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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why I Love Them

I thought it would be fun to write down why we love some of our favorite authors instead of just the title of their books. Do you have five or six you can share?

Off the top of my head, for me, I love:

NORA ROBERTS because no one writes family get-togethers like her. I love it when her characters gather for a big warm scene full of family loving. And those BIG families...ahhh....

ANNE STUART because I love every one of her dark yummy heroes with their gray morality. I love the way they play with the heroine like big cats and a very small beloved toy.

LINDA HOWARD because when she's at the top of her game, no one can compare. I love her old Alpha Heroes. Her sex scenes are sizzling hot and every one of her book is different--from humor to dark and twisty to time travel.

HELEN BIANCHIN because it makes me grin whenever I read about her food description and yet another mention of the ensuite bathroom. I love her very sparse style.

LILITH SAINTCROW (my current obsession) because of her ability to make a whole action scene sing with tension and emotion. Although I've only read her writing through the Dante Valentine series, I've gotten very into her complex worldbuilding and difficult characterizations.

SUSAN JOHNSON historicals (pre-2000) because she manages to make even a young, spoiled, cheating and self-centered male into a warrior hero. There is something sexy about the way she portrays her warrior-hero in warrior mode, carrying off his woman.

I'm sure I'll come up with more names later, as I work, but maybe you can help with some of your own! You may repeat the authors already mentioned--you probably love them for different reasons.

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Casee said...

Mine would be...

JULIE GARWOOD b/c she writes humor, but not fluff. I can re-read her historicals often and still love them as much as the first time.

LINDA HOWARD for the exact reasons you stated. I love her alpha heroes. Her sex scenes are yummy. Kell Sabin, Gray Rouillard, Rome Matthews. *sigh*

JUDITH MCNAUGHT for the emotions she engages in me. When I'm reading a JM, I often have to take a break b/c I get too emotional. LOL

KAREN ROSE b/c I get chills when I read her books. She writes the best villains ever.

CHRISTINE FEEHAN b/c she was the first paranormal author that I've ever read and I love her Carpathians. Mikhail Dubrinksy is still one of my all-time favorite heroes.

LadyZannah said...

I like CINDY GERARD and CHRISTINA SKYE because they both love men in uniform as much as I do. I'm biased there, my honey was in the service for 20 years.
MICHAEL CRICHTON because no one has made me check for dinosaurs under my bed like he does.
MAYA ANGELOU because she has a way with words. I love to hear her read her books even more, her voice is hypnotic.
And of course you Gennita, your writing bring a whole reality to your stories that makes it easy to loose oneself while reading.

kim said...

Octavia Butler - creates such complete worlds, and really makes you think, uses characters to explore social issues.

Terry Brooks (all but the shannara series) - fantastic worlds too.

Peter David (but not the comic books :) - such fantastic humor.

Douglas Adams - humor again :) why couldn't he and Octavia have been more prolific

Oh and of course you :) Funny scenes, sexy scenes, characters that seem real and the exploration of actual issues (hope that wierdo hater chick doesn't come back here and flame me for saying so ;)

Leilani said...

Suzanne Brockmann: Her heroes are so compelling and it's easy to fall for them all, no matter what they look like, or how old they are. Admiral's Bride is one of my all time favorites!

Sherrilyn Kenyon: Love her heroes no matter what they are--vampires, were-creatures, gods, former gods. Her stories are so compelling.

Anne Stuart: Love her dark, dark very bad heroes. I love reading her books just to watch these guys fall in love.

Karen Marie Moning: Tall, sexy, handsome highlanders and time travel. Two of my favorite subjects. Drustan and Daegus. :)

Catherine Mann: Love her stories about her sexy airmen.

Gennita said...


Garwood's new historical is coming out!

Lady Zannah,

Cindy Gerard's books are soooo good!


I'll have to try some of the authors you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!


I love those KMM Highlanders too!

I just love how each author has her own different style that resonates with us differently!

Lauren Dane said...

I love me some Anne Stuart - like with an insane sort of stalkerish love. No one writes those edgy heroes the way she does and makes it work.

Oh, okay, well, old Elizabeth Lowell like, pre 1998 or so. Sometimes I finish reading and I love that hero so much I feel guilty because he's awful, and yet, she makes it work.

Linda Howard - same thing. There's a fearless quality to her writing, she takes risks (a lot like Anne Stuart does) and I love that.

Ugh, so many more! How can I choose? Nora Roberts is up there for me because she's so predictibly good. Susan Elizabeth Phillips because no one else can write a charater I'd never want to read about in anyone else's hands and I end up loving them - Ain't She Sweet is such an unexpected book. Jennie Crusie because there's not enough well written humor in romance and she reins supreme.

Gennita said...

Lauren Dane,
Yeah, there's nothing like the old school romance queens. Older Lowells, older Howards, etc., for some reason, totally get me involve in their stories. They sweep me off my feet! And SEP is so good!


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