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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Reflect and Release

It's the last few days of 2006, so newspapers and magazines tend to get all reflective and look back at the events of the almost-past year. I know some people collect these items for future reference and keepsakes. When I clean out a closet (very rarely, I assure you),now and then I stumble on "important" or "significant" articles in newspapers and magazines that I've kept. For example, a small stack of information about Princess Di's death and the mourning after, pictures and analyses, etc.

We didn't have the Net then, sweeties, so being an info-addict, of course, I kept such stuff all over the place. Today, I'd probably just google, cut and paste, save and bookmark. But back then, we still actually printed the photographs out and place them in photo albums! Heh.

This past year, writing has been very, very difficult for me, especially this second book. I have no idea why. The challenge of carrying a major story arc over three books as well as enlarging my usual scope of spying into technical spy-fi was daunting. So much details to drown in. The first book flowed out of me like a little flame that hit massive oxygen. This second book...:banging head on table:...well, imagine it starving from lack of oxygen. I'm beginning to think my hero is trying to kill me.

This past year was also difficult for me emotionally. Losing Magic was one of those "letting go" moments that I'd dreaded because I'd known her disease--CRF and the resultant diabetes--was an uphill battle. It's one of those things that all pet-owners understand. You give your heart to the fur-babee who loves you unconditionally, and you must prepare for your heart to ache when he/she leaves you. The thing I learn is--letting go isn't just a physical goodbye. And the preparation itself--the months of worrying for the end, in spite of all the good times in between--takes a toll on your psyche and one is left strangely empty and exhausted afterwards.

This past year I signed a new contract with another publisher. I was very excited and am looking forward to seeing the new things coming up from this. It is also good to know that publishers know my name and are interested in my proposals.

This past year I made friends with more readers and met with them personally than I had in past years. They are such wonderful people, flying to conventions to meet with authors, and in some cases, DRIVING (hi, Laur!) up to where I am just to share my birthday with me! There aren't a more sharing and giving group than romance readers.

This past year was a time of waiting and biding my time. I have to learn patience, of which I thought I had a deep storage, but whoa! This year tested my mettle when it came to going with the flow. I'm grateful for this blog and the friends I've made through it. I think I'd have gone a little insane without an outlet for my daily madness. Oh wait...MORE insane. ;-)

Okay, 'nuff of this. Tomorrow, maybe we'll reflect on the Big Parties I went to! I mean, I have to report on the erotica authors who taught me the correct way of downing a shot of "blowjob." Let's just say that watching was fun and you won't find me drinking that in public, LOL. There were definitely some GRAND parties this year.

So it's your turn to tell me one thing from 2006 you learned.

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Anonymous said...

Jenna, I have seen the sizes of your drinks, no wonder you don't want to do a blowjob in public, some skills should be left at home, LOL.

What did I learn about myself? That as well as I know myself I am constantly learning who I am.

PS: How far do you live from Key West?

Sadista said...

I did a blowjob in public, once upon a time. The correct way to do a blowjob. I was out with a bunch of coworkers and they knew I'd do it. I think I got felt up that night too. Those were the good ol days.

Gennita Low said...


I drink very small drinks! Just many of them ;-). I think you were imagining things after YOU drank those big drinks.

I know, for sure, that you are one fun girl ;-).

I'm very far from Key West--more than five hours, probably seven. I'm very close to Orlando.

Girl, you make me proud. Sniff*


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