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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jed And Elevators

by Gennita Low
Copyright @ 2007
All Rights Reserved


Jed kept walking. He hadn’t planned on Elena getting up so soon. She was supposed to rest after accepting his hypnotic suggestion. Usually, it took quiet time for the subconscious to absorb everything. Did he fail? It sometimes took a few sessions to embed successfully, but he’d thought he’d managed to lead Elena along to the right point.

He frowned. For selfish reasons he hadn’t exercised his usual patience with her. And that odd sensation that told him when she was near—what was that? His frown deepened. He had felt it earlier while on the ship too, but she wasn’t anywhere near that location.

He ignored the open curiosity from the others in the office area at the sight of them. No doubt the swelling on his face had something to do with it. He pushed his tongue against the inside of his cheek. Elena packed quite a punch in her swing.

“I’m getting tired of going after you. Are you such a fucking coward,” she demanded, as she fell into step beside him, “that you won’t face me and answer my questions?”

His lips quirked. But he did want her to chase him around. He’d wanted her to keep thinking about him. “I thought we had an appointment later,” he reminded her. He had other things in mind besides talking, of course. “I have two more meetings today.”

“That was before…before what you did.” She grabbed his arm hard, then deliberately stepped in front of him, halting his progress toward the elevator. “I want to talk now.”

Her words told him a lot. First, that she knew and comprehended what had happened besides their sexual encounter. He wasn’t surprised that she’d caught on because she was a strong woman mentally—one of the strongest he’d met, actually—and had continually resisted him.

It wasn’t until the breakthrough with the brain entrainment machine, when she’d somehow entered his dreams, that he’d found a chink in her armor. He would use that subconscious desire to seek him out even in her sleep against her. It was new territory for a jaded operative like him. Seduction had never been this intriguing. Now, he wondered whether he’d possibly not pushed hard enough. Sexual imprintment, after all, meant sexually bonding with a target repeatedly, and he had just started.

He almost smiled again. Not hard enough? The growing constriction in his pants reminded him how hard she’d gotten, and was now making, him. Without even trying. Damn, but he wanted her.

He moved to the side. She countered, blocking his path again.

He considered the idea of pushing her through one of the adjoining doors in the hallway and showing her exactly what he had in mind. Talk wasn’t the top priority. His earlier session with her had left him hard and wanting, needing the real touch of her instead of all that virtual shit floating in his head. But his job had to come first.

Even now, with her standing inches away from him, the faint scent of her fragrance teased him with thoughts of using his tongue to find its source. He hadn’t been so easily aroused in a long time.

He studied her angry eyes. Some things one couldn’t find out in virtual reality—her eyes changed to a muted green when she was emotional. Would they change color when he was buried inside her?

That thought made him even more aroused. This sexual need for her. Maybe he’d mistakenly imprinted himself instead. His lips finally quirked with suppressed humor.

“It’s not funny!”

Her other hand reached up to shove him. At that moment the elevator door opened. Jed neatly caught the free hand, twisted his body sideways and pulled her along with him into the empty carriage. He pressed the floor he wanted and the doors slid shut. Noting that she wasn’t putting up much of a fight, he typed the code onto the pad, deactivating the microeye. He supposed he could test whether his hard work paid off.

Her eyes widened when he moved her captured hand down to the bulge in front of his pants. “Five minutes,” he said, then pressed forward, pushing her against the wall, holding her hand tightly as she reflexively cupped him. She gasped as he bit her neck, ignoring the numbness in his jaw where she'd punched him. “Starting now. I’ll just show you your answers.”


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Jenny said...

you are so cool! i really can't wait for this to come out. i hope you'll be able to get the ebook out really soon! i'll buy that and the paperback when it comes out! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh! My God! Your COS men really have interesting encounters in elevators. And so far extremely hot encounters.

That said - I think that the Jed/Hell dynamics might have taken over the super couple spot. Alex and T. better watch out.

- Tara

Monique said...

