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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Uber Author Vs Uber Alpha Hero


I mean it! You're soooo going to regret it. The frog has a dastardly black heart and he'll make you cry all night.

This is the hardest book to write. I can't seem to get in sync with its demands.

All my books have different processes. Some of them insisted on being written late at night. One or two made me sing the same song in my head over and over before I could even start writing. A few drove me nuts with their intense emotions that popped up while I was on a roof and could NOT do a damn thing writing-wise.

But I had always been able to go with the flow and made it work. The words would come; the characters cooperated eventually; the scenes moved sequentially.

Not with Virtually Hers, my current work-in-progress. Or should I say, hell-in-progress. This has been a most frustrating process, with its start-stop and stuck-jump-mull-jerk around ways. I can't seem to find a good time to please the Muse, meaning, I'd stare helplessly at the screen or my mind wanders or absolute nonsense gets written and deleted.

To make it worse, the story isn't coming in one long thread like all the others. It has decided to give me vignettes, and as hard as I tried to start with Chapter One, Scene One, and go from there, this story isn't going that way. I have scenes, here and there, helter-skelter, and I have no idea whether I'd be able to connect them. I have NEVER written this way before and I'm starting to get panic attacks that this story isn't happening.

Having written in a straight line all my life, with Once Upon A Time as the start and The End as the ending sentence, I'm flummoxed and gobsmacked at how disjointed my manuscript is. I know the story in my head, so why can't I put it down on paper in some form of order? Very strange.

Of course, the hero isn't helping. He's the most complex man I've ever written and this book is mostly from his POV. since Book One is about the heroine trying to figure out his identity, Book Two--Virtually Hers--is all about him. Okay, mostly from his POV, but so far, he's manipulating me like he did her in Book One. Last night, I stomped on his neck and say, "Look, Mr. Secret Monitor, you NEED me as much as I NEED you, so quit being such a control freak and let me peel you like an onion." To which he gave me a long, cool, silent look, the way that would make everyone shiver BUT ME, HIS CREATOR. I ground my heel even harder, to make a point, and he didn't even wince, the bastard. A slow smile formed on that tough-as-nails face and he whispered, "I don't peel easily."

Sure, sure, you think I'm insane, having mental fights with a character as if there is a real wrestling match going on. There is a lot of invisible bloodletting in the life of a writer and sometimes, we have to hurt those we love the most to make them tell us their secrets. And Mr. Secret Monitor has a way of slipping away that makes me bang my head against the keyboard. A lot.

Anyway, today I go back to Hell's POV. That's my revenge. She's reasonably cooperative, especially when it comes to torturing her monitor.

Need I also add that tonight I'll be doing my taxes? Oh yeah. Another brain-dead evening ahead.

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Anonymous said...

If Mr Secret Monitor was a beta onion, he'd let you peel him. But Jed is an alpha onion. Which is why *he* makes *you* cry.

But we know he'll work through your layers one by one and we'll get to see Gennita Low in all her glory...:P

Mich "-) said...

Oh girlfriend hang in there! As my mama always said this too shall pass so in the meantime smile even if you have to grit your teeth while doing it! She was right it did pass and there were times when my jaw almost cracked from all the gritting but in the end it all worked out! "-) See I just gave you a HEA!

Seriously I do hope things smooth out for you & I'm confident in your abilities to pull it all together so we have another FAB Gennita Low book to devour w/much enjoyment!

Sloppy Kisses, Mich "-)

Gennita Low said...

Hi Mei,

Nononono--nononono, is that how that song goes? ;-) I'm not taking your bait!


Ah, sloppy kisses! Thank you, sweetie, for the encouragement and confidence. I switch back and forth from "I don't know what's wrong with this book" to "I don't know what's wrong with me lately" a LOT these days. But carry on I must.

casee said...

I think the reason that we get such great books from you is because you *do* talk to your characters. Really. :)

I'm sorry he's giving you a hard time. Just like with any other man, show him who's boss. ;-) LOL.

Good luck!

Gennita Low said...

Thanks Casee! He is so damn obstinate, this dude, that I might have to sic the Subservient Chicken on him.

Kathleen Dante said...

LOL You just described my usual creative process! Take it from someone who's been there, this too shall pass. I have every confidence in your muse.


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