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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Spy Who Used Obsolete Tech

Can you imagine, one of these days, the things we mentioned the last few days would be in a HISTORICAL ROMANCE? ARgghhhHhhh. LOL.

When I was reading the reissue of Demon Rumm by Sandra Brown recently, I noticed she updated parts of the books with newer hi-tech stuff. The story was about a woman writing the biography of her dead husband, Demon Rumm, and in the book, she uses a computer. There were also references to CDs and other 21st century products.

What was interesting was the use of the hero's POV through the whole book, which I thought must have been something different for the reader in the 80s; the heroine's feelings and inner reaction to the hero weren't revealed till way later in the book.

Now, I keep wondering, what was the original Demon Rumm like? Did Sandra Brown rewrite much of the books, changed the POV too, or did she just fiddle with modern technology to fit into the 21st century? Has any one of you read the first (original) version of Demon Rumm in the 80s?

I don't like the idea of fiddling with originals myself. I don't want to read the rewritten, politically corrected version of historical romances. I don't want to read a new version of a sexy romance with the sexiness (and sex) taken out because the author no longers write romances. It bothers me that a book has to be rewritten like that. Can you imagine Gone With The Wind, version II? Eeeek.

Have you read any updated versions of older books? Did you like them?

Bear in mind, I have no problems watching movies that are remakes of the original, but that's because the second or third versions are rewritten and re-envisioned by SOMEBODY else. 90 percent of remakes are weak in comparison to the originals, anyway, in my opinion.

Wow--What am I doing?! I'm ranting about writing! On a Saturday! I must be coming down with a bug.... ;-)

We were talking about technology, comparing what we had in our childhood with today. How about dances? The following video should bring back some great memories for you. I cracked up because I know all the dances this dude did!

Quick, quick, when I sing Men Without Hats' "THE SAFETY DANCE":

we can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends dont dance
And if they dont dance
Well they're no friends of mine

Does everyone suddenly has this weird video going on in their head with dwarfs dancing in the countryside? LOL. If you obviously watched too much MTV like I did. :-D

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laurence said...

Very funny video! I knew almost all of them...but where is the new wave danse and the ska??? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, I was born in mid 80's Jenn. But you know for some reason I can't imagine Historical Romance being that far up in the timeline. I just think that Historical Romance will always be set in the times where there was still "supposedly" chivalry. Doubt you could say there was chivalry and honor in this day and age, more like drugs and free lovin'. I can't see that changing ever. I imagine that Historicals will always be before cars even a century from now. As for those dances, I've never seen most of them, except when my mother wants to do a little happy dance. you know I can't imagine 30 yrs from now, kids snickering over the way "we" danced.

Kathleen Dante said...

You had to ask, didn't you? I don't know what the rewritten one is like, but the original version of Demon Rumm starts with the hero's POV and ... (skims chapter starts) ... sticks with it all the way to the end. Happy, now? ;>

And, no, I don't think I've read any updated versions of fiction books, only reference books.

Gennita Low said...

Laur, I don't know what ska is???! I do know he's missing Vogue ;-).

Ah...born in the 80s ;-). Tell you what--show this video to your mom and see how many dances she knows!

And, I envision a day when we'll be reading WWII as part of the historical period. WWII fashion and movies are sort of period pieces, aren't they? One day...maybe in another decade....

That just shows how innovative Brown was in her romance writing heyday, using just the male POV for the romance. Nowadays, if you don't use the hero's POV, it's SHOCKING and also makes the story lacking somehow. Check out the new LH, for example.


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