God help me, what is it about Jed and elevators?! LOL So, by now she definitely knows he's her monitor. Even better, he's thinking and questioning his abilities... that is not a good sign for Jed. Hell has thrown him for a loop, hasn't she? As for Hell chasing him, there is this old saying, he chased her so hard she caught him and it certainly works both ways. Hehehe

Always a pleasure to read more about His Jedness.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tara!!! Goodness gracious can write a mean scene. However, you are so evil leaving us hanging like that!!!!!

Do we really have to wait until December 2008? I mean I might have to play a COS agent myself for a day and kidnap the manuscript....I'll get T and Alex's while I'm at it. Or maybe I could just go ape on your publisher.... -evil thoughts and shifty eyes-


Elaine said...

If I were Catholic, I'd be flagellating myself. You're an evil woman, Jenn. I'm supposed to be grieving over my recently departed mother-in-law, not creaming my knickers over another Jed excerpt!

2008 is going to be the longest, most excruciating year ever.

Elaine said...

Did something change on the posting for Blogger? My posts are going blank, making me re-type and post again then I see that my first one did go through.

...must be that Jed excerpt. It's fried my brains.

Sarah said...

Oh dear god, where is the rest!!!! Leave me hanging much!

And yes... I like ALOT!

Monique said...

Oh, and don't think I didn't notice that he felt her presence on the ship. So, she saw him in spontaneous VR and he felt that. That brain wave entrainment thingy must really be doing its job. :)

LadyZannah said...

dpbGoodness gracious what is it with that man and elevators?
That was the coolest excerpt ever! I think I might have a seizure waiting for Dec '08.
Jed has finally met his match, serves him right.

Casee said...

Squee!!! OMGawd, next December has never seemed so far away.

Leslie said...

Dang that's hot. I want the whole book! Wahhhhh. Jed is too hot to handle.

Lauren Dane said...

oh well now! YUMMY JED!

Aimee said...

More please! *wipes brow*

SKKD Lambing said...

Awesome! Thanks for the excerpt. Definately a teaser, can't wait til Virtually Hers comes out. Much to ponder on and dream about. Well have to read this again to get all the intended out of it.

Thanks for the hard work and getting Jed to do something other than sit and cause you grief.

Elaine said...

Aimee said...

More please! *wipes brow*

Just read it again...*wipes something else*

Kathleen Dante said...

Wa-hooo! His Jedness in his full HAWT glory! I love it. =)

Gennita said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm not mean too--you asked for a sexy scene!

Looking through all the different scenes from different books, I don't know what it is about Jed and elevators ;-). And and Alex and elevators too, come to think of it (he has several with T).

The rest of the this scene is just about Jed unzipping Helen's pants...nothing very interesting. Heh.

I'll see whether I can find another little snippet for you soon. Thank you for reading!

Deborah said...

Please, please, please, tell me it's a typo or a diabolical plan to make your fans salivate and violent - err, violently awaiting the next book. It CAN'T be 2008.

Come on Genn, you can tell us. We won't tell a soul. Right ladies?????

Woman, you really know how to write hot scenes. Goodness!


LadyZannah said...

OK I read the end of VHIS again, where Helen saw an image of Jed doing something and she almost got the whole mental block thing he does to remote viewers but was able to get through and see his face. Maybe she was able to be there because she was thinkig of him at the time?
In this excerpt Jed admited to be able to feel her presence, so their brain sync thing might have given them some kind of unexpected bond there? Which would explain why she didn't go mental like the others remote viewers.
They make a killer team/couple tho, Hell & Hades "bringing fear to the hearts of evil doers" lol.

Gennita said...


It's going to be in 2008 ;-(. But it might be sooner than end of year. I'm sorry. I'm thinking of ways to make it better, like give you all an e-book in between!

Lady Zannah,
You're thinking, thinking, thinking, aren't you? ;-) Jed and Hell are definitely having some extraordinary communications....

LadyZannah said...

Gennita it is not everyday that an author comes along and writes a story line that makes the reader go hmmmm. This big picture you have created is very intriguing and since it has expanded over several books it is rather addictive. Almost as good as Godiva truffles. So you are gooooood woman!
BTW I already ordered VHERS, so I get it as soon as it comes out.


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