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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sometimes, Too Many Words

Mood today:

Today, I'm all talked out. It's amazing the havoc one criminal can still create to his victim long after the crime is done and he's onto another bad thing. And he has forever tainted my happy thoughts and memories about Charleston ;-(.

Do I feel better today? Well, I WOULD, if the men around me were as sympathetic as the women. And I meant men and women who I consider friends. Female friends tsk-tsk comforting noises and utter the things that friends should say, such as, "Oh my God! That scumbag! How can anyone do that to your car?" or "I'm so sorry! Are you okay? Did they catch the culprit? You poor thing!"



Man #1, also called RB: "You buy a nice car, things like that happen." (As if because I drive a nice car, I deserve for it to happen to me)

Man #2, also called RB: "You should have driven the truck." (As if the crime wouldn't have happened if I had)

Man #3, also called RB: (while telling the other roofers my mishap) "See, if it were my truck they scoured, I would have gone to the other side and key it for them to save them the trouble." (Yes, yes, good-natured ribbing, but I'm not in the mood, 'kay?)

I'm not saying this man, my friend, is mean. There's really not a mean streak in him at all. I should know, after twenty years. But he has this Archie Bunker gene that makes me go "Arrghhhhhh, I knew it! I knew he was going to say something like that."

Ah well.

Men just don't know how to sympathize. Especially, those who don't care for expensive material things other than what's absolutely needed. One of RB's and my most repeated arguments through the years is a version of "What for? You don't need this." and "So what? I want it." You figure out which statement belongs to which one of us ;-P.

Every close relationship, be it business like ours or familial or bff or between a married couple, has one recurring argument, don't you agree? For RB, who doesn't need (and detest the existence of) cell phones, computers (email--wazzat?), credit cards, television (he went without one for a year, remember?) or a truck WITH air-conditioning, he thinks I should be like him too.

Oh, so NOT.

The only thing saving the man from full-blown verbal war is that he likes my books ;-).

So, today's theme is about stupid useless words--to insurance people, about police reports, regarding the same story over and over, with a lot of waiting in line, on the phone, in traffic, for more stupid useless confirmation numbers. All this technology, and nothing is getting done about my car, my insurance, the crime, the traffic jams, and most importantly, my usual cheerful mood. Maybe RB is right after all....

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Jordan Summers said...

That blows, dude. Sorry to hear about your car. (((Hugs)))

nightshield2003 said...

This is probably unrelated but I got distracted watching your new "show" - the LOTR. Simply awesome!

Monique said...

I'm sorry you're still going through stuff because of it. I hope that the police and insurance hurry up and get things done. I have to admit, I've got to second nightshield. OMG! I'm at work and have been fighting the howls of laughter.

kim said...

vhis review link five is broken. sorry about your car, i was annoyed a few weeks ago when a stone thrown by a truck broke a window. that was a relatively easy fix and an accident, i cant imagine how frusterated you must have been.

Chez said...

Some boogers keyed your car!@#$# Men never understand the female need of appropriate sympathy and 'there there's'. Most men think they are offering appropriate consolation if they take the rubbish out or sweep a path. Even if we tattooed "Need chocolate and big hugs" on our foreheads they still wouldn't get it.

Hope you get the insurance sorted soon (((((hugs)))))

Gennita said...

Thanks Jordan! I feel better today ;-).

Nightshield, When I'm down, I always try to find something that makes me laugh. This did it!

Monique, There seemed to be some movement today, although I'm down $$$ (deductible). Wahhh. Glad you enjoyed the LOTR gif too. Gave me several chuckles.

Kim, I fixed it, thanks! Can you click on it and see whether it's working for you now? You know, I know it sounds stupid and crazy, but I would have accepted damage from an accident with more aplomb than the act of vandalism done on my car. I hate malice; I hate hate hate malicious people. It's the foundation of all things evil.


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