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Friday, January 19, 2007

Uber Kilter

Mood today:

You now know why I feel like such a failure. That picture describes my love scene writing from the last two days. Sexy he is not. Sigh.

There is nothing like writing pain, especially when your Muse whips you mentally for being such a lousy conduit. When I'm not "happy" like this, I do several things besides going to work.

1) I garden. This is my latest project:

I bought one of those pots with multiple holes in the side and played around with herbs and pretty flowers for about an hour. It was very therapeutic but it didn't work.

2) I dance
Especially if it's in the morning and I'm too sleepy to think about gardening. I turn on the radio and just let loose for ten minutes. That helps me to focus on me and me alone because I like music and dancing. After that, I go back to the computer and let Muse take over.

3) I google
Because it's the thing to do ;-P. So much information out there, so little time. Sometimes going to other authors' sites frighten me enough to go back to writing because their reports on their progress put me to shame, LOL. Sometimes, I find the most interesting subjects that are kind of related to what I'm trying to do in this stucked scene. There are people out there who are out of this world. Literally. LOL.

Writing sexy scenes usually isn't hard for me. It's all in the focus of the characters and why they are together that moment. Most of my scenes are clashes of wills at first because one wants something from the other, be it information or commitment. But everything in my writing experience has always been in "reality;" the seduced and the seducee are in one room.

In my new series, I've gone and put virtual reality between my two protagonists. So goddamn smart, Gennita. Now get out of the hole you just dug yourself. LOL.

The potential of seduction in virtual reality is enormous, of course. Some kinky scenes are there to be written, absolutely. But I'm not writing erotica and this isn't the chapter to push the envelope. Hell is very close to proving, once and for all, the true identity of her monitor (you know, but she doesn't, in case you're screaming blue murder at your end), and I'm (okay, HE) am not ready yet. I (HE) want to deepen the sexual bonding one step further because it's key to the remote viewing in virtual reality process that I've been exploring. Brain entrainment and all that. Mental triggers and all that.

Am I confusing you yet? ;-) I swear I'm not writing sci-fi. Or even fantasy. I call it spy-fi, LOL. What I have done is researched a bunch of government and CIA lab projects and linked them all together into One Massive Project, with my hero kind of in charge. He has this woman to train and he will do it, you bet, even if he has to cross the line, even sexually, to achieve it. And who is more perfect for this than Number....MmmmPhhhhmfph (Sorry, HE has his hand over my mouth)?

I'm going to take deep breath and reread it YET ONE MORE TIME and if I can't come up with the next move, I swear I'm going to delete it and start all over again today. I have to. I mean, I have to get the scene to look like this:

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Anonymous said...


Love the dragon/latern in the garden!

By any chance would that Commando's number rhyme with... fine??? :) The same dude who was bugging the eight ball for files on remote viewing recently????

Have a great weekend Jenn!


Kim said...

I will have you know the other day a GREEN cover caught my eye :) it may have been the Hot guy on the cover, or the fact that we were talking about green, but the name of the author was what made me pick it up, knowing that i like her books. Anyway, + 1 for the green covers

Elaine said...

You know, I'm sorry to say I don't care if you're having trouble writing that sexually-charged scene coz just reading your complaints and what you're trying to do but failing already turned me on. LOL!!!

I can't wait for the book to come out but I still want to know if I will enjoy it better if I wait for the next book to come out as well. I know it's a stand-alone but I'm not sure as I may have missed some posts where you told us. Would you enlighten me? Would you wait for both books to be published before starting on the first?

Let me give you a clue: if Hell's monitor isn't No. Nine then I'll read the first book and not wait for the second but if it is Jed then I'll wait...I'll torture myself reading everyone's reviews but I'll wait until the second is out and then read them in a single sitting.

That is if they are connected.

Elaine said...

OMIGOD. I only just noticed the excerpt for Virtually Hers and read it...aarghhhh!@$$#!!

I've got to wait till August to read His and Hers??? Talk about masochistic tendencies!

Gennita Low said...

Now, now, Leilani, all the commandos are handpicked and FINE ;-). And all of them are interested in learning more about the serum and remote viewing now that they have had a little taste of, ahem, Hell, so to speak.

Hi Kim, maybe green will be the new black. ;-) That would be nice, wouldn't it? I love Cindy's work. Such cool heros!

Elaine, well, I don't know what to say. I think you can go both ways, wait for all the books and read them or just go along for the ride. Personally, I don't understand the readers who have to collect an entire series before they start it--I mean, I know some who have ALL the JD Robb books on their shelves, unread! That's sort of crazy to me ;-) but who am I to tell them not to do that?

For myself, I would like to continue this series of books because I love the way my characters are growing and there are so many problems with their being together that I would love to be given a chance to explore them and test my couple against the odds. It'd make a grand romance, to me, personally, to see these two first sexing it up and loving each other in different layers every book.

laur said...

I might be too late but in case you look at this again...
Jenn sweetie, you have to make a different kind of research, like for the seat belt! Ok, virtual reality doesn't make it easy, about two rooms in the dark and walkie-talkies? :)) I'm sure you can find someone to help you with that *G*

Gennita Low said...

Walkie talkies in virtual reality??? LOL. Well, you see, it's all in the head, Laur, so you really don't need that mode of communication. But hey, I love it when you guys are trying to help me think this through, so keep throwing suggestions at me, especially if you have used a virtual reality program of any sort before.


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