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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mid Week Blues

It's one of those weeks.

I can't find the book I'm reading. I was rereading Lilith Saintcrow's Working For The Devil, put it down somewhere in the house and now it's nowhere to be found. This is usually impossible since I have only one of three places to read a book. Doesn't it drive you nuts when you can't find a certain book?!

Then I find out that Geico wrote me a check for the car damage to me and my financial provider, which is not in this city. In fact, it's probably not in this state. Bah. Now I have to track them down and do you think that's going to be another three or five week delay to get them to sign the check to me? Grrr.

Bad Puppy ate an entire basket of fall dried flowers and acorns. Then he tried to pull his blanket over it to HIDE it. Like I can't see a lump under it? Bad Puppy hid under bed. I emailed the other man and he said, "I told you to get rid of him." He wasn't sympathetic. At all.

My FAQ page blew up last night. Literally. If you click on it, it's just one blank red page. Argghhh. All the links. All the factoids. All the.... :::whimper::: Mercury retrograde, you gotz me where it hurts.

Bad Puppy ate my sweet and sour Ichiban prunes that I bought in Chinatown last week. Bad Puppy! I love me my sweet and sour chewies. He liked them; the expression on his puppy face was too funny. But he's still not forgiven.

Book notes:

Anyone read Toni Andrews's BEG FOR MERCY? Thoughts?

What's your biggest disappointment so far this year? For me, it's Viscious and Butch in Lover Unbhound. WTF? The Man Lurv just went away just like dat? Their conversation, awkward, no? I mean, Butch didn't know? Liahhhhhh! I know deep down, those two brothuhs dream of each other ;-). I was so looking forward to Viscious' story.

Someone somewhere brought up why Wellsie wasn't made into a ghost too, like Jane. Trudat! So many questions, so many huh-answers.

What are you looking forward to next? Lilith Saintcrow's Saint City Sinners! It's coming out, like, right this week. Yahoooooooo!

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Casee said...

Oh boy. I'm not even going to get started on my disappointment(s) w/ Lover Unbound. I agree w/ everything you said, though.

Did you consider that Bad Puppy ate your book?

Jordan Summers said...

I almost picked up Beg for Mercy the other day, but I was undecided.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Lora Leigh's newest. Nauti Nights is what is called I think. It comes out in November and is the second of the new trilogy. Also, Is Karen Marie Moning's new book out now? Something about evil faeries is very hot!

Monique said...


Which FAQ page cause the one I'm seeing is just fine. But, just in case, you can always try the Wayback Machine Just type in the URL and find what they have archived. At least you won't lose everything.

sq said...

Biggest disappointment this year--October 9, 2007. There was no joy in Mudville. :-(

My buddy's kittens kept gnawing on her electrical gear wires. She bought some organic spray that tastes bitter to them and now they stop trying to eat her iPod headphones.

And e-mail me your mailing addy. I drive past an Ichiban every weekend. I spend my weekend at local Asian markets re-stocking on Yan Yans and Pockys. Yeah, my countertop looks like the snack aisle of an Asian market. I like to gnosh when I study.

Gennita said...

Yes, I'm left with so many questions, I'm not sure whether I'm happy or sad about the book itself. Too much happening, you feel me? ;-)

Also, I get confused when I ask questions to readers who are big fans because THEY get confused with what they've read in the stories and what JR WARD/characters "told" them in the Ward forums. Sometimes, what Ward/characters told them can't be found in the books and also, don't align. Sigh. I understand why, as an author, but it doesn't make me happy, as a reader ;-).

Darn, I'm hoping someone would tell me whether it's dark or good or funny or...?

It's either those evil faeries or evil demons these days ;-).

The FAQ page is back up. It imploded when I tried to put the SHOUTOUT Box in it. My very, very talented webmistress/sister has now added it on the main page as a link. It works now, but I do wish it's a visual box. Visual boxes tempt visitors to post. Heh.

Will you marry me? I will marry you for the love of Ichiban and Chinatown goodies. I am easy like that.

Brenda said...

I'm with you on L.U. I was ready for some man/man loving and J.R. insinuated there would be some when she told Leiha to "Read on" with a big grin. I'm dying to know what's happening with Tohr. I cried like a baby when they told him Wellsie was dead.
Speaking of Asian food, Leiha turned me on to the Super H-Mart here in ATL. OMG! I love that place. That's what I do for fun. Yes, my life is boring, I don't jump out of planes like someone else I know. Hehehe

Gennita said...

You know Leiha can't steer anyone wrong when it comes to food ;-). Hey, the jumping out of the plane was unplanned...maybe one day you will do it too!


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