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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Uber Dilemma

I have been thinking of ordering one of those ON THE DAY YOU WERE BORN newspapers-gift for a birthday present. Holy Shite! I didn't realize they were that expensive! $60 with just vinyl covers; $150 and more for the more elaborate gold-leafed versions.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a "unique" birthday gift service in which an online place gets a newspaper of choice (usually NYT but also other cities, if not too obscure) for a specific date, which is the birthdate, usually. Sometimes, it's an anniversary or other special date. So anyway, I was thinking this would make a cool, different sort of gift. But this morning, after caffeine, I'm thinking, does ANYONE really like that kind of present? I mean, if someone gives that to me, I think I'd find it interesting but I'm weird like that. What if other people look at it and go, "WTF is this? Why would I want an old newspaper for my birthday?"

Sigh. It's hard to buy a birthday present for someone whom you've consistently given great birthday presents because at a certain point...there's nothing else in the world except VERY EXPENSIVE STUFF. LOL. Ever have that problem?

This old newspaper-for-sale service made me think of niche markets. I mean, what makes one wake up one day and go, "Hey, wouldn't there be a market for old newspapers? What if I start this birthday service?" Which also makes me wonder where on earth does one go looking to buy enough newspapers from decades ago to start this business? Hurts my head to think like that ;-).

But of course, writing is also about finding one's niche too. Some are just niche-ier, heh. And some niches become uber-mod. Take, for example, the fang trend today. Writing vampire stories was a niche market a long time ago but now it's the hottest thing to do, and the niche has become opposite-of-niche. LOL. If you have the word for opposite-of-niche, let me know; I was stuck for ten minutes writing this blog trying to think of a word.

Anyway, back to unique birthday present. Guys have it easy, I swear--flowers and baubles; flowers and dinner; flowers and even a "baby, I'm broke but let's take the day off and let me have my way with you"; flowers and all three of the above. We melt. We go all gooey and soft and womanly.

But buying for boys...I mean, *cough*MEN *cough*...especially boys with too many toys so difficult for me, whether it's buying for my brother or my father or a male friend. When I was a kid, I bought the same gift for my father for ten years--Brylcreem, a hair cream thing that men of his era used to comb into their hair. I could never figure out what to buy for him every year--he was very rich and didn't seem to have a hobby that I could afford to buy--so Brylcreem. I still wonder sometimes whether he thought he had the weirdest kid or just a smartass whenever he opened his present and saw the same thing every year.

The funniest thing is--I have no problem buying something for Ranger Buddy. This year I gave him Memory Foam to cut and put in his shoes for his aching feet. I bought him a twin mattress and solemnly told him this should last him for the next twenty years of shoes. He gravely replied that he might use whatever that's left of it to line his coffin. That is, if he remembered. Haha. Smartass.

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Anonymous said...

How about socks? I used to buy socks for every male I know.


Sweet Lysa said...

I normally get something in their favorite animal. And I'm always up to giving an adult some sort of cute toy. Mom got me started on that, every Christmas and birthday she gets me a toy. Dragon or pirate legos, Eeyore, Snuffelapagus, stuffed animals.... ^_^

laurence said...

That's a tough one. I never know what to buy to my husband or father either. Neither has a hobby and sometimes I wish they'd start golfing! Anyway, I'm not sure about the newspaper thing, that would probably make me feel old. I usually manage to find clothes or other fathion accessory they'd like. My hubby is into natural stuff, so I sometimes buy him essential oils or natural cream/soaps for men etc...I can't even buy him books, he prints them... How about a massage in a spa? I get candies and good coffee from France for my brother...How about his favorite dish? I've always heard you can never go wrong when you feed a man...

Anonymous said...

I buy everyone I know be it man or woman, a box of chocolates, which varies for each holiday a coffee mug with a smart ass comment on it, and a watch. I mean doesn't even have to be an expensive one. Gave my nerdy friend one that has a calculator on it for 15 bucks. And if you don't feel like buying a box of chocolate start searching for their favorite candies. I have a friend who acutally hates chocolate *cringe* and so I went out and bought only green (green is his favorite color) M&Ms green suckers green pixi sticks. Wrapped it in a clear little baggy that you get in candy stores and stuck it in the customary smart ass mug. loved it absolutely loved it.

Leiha said...

I saw this idea today while surfing the web, get someone a customized bobblehead. I think I want to do that this Xmas, it's one of a kind and they'll love it.

SQ said...

Pffft. I've devised a foolproof system for gift buying these days. I call it the Hello Kitty method. You tell me what you want, where I can buy it, and how much it's gonna cost me or else I purchase and present to you Hello Kitty pencil.

I'm not being selfish. I just have more important things to think about than a present for you.

Brylcreem? Wait. It comes in a blue toothpaste tube, right? Ugh. I thought MY dad was the only guy still using the stuff.

Gennita Low said...

MO, Socks! Heehee. Yeah, that's another classic item. Ties???!

Lisa, No, I don't think stuffed animals are toys will be appreciated by my males. They would just languish in some closet and a waste of $$$ ;-P.

All great ideas ;-). Now, if I can just not poisoned the guy with the cooking, heehee.

You see, I have done the bad thing of spoiling this male. He is way beyond chocolate stage. It's all my fault, of course. He's even past the Ipod Nano stage. Next time, no spoiling the man, ladies. Start with a necktie.

Now THAT is pretty cool. I'll look into this Christmas!

The best way is be like RB. Just forget everyone's birthday. I do that a lot too but like I said, I have spoilt this particular man. As for Brylcreem, during my time it came in a jar. Potent yucky stuff ;-).

Chloe Anderson said...

old newspaper indeed are the in things nowadays when it comes to birthday presents!


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