or some odd paper product and happily sit thre munching at it. Really bad puppy. Then he asks for forgiveness by jumping on my lap and talking that Lassie talk to me.

I'm cracking at your remark about Nora Roberts. Good to eat and read, hahahahhahahaha. I think I have accummulated a scary number of Nora's backlist through the years, esp. the reiisued "flower" edition, and I would be Very Mad if a certain Bad Puppy learned how to climb shelves and got hold of them!

As for RB, no one thinks he would be a nurse. I know him best ;-) and he can be whatever he wants. The man's got brains, taught his daughters all their math in college. Nursing school would be perfect for him because he's very methodical. And we're already making fun of him acting as he is now as a nurse. LOL. The patients would run away.


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