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Saturday, September 22, 2007

From Workshop To Bodyshop

I'm here in Charleston to do a workshop about why BOOK TWO is, in some ways, more difficult and more important than BOOK ONE. My topic was roughly titled "second books and second contracts: why they are important to an author." It was fun talking to the writers who are at different levels of their career, giving insight on how the "second" manuscript wasn't just a second book, or a middle book, or a "set-up to the finale" book. It was also interesting to discuss about contracts because I feel many authors don't share the process enough and many newer writers are more or less in the dark when it comes to what is in a publishing contract.

Everything went super well and the trip has been very nice except for one detail. Someone keyed both sides of my beautiful Lexus convertible ;-(. All along the door and front fenders. It's going to cost me quite a lot of money, I'm sure, to get the scratches and repainted. I've recently changed insurance company, and sure don't feel like seeing my rates go up.

It's painful to look at my beautiful baby all scarred up too. The strange thing about this is, that was my reward to myself after getting my second contract with my publisher. Because the second contract meant that I was "established." That my publisher thought that I was good enough to keep in their stable. So I bought my dream car and loved it.

And now some walking piece of human garbage has decided that it was fun to run his keys along the sides of my car. Not one side. BOTH. I am angry. The words running in my head aren't exactly print-worthy, and since I'm not at home, but with other people at a beach house, I have to ruthlessly bottle everything inside. It's killing me! Because, if I were home, I would have screamed and cursed, and frightened all the mutant poms into hiding.

So this is what Jed must feel like, inside, if you're wondering.

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Sarah said...

Aww, that is just so stink. I am sure the other guests won't mind if you vent, have at it!!!!

Sarah said...

PS, a fruit knife??? LMAO!

Deborah said...

You must have been in the right car at the wrong time. Sounds like an irate and scorned lover getting back at someone. Sorry it had to be you. Since you're at the beach, why don't you go down to the waters edge and vent. You know that saying, "go tell it on a mountain", I'm sure it will still work.


Monique said...

OMG! That's just... well, let's just say that my reaction would be very not pretty and would probably frighten poms into hiding too if I had any. That just totally sucks.

Mmm.... Jed. No comment. :)

Leilani said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your car. It's so frustrating to know that some nasty little jerk has no respect for the property of others!! As for the insurance, it might not go up. Two years ago I was carjacked at gunpoint when I picked up my 4 year old grandson from daycare. My car was found a couple weeks later burned to a crackly cruch. I later asked my insurance agent if this meant my premium was going up and she said no, unless it happened again. So maybe you'll be safe too. (With no extra charges!!)

sq said...

Man, that DOES suck. Maybe ask some of your buddies back in Fla if they know someone who can buff it out for you cheap/free?

And ask some of your old CIA buddies to hunt down the chump who did it and make him disappear!

Brenda said...

Hey Jenna! It was great to meet you and spend some time with you at the beach. I'm just sorry your time was tainted by that keying incident. If I thought we could have retaliated and gotten away with it, well.... ahem. Enough said.
Hope we can meet up again.
Kiss those cute little pom's.

Deborah said...

Brenda gyrrrl . . . you speak my language.



Gennita said...

Thank you for being here and consoling me, everyone. :sniff: I had a bad weekend, money wise.


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